KPOP NOW – Profiles of Woollim’s girl group ‘Rocket Punch’

Kim Yeonhee

Born on Dec 6, 2000

161cm, blood type B

Hobbies: Sudoku, watching concert videos

Talents: Cham cham cham game, skating

Kim Sohee

Born on Aug 14, 2003

161cm, blood type A

Hobbies: Watching Youtube, listening to music

Talents: Japanese fencing, mimicry

Kim Sooyoon

Born on Mar 17, 2001

169cm, blood type A

Hobbies: Coloring book, photography

Talents: Standing long jump

Seo Yoonkyung

Born on Nov 1, 2001

161cm, blood type O

Hobbies: Watching beauty-related videos

Talents: Eating lemons quickly, not blinking

Takahashi Juri

Born on Oct 3, 1997

160cm, blood type A

Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to band music

Talents: Winking quickly, sexy-cutie facial expressions

Jung Dahyun

Born on Apr 29, 2005

160cm, blood type A

Hobbies: Watching mukbang, cleaning her room, tangerine peel art

Talents: Speaks Chinese, Rock Paper Scissors, knows capital cities well

Pann: Profiles of Woollim’s girl group

1. [+133, -2] They seem perfect except the group name ㅋㅋㅋ What the hell is Rocket Punch, seriously Woollim…

2. [+92, -1] Might as well be Nyang Nyang Punch…

3. [+72, -1] Wow, even a 05’er is debuting… Time flies…

4. [+31, -3] Can they just take care of Lovelyz instead…

5. [+30, -0] The teaser and the group name don’t match at all.

6. [+23, -2] Lovelyz is definitely the pretty one.

7. [+20, -0] I wonder why Woollim doesn’t use Radiance.

8. [+17, -12] Can’t believe they’re debuting a right-wing-dol.

9. [+14, -0] The group name sounds hyper like Cherry Bullet but the concept is Lovelyz.

10. [+13, -0] So a 05’er is younger than Jang Won Young? It was shocking enough that Jang Won Young was debuting but now it’s a 05’er, daebak.

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KPOP NOW – Netizens discuss the culture of avoiding back seats a.k.a “head seats”

Netizens discuss the culture of avoiding back seats a.k.a “head seats” – K-POP, K-FANS

Netizens discuss the culture of avoiding back seats a.k.a “head seats”

Pann: A basic manner that a lot of people aren’t aware of

(In Korea, back seats in cars are seen as “head seats”. So only old people or superior people can sit in the back seats. For example, if you’re driving for a senior, the senior can sit in the back. Or if you’re a taxi driver, the customers can sit in the back.)

1. [+287, -137] When your co-worker is giving you a ride and he’s a married man, don’t you usually avoid sitting next to him? I don’t think his wife will like it.

2. [+276, -261] I don’t feel comfortable when someone not close to me sits in the passenger seat. I just want them to sit in the back. It can’t be called a basic manner when the preferences are divided like this.

3. [+274, -49] The back seats are head seats ㅠㅠ It’s a basic manner in real life.

4. [+186, -79] I personally don’t understand why manners like this exist.

5. [+153, -23] It feels like an old-mindset that became a manner.

6. [+120, -9] Shut up, everybody. Just open the door of the passenger seat and ask the driver if you should sit there. The back seats are indeed head seats and old people are really sensitive about it. I’m giving you realistic advice so you won’t be called rude in social settings.

7. [+82, -16] People don’t really know if they don’t own a car. How would you know unless you’ve given a ride for someone?

8. [+81, -38] Default is the passenger seat and the back seats are optional. This is something that’s taught as a basic manner in major companies. Stop coming up with excuses, just do the basics. Just how many ignorant people are out there that the major companies are teaching this to their new workers?

9. [+76, -8] I’m 26 and I didn’t know this was a basic manner. I’ve always sat in the back because the driver had stuff on the passenger seat and I didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable. One day, I gave a ride to someone. I told them to sit in the back and they were really apologetic to be sitting in head seats. I don’t mind whether they sit in the front or the back, so I remember being confused. I try to avoid riding on someone’s car because I can’t decide whether to sit in the passenger seat or the back.

10. [+72, -12] I prefer them to sit in the back if they’re not close to me… I feel awkward if they sit in the front. And if my boyfriend gives a ride to a woman, I’d want her to sit in the back because the passenger seat is mine.

11. [+70, -34] Sitting in the passenger seat is the default unless the driver tells you to sit in the back. I didn’t know people weren’t aware of this manner until I read the comments…

12. [+68, -1] A lot of people don’t know the manner, don’t be too upset~

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