KPOP NOW – MBC currently conducting interviews for an exclusive documentary into Sulli’s childhood life

Source: Xports News

MBC will be producing a documentary into the late Sulli‘s life. 

According to an exclusive report by Xports News on the 31st, MBC is currently conducting interviews with Sulli’s acquaintances but the exact date of the broadcast is undecided. 

This documentary will provide an insight into Sulli’s childhood and will include interviews with SM officials and family members. The documentary will mark the first anniversary of Sulli’s death.

Sulli made her debut as child actor in 2005 through “Seodongyo” drama and later as f(x) member in 2009. She left the group in 2015 and pursued a career as an actress. She actively communicated with fans on SNS and received a lot of love from fans both at home and abroad.

Sulli tragically passed away in October last year at the tender age of 25. 

What are your thoughts on the documentary? 

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KPOP NOW – Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin caught up in dating rumors after alleged couple photo surfaces on Weibo

Source: Sports Chosun

Actors Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin are caught up in rumors that they’ve rekindled their romance.

On the 31st, Chinese media Wang Yi Love Channel revealed, “A netizen recently  hared a photo of two people presumed to be Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo taking a walk with their dogs at night. The two are already living together.”

Another Chinese netizen posted on SNS and wrote, “Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin’s dating video.” The video is currently deleted.

Chinese media once reported the possibility of a divorce between Song Joong-ki and Song Hye Kyo four months before Joong-ki made the official announcement in June last year.

Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo developed into lovers after appearing together on KBS 2TV’s “The World They Live in” in 2008. Although they have been openly dating for two years after rumors of their relationship surfaced, news broke out that the two had split up before Hyun Bin joined the military, and they have since taken their respective steps.

Song Hye Kyo’s agency flatly denied rumors of a romantic relationship between the two stating, “It hasn’t even been a day or two but Chinese media are just publishing articles recklessly. Chinese media are continuing to imagine things.”

Hyun Bin’s agency also drew a hard-line response stating, “it’s not true at all therefore not worth responding to.”

In the meantime, Hyun Bin is currently in Jordan to film the movie “The Negotiation” while Song Hye Kyo is considering her next film.

What are your thoughts on the rumors?

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KPOP NOW – Koreans react to Trump’s proposal to postpone U.S elections due to Coronavirus

Source: Yonhap News

[Note: This breaking story was trending #1 on Naver most of yesterday and later trending at #5].

Below is a screenshot of Trump’s tweet as shared in Korean media. 

  1. [+665, -38] Hoping to eat even more aren’t you?
  2. [+302, -30] This is who he really is…so shameless of himㅋ
  3. [+113, -29] He’s a real thug ba$tard isn’t he. 
  4. [+80, -11] Just wait…on October 3rd he’ll announce surprise North Korea talks somehow when they’d be no such thing. It’s all over just give up already ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  5. [+46, -6] Trump’s out of his mind ㅋ
  6. [+15, -13] ㅋㅋㅋ he knows he’s going to lose. I shouldn’t laugh.  Let’s wait until he actually finishes out his term
  7. [+12, -2] It looks like even he’s not confident about the election. He knows the president is going to change in November ㅋ
  8. [+11, -2] He’s gone completely insane..he’s blinded with power
  9. [+10, -1] The President of the United States is a thugㅋㅋ
  10. [+9, -1] What a coward of a man. How could the U.S have chosen someone like him for president? 

What do you think of Trump’s tweet? 

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KPOP NOW – A male netizen asks women to consider men’s eyes and stop wearing leggings when hiking

Source: Busan Daily

A male netizen has asked women to stop wearing leggings when going on a hike.

On the 24th, a post titled “Please don’t go hiking in leggings” was posted on Nate’s forum community, Pann catching attention.

The author wrote, “Whenever I go hiking, it’s not just one or two women that blatantly show off their bare backs. Honestly isn’t it embarrassing for you? It’s even more painful for the person in the back. Imagine having someone’s bare butt twitching in front of your nose like that. It’s really dirty.”

He added. “I don’t know if it helps to wear a long T-shirt but please do not wear a small tee. Otherwise the other person is in pain especially if its apricot leggings…please think of our eyes too.”

Netizens shared reactions to the article writing, “if you have to wear it then please wear dark colors instead of bright ones. “I’m embarrassed.” “I’m a woman too but I don’t like seeing someone dressed like that.” “Just think if a man was walking in the opposite way wearing just leggings.”

  1. [+377, -16] You can try to look away but you just can’t help it. That’s why it’s uncomfortable. You’re free to wear them but why get mad at us if we look? Is it a crime? How are we supposed to be at ease?ㅋㅋ
  2. [+286, -8] I saw a woman wearing leggings like that when I went hiking as a choding. Even the woman got embarrassed because I kept looking. Especially her hips in them..
  3. [+138, -5] Why not admit that women are free to wear whatever they like but men aren’t allowed the freedom to look..
  4. [+122, -7] When I first saw a woman wearing leggings on my way home from work, I was speechless. I thought she was naked. I think this comment will be deleted if I write my real thoughts..
  5. [+103, -3] I hate women that wear leggings..even if you try hard you can’t help but look
  6. [+27, -0] Its embarrassing as a fellow woman too…please only wear sportswear during workouts!!!
  7. [+26, -0] You would think women like that are so confident in their body and that’s why they wear tight leggings to show off. But from our standpoint after talking to them it’s actually the opposite.

What are your thoughts on the netizen’s post? 

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KPOP NOW – Popular ‘Produce 48’ trainee found to be working as a cam girl

Source: Sports Donga

A popular ‘Produce 48‘ trainee has reportedly transformed into a cam girl.

According to a report by Sports Donga on the 29th, former ‘Produce 48‘ trainee Kim Hyun-Ah recently opened her channel ‘Hyun Ah-ru‘ on Afreeca TV and hosted a live broadcast.

Hyun-ah showed off her talents dancing to EXID‘s “Up and Down” and sang to Kim Bum Soo‘s “I miss You” and followed the demands of her fans.

Kim Hyun-Ah drew attention with her unrivaled dance moves on Mnet‘s ‘Produce 48’ in 2018 and gained popularity by taking second place in on-site voting before being eliminated. She has since then released covers of “Rumor” and IZ*ONE‘s “Violetta” on Instagram and YouTube.

What are your thoughts on Kim Hyun-ah’s transformation?

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KPOP NOW – Jessi reveals on ‘Radio Star’ that she’s now against plastic surgery

Source: SBS Fun E

Jessi has revealed she’s now against plastic surgery.

Sugar member Ayumi who made an appearance on MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘ that aired on the 29th stated, “I’ve been asked many times if I did plastic surgery because my appearance changed. Of course, I’m older so I can’t say that I haven’t, but I didn’t do as much as people thought. My eyes are still the same. I didn’t do my nose. It wasn’t a big grand project. I just did a little procedure here and there. I got double eyelid surgery when I was in Sugar.”

Jessi, who was sitting next to Ayumi replied, “I’m against plastic surgery now.”

She continued, “I know a lot of people that have gotten lots of plastic surgery and I did before too, six months ago I got a little bit of the lip fillers. Five years ago I put in face fillers but fans tell me my face looks flat. It looks like it melted over time so I’m no longer doing any more plastic surgery.”

She added, “I love this. I’m content with the present. Now that I’ve done what I have to do and taken it out, this is good. I can’t be perfect.”

What do you think of Jessi’s comments?

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KPOP NOW – Idol concerts that were planned for this year

Super M – Tokyo Dome

Around 50,000 audience

NCT 127 – North American tour

New York, Atlanta, Chicago, San Hose, LA, Seattle

Around 60,000

Twice – Tour final + Tokyo Dome

Seoul KSPO Dome, Tokyo Dome

Around 120,000

GOT7 – First Stadium concert


Around 110,000

Seventeen – First Japanese Dome tour

Tokyo Dome, Fukuoka, Saitama, Osaka

Around 350,000

BTS – Stadium tour

Seoul, Santa Clara, LA, Dallas, Orlando, Atlanta, New Jersey, Washington, Toronto, Chicago, London, Rotterdam, Berlin, Barcelona

Around 1,300,000

Pann: Idol concerts that were planned for this year

1. [+174, -9] I was so happy to get a ticket to a BTS concert. I was anxious when covid-19 broke out and then it got cancelled. What the…

2. [+159, -11] F*ck, I thought everything about BTS’ concert including the equipment was legendary. That godd*mn corona…

3. [+110, -8] Seventeen’s Europe tour, too…

4. [+51, -3] BTS 1.3M? Wow, stadium tour is a different class…

5. [+36, -6] BTS’ 4th Jamshil concert was cancelled and the Armies donated the refunded ticket price for covid-19. It was so funny how some Armies donated it to the research of christian cults to fight against Shincheonji ㅋㅋ

6. [+36, -3] BTS though ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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KPOP NOW – Han Seo Hee’s private hearing ends without a decision by judge on whether to send her to prison

Source: STAR News

Han Seo Hee is on standby following judge’s non-decision on whether to send her to prison.

According to an exclusive report by STAR News on the 29th, Han Seo Hee’s detention has been extended by 20 days after a private hearing with the judge at 2:00pm on the 29th.

An official from Seongnam branch told Star News, “Han Seo Hee’s interrogation will still be held today but the decision will not be made immediately whether to cancel her suspended sentence. Han Seo Hee has been detained for 20 more days and it is likely the decision will be made by then.”

He added, “Maybe Han Seo Hee will also state her position during the interrogation. Depending on the situation, they may ask to open an additional interrogation date. There can be many situations.”

According to Daily Economy STAR, Judge Soo-Kyung Kim of Seongnam’s Suwon District Court, closed questioning of Han Seo Hee at 2:00pm and stated, “We will decide whether to cancel the probation before the end of her detention period.”

If the court decides to cancel her probation, Han Seo Hee will be sentenced to three years in prison.

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KPOP NOW – In a few hours, judge to decide whether to send Han Seo Hee to prison for abusing drugs

Source: OSEN

In a few hours a judge will decide whether to send Han Seo Hee to prison violating her probation.

According to a report on the 28th by OSEN, the judge will decide whether to cancel Han Seo Hee’s three-year suspended prison sentence through a closed interrogation hearing in a few hours.

The interrogation date is set for the 29th KST and will be held behind closed doors at the Seongnam branch of the Suwon District Court. At the end of the hearing, Han Seo Hee’s suspension will be decided immediately.

Han Seo Hee is currently detailed at a probation office under the Ministry of Justice after testing positive for an unannounced drug test on the 8th.

Han Seo Hee is also currently under investigation for drug abuse by law enforcement authorities.

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KPOP NOW – BLACKPINK revealed to be collaborating with Selena Gomez for August comeback

Source: My Daily

BLACKPINK has been revealed to be collaborating with American pop star Selena Gomez.

According to an exclusive report by My Daily on the 28th, the artist that participated in recording a new song with BLACKPINK for their August comeback has been found to be Selena Gomez.

YG recently revealed a poster on the 26th with a question mark about the group’s upcoming feature and the name has been revealed to be Selena Gomez.

In the meantime, BLACKPINK will release their first full length album ‘THE ALBUM‘ on October 2nd following the release of their new single with Selena Gomez.

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