KPOP NOW – Annual top 5 male & female artists since 2010

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Annual top 5 male artists

1) SHINee
2) 2PM
3) Bigbang
4) Super Junior
5) B2ST

1) Lim Jae Bum
2) Bigbang
4) Kim Bum Soo
5) SHINee

1) PSY
2) Bigbang
3) Infinite
4) SHINee
5) Busker Busker

1) EXO
2) PSY
3) Cho Yong Pil
4) SHINee
5) Bigbang

1) EXO
2) Infinite
3) Bigbang
4) SHINee
5) BTS

1) EXO
2) Bigbang
3) BTS
4) SHINee
5) Seventeen

1) EXO
2) BTS
3) Bigbang
4) Seventeen
5) SHINee

1) BTS
2) EXO
3) Wanna One
4) Bigbang
5) Seventeen

1) BTS
2) Wanna One
3) EXO
4) Seventeen
5) NCT

1) BTS
2) EXO
3) Seventeen
4) NCT
5) X1

Pann: Top 5 male artists

1. [+112, -34] So cool how BTS starts to rise since 2014.

2. [+102, -30] Wow, BTS rises slowly.

3. [+92, -120] It’s just BTS.

4. [+82, -27] EXO is amazing.

5. [+71, -8] I’m curious, why are people downvoting comments mentioning EXO? Isn’t it amazing to be #1 in 13, 14, 15, and 16? They still did well in 2017 and 2018.


Annual top 5 female artists


1) Girls’ Generation

2) IU

3) T-ara

4) Lee Hyori

5) 2NE1


1) IU

2) Girls’ Generation

3) T-ara

4) Park Jung Hyun

5) Sistar


1) IU

2) T-ara

3) Girls’ Generation

4) Sistar

5) Ailee


1) IU

2) Girls’ Generation

3) Girl’s Day

4) Sistar

5) Apink


1) IU

2) Girl’s Day

3) Girls’ Generation

4) Apink

5) AOA


1) IU

2) Apink

3) Girls’ Generation

4) AOA

5) Girl’s Day


1) Twice

2) IU

3) IOI

4) GFriend

5) Red Velvet


1) Twice

2) IU

3) Red Velvet

4) Blackpink

5) GFriend


1) Twice

2) IU

3) Red Velvet

4) Blackpink

5) GFriend


1) IU

2) Twice


4) Blackpink

5) Chungha

Pann: Annual top 5 female artists sincd 2010

1. [+37, -4] Look at IU’s long-run…

2. [+20, -5] GodU

3. [+20, -6] IU

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KPOP NOW – Fashion show with balloon outfits

Pann: Fashion show that went viral for being creative

1. [+178, -1] The models are working hard.

2. [+147, -4] …? They gave up on fashion at a fashion show.

3. [+113, -0] Even if things go well during a rehearsal, they’ll be screwed if the outfit doesn’t function during an actual show ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They must be so nervous.

4. [+33, -0] It’d be meaningful if the balloon turns into an outfit shape. What’s the point if the balloon just sags after?

5. [+32, -2] Guys, fashion shows are divided by pret-a-porter and haute couture. Pret-a-porter is mainstream fashion and held by brands for sales, so they have a lot of pretty clothes. This fashion show is haute couture. Andre Kim is one of the representatives for it. Haute couture could also be for business but generally, it’s for art fashion. It’s like exhibitions for individual designers and are small scales. So you see a lot of weird outfits that you don’t see in daily life. A lot of people criticize the designers because of weird fashion shows but they’re haute couture, so please consider it as an art.

6 [+16, -0] The way the models struggle looks so off ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+8, -1] I graduated my school by making nothing ㅋㅋㅋ How did they even design that…

8. [+8, -0] Can they even breathe in that?

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KPOP NOW – Compilation of honeybees’ bums – K-POP, K-FANS

Pann: Compilation of honeybees’ bums

1. [+123, -1] So cute. Those damn wasps bully these cute kids.

2. [+97, -0] Hul, how can you capture them so closely and accurately like that? Bees are tiny. Their bums are so cute, by the way ㅋㅋ

3. [+83, -0] The last picture with pollen on the bum is so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+50, -1] Honeybees need to be protected and wasps should be killed as many as possible. One wasp kills hundreds of honeybees. Beekeepers are alerted when there’s a wasp because a couple of them can easily destroy an entire hive. Also, a honeybee dies after it attacks an opponent but a wasp’s sting can be used multiple times and can also bite a honeybee to kill. Wasps are very violent and they also look aggressive.

5. [+26, -0] Their cute little bums ㅋㅋ But people will panic once there’s one flying around them ㅋㅋ

6. [+22, -0] They look cute like this but if there’s one coming towards me, I get so scared ㅠㅠ

7. [+18, -0] I think it has to do with the hair. If they were hairless and shiny like an average insect, they would’ve looked disgusting. But because they have hair, they look less dangerous and somehow cute.

8, [+12, -0] I didn’t know a butt could be this cute…

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KPOP NOW – Young people are more promiscuous these days?

Young people are more promiscuous these days? – K-POP, K-FANS

Young people are more promiscuous these days?

Pann: Why are young people so promiscuous these days?

1. [+203, -32] We just see more because of social media and the Internet. I believe it was the same before.

2. [+151, -24] Do you really think people were clean in the past? Seeing the reality of prostitution, you can’t say that today is worse than before. When I was young, there were minors sleeping with adults for money. The current young generation is raised by the young generation of the past, so you can’t judge one generation.

3. [+85, -65] In the past, people were naive. There were more serious about sex. Nowadays, people do whatever they want.

4. [+66, -1] I wonder why people seem so sexual these days ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are they that h0rny to be having one night stands?

5. [+57, -1] Maybe because relationships are taken more lightly now. In the past, people took sex more seriously. It was the same for pregnancy and there was a stronger sense of responsibility. There was a segment of “if a man truly loves a woman, he’ll protect her instead of rushing to sleep with her.”

6. [+52, -0] You might not be aware but it’s just more unveiled due to the development of the media. Good thing Shim Eunha decided to retire. If she debuted now and did the actions, she would be exiled instead of becoming a top star. In the past, the only media were the newspaper, magazines, and the TV. A lot of things were unreported by lobbying the journalists. It’s case by case. Some people won’t sleep until they get married and some people will. In the past, people weren’t as aggressive. But now everybody’s ready to attack one another. If an innocent-concept actress is reported to be living with a man before she graduates high school, do you think she’ll be able to survive in the industry? What if a male actor or a male singer is reported to be having an affair with a chaebol wife? In the past, only few people knew about it but now everybody will hear the news. A lot of entertainment scandals were buried in the past.

7. [+47, -67] It’s true that people are more promiscuous compared to the past. Because we’re moving towards Westernization, the conservative mindset is broken. In the 70’s, more than 50% of men were married to virgins. But now there’s almost zero chance of marrying a virgin unless they’re your first love. Since the men also know this, they date many women until they hit 30 and marry a modest woman. Loser men end up marrying old women who slept with many other men before.

8. [+45, -0] If you avoid those people, you’ll be surrounded by those who aren’t like that.

9. [+35, -0] Huh, am I the only one who’s forced to not be promiscuous?

10. [+32, -3] Idiots, regardless of the development of the media, it’s true that people in their 20’s aren’t mindful about sex anymore. I know that people were similar and as playful in the past. I’m a 90’er but people in the past weren’t as promiscuous as young people these days. Most of my male friends have gone until the end.

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KPOP NOW – Blind item of Suzy, Lee Minho, and Kim Soo Hyun

Blind item of Suzy, Lee Minho, and Kim Soo Hyun – K-POP, K-FANS

Blind item of Suzy, Lee Minho, and Kim Soo Hyun

Lee Minho had a huge crush on Suzy since before, but Suzy was very into her then-boyfriend so she rejected him many times. After Suzy broke up, Minho asked her out many times and expressed that he wanted to meet her through mutual connections. Suzy was touched by Minho’s unchanging feelings. They got caught by Park Jin Young but since Minho has a good image, he was OK with them dating until he enlisted. Despite the news on  JYP’s declining stocks, Park Jin Young didn’t care about their relationship much. Minho is very into Suzy and is giving everything for her. Suzy is also falling for him hard. Minho wants to introduce her to his friends and parents, which worries Suzy. Suzy meets up with him with her bare face.

Suzy used to like Kim Soo Hyun a lot. Suzy was in high school back then so Kim Soo Hyun had no interest in her. He was stone cold to Suzy and any other pretty woman. His personality wasn’t very approachable to women in the first place. He was comfortable with talking to ajummas. Because he never dated, there were rumors of him being an alien, gay, and etc. Despite three years of intensive following, the journalists didn’t catch anything on him.

It turns out that Kim Soo Hyun has a woman whom he hasn’t been forgetting for a long time. He started dating her in high school. She goes to Y University. They met when Kim Soo Hyun was in Yonsei Uni’s theatre club. She lived in a luxury apartment in Dogok-dong and Kim Soo Hyun’s place was a rented room beside the apartment. Every time he walked her home and went to his place, the strange emotions hit him hard. Kim Soo Hyun struggled to pay his tuitions and medical fees (he has a heart disease), and she covered a lot of it for him. Her family is one of the top political families in Korea.

When they were dating, Kim Soo Hyun was a high school graduate who couldn’t even pay for his bus fares, had bad health, and from a poor family. His parents separated when he was young. He had half-siblings and his father was a free spirit. His physical health was also suffering. The girl’s parents didn’t even object to their relationship because they assumed they’d break up eventually. In fact, they did break up later.

Kim Soo Hyun is supporting his biological father financially even though the father had basically threw away his son and wife before. He’s supporting his father’s new wife (now separated) and his half-siblings as well. But he’s very strict about his financials in case his family causes financial trouble and made it just enough for them to get by. Because he’s an only child, he cares about his half-siblings. He’s still not over the girl and thinks about her whenever he acts.

Pann: Blind item of Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun

1. [+164, -1] I’m the most pathetic one for reading this whole thing.

2. [+81, -2] Where did you bring this fanfic from?

3. [+46, -2] Huh, how did they meet in Yonsei’s theatre club when he’s a high school graduate?

4. [+39, -0] Even if this is true, I realized that there’s a reason why celebrities suffer from mental illness. The person who leaked this must be a close friend of a top celebrity. They can’t share their stories with anyone because it’ll still be leaked.

5. [+28, -0] Do you not know Suzy’s ideal type? Crush on Kim Soo Hyun, my a$$… Her exes have double eyelids and big facial features. Suzy’s type is firm ㅋㅋ

6. [+13, -0] Thanks for a fanfic idea.

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KPOP NOW – Three places that will soon become busy by new year resolutionists

1) Foreign language academy

2) Gym

3) Bookstore

Pann: Places that will become hot soon

1. [+132, -0] Isn’t it so cute and commendable, though ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Since it’s a new year, people want to become better versions of themselves and go to those places. I want to cheer for them.

2. [+89, -0] After two months, the crowd starts disappearing.

3. [+12, -0] I want to attend a foreign language academy but I can’t because I have no money.

4. [+7, -0] The picture isn’t a bookstore, it’s Posco Terarosa. That place is the best to go during weekday mornings.

5. [+4, -0] Places where people come less and less.

6. [+4, -0] The last picture isn’t a bookstore, it’s a cafe in Gangnam Posco building.

– I’ve been attending gym since a month ago.

– I make new year’s resolutions on Dec 31 and give up on Jan 1.

– Get a boyfriend.

– Go on a diet, read books, write a diary, quit drinking, exercise.

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KPOP NOW – National changes to be made in Korea in 2020

1) ID

– The taeguk mark changes its colors depending on the angle

– The name and social security number will be bulging out

– The information will be printed by laser

– The picture & date of birth on the bottom will appear depending on the angle

2) Passport

– Will be changed to blue from green (first time in 32 years)

– One more alphabet will be added to the passport number

– Laser-printed content & picture

– Deletion of social security number

3) Mobile driver’s license

– It can be used just as equally as a regular driver’s license

4) Increase of minimum wage

– From 8,350 won to 8,590 won (around $8)

– 2.9% increase from 2019

5) Korean history exams

– 4 exam attempts in 2019, 5 attempts in 2020, and 6 attempts in 2021

– It’s divided by advanced/middle/intermediate, but it will be simplified to intensified/basic

6) Ban of drinking ads

– On TV programs, movies, and games that are rated for minors, drinking ads will be banned. Sounds like “kya” will be banned since it could provoke drinking.

– In 2019, the ads are allowed as long as it’s not aired between 7AM~10PM.

7) Paper boxes at supermarket check-outs

– Paper boxes that were given to customers for free at grocery check-outs will be banned.

1. [+474, -10] Why are they banning paper boxes?

2. [+402, -20] The box ban is such a stupid law.

3. [+165, -7] I wonder why they decided to change the passport color.

4. [+123, -3] If they’re banning drinking ads, they should also ban plastic surgery ads, too.

5. [+89, -9] I love the ban on drinking ads. I hate how they view weak drinkers as losers.

6. [+68, -17] Those who are cheering for minimum wage increase are short-sighted. If they keep increasing the minimum wage, the bosses will hire less part-timers and there will be less jobs.

7. [+67, -62] The economy is worsening already. If they keep increasing the minimum wage, the workplaces will hire less workers and it’ll lead to less jobs. Minimum wage increase is not something to congratulate.

8. [+66, -1] If you want to stop minors from drinking, please ban the songs that talk about drinking too ㅋㅋㅋ

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KPOP NOW – Top 10 physical sales of all artists, groups, solos, & rookies in 2019

Pann: Top 10 physical sales of artists/boy groups/girl groups/male solos/female solos/rookies in 2019

1. [+98, -16] BTS is just a legend.

2. [+77, -13] So cool how Twice is the only girl group.

3. [+48, -8] People were calling Twice a flop but they surpassed 1M ㅋㅋㅋ What?

4. [+31, -5] BTS’ 6M, that’s insane ㅋㅋㅋ Didn’t they promote once only this year? Daebak

5. [+24, -22] Seventeen is amazing!!! They totally deserved the daesang, so proud ㅠㅠ

6. [+22, -1] Twice is a legend, the only girl group in the sea of boy groups.

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KPOP NOW – Top 10 most viewed & liked music videos in Korea & worldwide in 2019

Most viewed music videos in Korea (Youtube, 2019)

1) Boy With Luv – BTS

2) Dalla Dalla – Itzy

3) Fancy – Twice

4) Kill This Love – Blackpink

5) Rooftop – N.Flying

6) Speechless – Naomi Scott

7) Icy – Itzy

8) bad guy – Billie Eilish

9) Bom – Bolbbalgan4

10) Dding – Jvcki Wai, etc.

Most liked music videos worldwide (Youtube, 2019)

1) Senorita – Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello

2) Boy With Luv – BTS

3) Kill This Love – Blackpink

4) bad guy – Billie Eilish
5) Old Town Road – Lil Nas X
6) 7 rings – Ariana Grande
7) Earth – Lil Dicky
8) Con Calma – Daddy Yankee & Snow
9) Chicken Noodle Soup – J-Hope
10) Vaaste Song – Dhvani Bhanushali, etc.

Article: K-pop’s unchanging power… dominates 2019 Youtube rankings

Source: Sports Kyunghyang via Naver

1. [+282, -7] BTS’ popularity is a wall.

2. [+186, -26] BTS and Blackpink are amazing!! Itzy is a rookie group but they’re #2 on a domestic ranking, amazing!

3. [+121, -4] BTS <3

4. [+51, -16] Twice <3

5. [+53, -24] Wow, Twice is #3?

6. [+29, -4] Blackpink <333

7. [+30, -7] BTS and Blackpink are so popular overseas

8. [+20, -1] Blackpink and BTS are doing the best

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KPOP NOW – 08’er who is an SM trainee

Pann: 08’er who is an SM trainee

1. [+248, -1] Where do they find kids like him? There’s no kid like him around me…

2. [+223, -6] They say every handsome/pretty kid is in SM’s basement, it must be true ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+188, -3] His eyes and nose are handsome enough… Typical SM face.

4. [+102, -0] I’m worried how idols are getting younger and younger. I heard that their oldest trainee is 06’er, that’s only grade 8 next year. 08’er is 12 which is grade 5. Of course they chose their own path but I don’t think it’s completely positive to be an agency trainee since at a young age. I might be taking it too seriously but I’m worried. I’m not saying that they’ll be unfortunate but I hope they train while doing what they want.

5. [+70, -0] Crazy, my dog is older than him.

6. [+67, -2] If they’re 06~08’ers, they’ll be like NCT Dream Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, and Jisung ㅋㅋ Their proper school days will be elementary school only. They’ll drop out of middle/high school, pass the education exams, have no school memories, and have only members as friends. It’s not like their future is guaranteed, either. Did SM not learn from the Dream members? The maknae cried at the concert and said it could be the last concert in his life. SM should make the system fixed first and guarantee a future for NCT members and the trainees.

7. [+65, -1] F*ck… I’m a 02’er and I thought I was young. SM trainees as 06’er and 08’er… They have a fun life.

8. [+38, -0] We don’t see kids like him because SM takes them.

9. [+35, -0] I can’t believe the oldest hyung is younger than my younger brother… I’m freaking old.

10. [+24, -3] 2020 fits the 8-year gap for SM’s boy groups. 1996 HOT, 2004 TVXQ, 2012 EXO, 2020 SM’s new group.

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