KPOP NOW – Current Melon chart with “dry” songs instead of summer-vibe songs

Current Melon chart with “dry” songs instead of summer-vibe songs – K-POP, K-FANS

Current Melon chart with “dry” songs instead of summer-vibe songs

1) Thank You for Goodbye – Ben
2) Drunk on Love – Jang Hye Jin, Yoon Min Soo of Vibe
3) Your Regards – Song Ha Yea
4) You&I – Melomance
5) Phocha – Inwook Hwang
6) We Don’t Talk Together – Heize
7) If There Was Practice in Love – Lim Jae Hyun
8) To You My Light – Maktub
9) To Be Honest – Kim Na Young
10) Speechless – Naomi Scott


Instiz: Current Melon chart that makes this summer even hotter

– Ugh, this is some winter emotions

– Hate sajaegi

– I expected to see Chungha or Red Velvet

– It’s because the machines are listening to the ballads

– Can people stop breaking up? It’s hot enough already and the songs are so autumn.

– Seriously. This summer doesn’t seem to have any refreshing song… The song titles make me sweat ㅋㅋㅋ

– Sistar used to take over the summer ㅠㅠ I miss them

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KPOP NOW – Characteristics of a poor family in Korean dramas

Characteristics of a poor family in Korean dramas – K-POP, K-FANS

Characteristics of a poor family in Korean dramas

– Big family with grandparents
– Lives in a house with a backyard in Seoul
– Self-employed
– Every family member has the newest cellphone

Pann: Characteristics of a poor family in Korean dramas

1. [+139, -0] One of the kids works in a professional field.

2. [+116, -0] They’re poor but their outfits change all the time.

3. [+100, -0] Daughter of a poor family falls in love with a son of a rich family ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+66, -0] They’re poor but they have a lot of side dishes. When they’re finished eating, they bring fruits for dessert and have a chat. The morning is a busy time but they take time to eat and talk.

5. [+45, -0] One of their kids turns out to be a non-legitimate child.

6. [+36, -0] Kim Goeun in Goblin wore several wool coats, too ㅋㅋ

7. [+34, -0] The kids have separate rooms.

8. [+27, -0] They eat together everyday and have a load of side dishes.

9. [+25, -0] They’re poor but they go to a snack cart everyday.

10. [+22, -0] Why do the dramas portray that as poor? That’s not a poor condition at all. A family is considered poor if they’re just a little below chaebol?

11. [+20, -0] Wearing full-makeup and a clean outfit all the time. Their house might be small but they have a bed, a shelf, and everything.

12. [+17, -0] A poor family’s house always has a backyard. How can you have a backyard when you’re poor? The writer is an idiot.

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KPOP NOW – Skirt covers on desks – K-POP, K-FANS

Skirt covers on desks – K-POP, K-FANS

Skirt covers on desks

Pann: Skirt covers on desks

1. [+223, -15] Just let them wear pants.

2. [+118, -28] Don’t you have a choice to wear uniform pants, though?
– [+27, -0] My school doesn’t allow it. Girls’ high schools don’t even make pants for uniforms.
– [+26, -0] My school doesn’t allow it unless you have a special circumstance like having a big scar on your thigh. If you wear uniform pants without a reason, you get points deducted.

3. [+87, -14] It looks stuffy.

4. [+56, -2] As a teacher, I think it’s a great idea. Most schools have uniform pants but girls don’t find pants pretty so they don’t wear them. These days, even if a female teacher makes a student wear their uniforms correctly, it could be seen as sexual harassment. It’s an item where both sides can avoid being uncomfortable. Special classes have desks with plastic attached in front. Why not do the same thing to regular desks?

5. [+41, -12] To those who are saying it’s because the skirts are too short… Try wearing a skirt and sitting on a chair for the whole day. Unless the skirt comes down to your knees, it rolls up when you sit. And you end up spreading your legs naturally after a while. Imagine sitting like that for the whole day, ugh.

6. [+40, -76] It’s because the students shorten their skirts too much, tsk tsk. The original uniforms are long, I don’t understand why they criticize the uniforms.

7. [+38, -11] Why criticize the students for a piece of cloth on a desk? They’re at the age to find skirts prettier. Of course they’ll wear skirts. And as they sit, the teacher can see through from the front, which is why the covers are there. How negative do you have to be, tsk tsk.

8. [+30, -3] This will be so much more comfortable to spread your legs ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+27, -1] I’m sure it’s for the students, but I think it’s also good for the teacher. When I used to work at an academy, I saw a lot of girls who spread their legs intentionally in front of a male teacher. I understand that they’re going through puberty but it was embarrassing.

10. [+20, -1] The covers are so comfortable, why do people criticize it? Universities have those desks, too. It’ll be especially good for students wearing uniforms.

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