KPOP NOW – Actor Park Bo-gum quietly enlists in the army

Source: Sports Chosun

Actor Park Bo-gum (27) has quietly enlisted in the army.

The actor was spotted headed to the training center at 2pm on the afternoon of the 31st wearing a black cap, black sweatpants and sneakers.

Over 1,000 recruits also enlisted on the same day and his fans refrained from seeing him off to prevent spread of Covid-19 and quietly cheered him on through online communities.

Park Bogum has enlisted in the Jinhae Naval Education Command in Changwon, Gyeongnam.

  1. [+1,659, -60] I’ll wait for you while watching ‘Record of Youth.’ Serve well and stay healthy.
  2. [+ 1,175, -46] From his agency to his fans…such a mature way to handle his enlistment. This is why I like him. 
  3. [+538, -47] Park Bo-gum is such a beautiful person. Every step he takes is cool and well thought out. He’s a real man among men.👍
  4. [+284, -12] Please take care of your body
  5. [+266, -27] Bo-gumi, serve well. Fans even opted to cheer him on virtually from afar and yet this thug reporters went there and took photos…isn’t that too much? ㅠㅠ
  6. [+78, -7] He naturally has a good personality..he’ll adapt well wherever he goes ~~!.
  7. [+62, -1] Even though he’s a top star he’s always quietly preparing things on his own. Really goes to show his maturity. This is why he’s my favorite actor. I’m cheering you on. Serve well.
  8. [+52, -5] His agency even posted a notice in advance asking even reporters not to visit. I can’t believe they still showed up to take photos. Ugh ~
  9. [+49, -5] It’s rare to find a celebrity like him. 
  10. [+22, -1] From celebrity, to his fans..both are mature and level headed. So cool to see.

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KPOP NOW – ‘Boys over Flowers’ star Kim Hyun Joong becomes a hot topic after CCTV footage reveals he saved a man’s life

Source: Sports Chosun

Netizens are praising Kim Hyun Joong for his heroic act. 

According to a report by Sports Chosun on the 31st, Kim Hyun Joong reportedly saved Mr. Oh’s life, a 47 year old chef who fell unconscious. At the time, Kim Hyun Joong was waiting outside a Japanese restaurant in Seogwipo-si, Jeju at around 9:50pm on the 24th after having dinner with friends when he heard a scream. He ran inside the restaurant and found Mr. Oh unconscious. He had reportedly fallen while cleaning up the restaurant. 

Kim Hyun Joong gave Mr. Oh first aid for 10 minutes and directed the restaurant staff to call 119. Mr. Oh gradually regained consciousness and was transferred to the hospital. 

Later, CCTV footage of the event was discovered and it was belatedly revealed that it was in fact Kim Hyun Joong who had administered first aid. An aide from restaurant side expressed gratitude and stated, “Kim Hyun Joong actively helped and saved a precious life.”

His agency also released a statement writing, “he was just doing the right thing.”

In the meantime, netizens are pouring out praise to Kim Hyun Joong for his quick first aid and humble attitude.

  1. [+1,691, -91] Kim Hyun Joong got witch hunted all because of one-sided lies from the woman’s side
  2. [+585, -12] Kim Hyun Joong-ssi, Geum Jan-di’s hero…its been a long time. You did well. 
  3. [+355, -8] That was so cool and brave of him. You did a great job saving such a precious life. Well done.
  4. [+233, -6] You did a good job. You’ll be blessed.
  5. [+115, -0] It’s difficult for just anyone to be courageous in a situation like that. I applaud you for such a courageous response.
  6. [+46, -1] The past is the past. I applaud you for doing such a good thing.^^
  7. [+40, -7] He’s a good person. His image got dirtied and he got cancelled by the public all because of one woman’s unilateral lies. Anyway, just be careful who you meet going forward.
  8. [+33, -0] He’s a celebrity but didn’t want it known even after bravely saving someone’s life like that. Anyone else would’ve froze in that moment. Kim Hyun Joong is of a different class. 

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KPOP NOW – 1,100 Shincheon-ji members that survived coronavirus to donate their plasma to the public


1,100 Shincheon-ji members that survived the coronavirus will donate their plasma. 

A Shincheon-ji official announced on the 27th that “1,100 believers who were completely cured after being infected with coronavirus will donate their plasma through September 4th. Earlier, another group of about 628 believers from Daegu donated their plasma from July 13-17.”

The official stated, “Our church has not forgotten and we offer our sincere apologies for causing concern by causing a larging number of confirmed cases. We will continue to work closely with Korea CDC and make every effort to overcome coronavirus.”

Netizens responded to the news writing, “I’m sorry I cursed you at first.” “Shincheon-ji really turned it around.” “Let’s end the coronavirus as soon as possible.”

  1. [+3,984, -462] Good job. At least they’re better than other church kids these days.
  2. [+2,068, -142] Compared to Sarangjeil…Shincheon-ji are much better.
  3. [+1,843, -164] The word church is just a pseudonym for them…they’re a cult
  4. [+895, -89] They deserve the praise. You did well!
  5. [+419, -12] The people cursing them in the comments should make sure not to get any plasma treatment. At least they have some type of consciense to do this. I feel sorry that I cursed Shincheon-ji really hard when the news first came out. Churches around me are still doing mass gatherings even now and yet people are hell bent on being keyboard warriors 
  6. [+335, -13] I don’t know if they’re a cult or not but they’re at least better than Sarangjeil.
  7. [+280, -9] Seeing an 80yr old bow down with his face to the ground to apologize, donate 20 billion won and now donating plasma..ah you did well. It’s better late than never.

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KPOP NOW – Media decode Sam O’Kyere’s “once you go black” controversy

Source: Chosun Ilbo

Media have decoded the meaning behind Sam O’Kyere’s “once you go black” controversy. 

Chosun Ilbo conducted a search in Wikipedia’s Wiktionary, an open source language dictionary noting that the phrase “once you go black, you never go back” means if a non-black person has sex with a black man, they can’t go back with having sex with any other race.

As a result, further criticism is pouring out among netizens criticizing Sam O’Kyere for his reply “preach” agreeing to the foreign netizen’s comment. 

In the meantime, Sam has deleted his Instagram as petitions being pouring online asking that Sam be dropped for all Korean variety shows.

  1. [+8,161, -114] It’s always the people that pretend to be minorities that are the same ones abusing other minorities. They always wield their minority privilege as a weapon while abusing others in the back. Disgusting.
  2. [+4,501, -275] O’Kyere-ssi, you should be thankful for the money and fame you earned on the backs of other countries. You should know how to thank them properly and not repay it in such an ungrateful manner. Kick him out of the industry. Deport him from our country now! He disgusts me.
  3. [+2,827, -993] Him, Park Won Soon and Moon Jae-in are alike
  4. [+2,104, -58] So he not only slanted his eyes but also made sexual harassment comments??? Does he think he has any right to tell anyone what to do? He should be looking at his own actions first. Isn’t he a hypocrite? He went around doing interviews with foreign media outlets acting like some freedom fighter…so ridiculous. 
  5. [+925, -42] Enough. Kick him out now!
  6. [+880, -5] This is a slang word attributed to black men with a huge p*nis. That’s why it’s extremely racial and sexual harassment. I’m sure he knew of that so he should’ve been careful with his comments. He should’ve asked that foreigner to delete the comment. If he’s really an advocate for POC he shouldn’t have replied like that. 
  7. [+348, -19] This ba$tard is worse than Yoo Seung-jun!

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Macaulay Culkin Through the Years: Photos of the Actor

KPOP NOW – [Hollywood] “Home Alone” star Macaulay Culkin shares witty tweets with fans on his 40th birthday

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

Home Alone” star Macaulay Culkin has shared witty tweets with fans on his 40th birthday. 

Culkin, who turned 40 on the 26th (local time) was born in 1980 and turned 40 on this day. 

Culkin conveyed his birthday feelings with witty comments to fans on his Twitter writing, “Want to feel old? I’m 40 years old. You’re welcome. Since I’m 40, I think it’s about time to start my midlife crisis. Im thinking of picking up surfing. Do you all have any suggestions?”

Culkin hasn’t been active on social media recently so many fans and celebrities expressed their gratitude. Paris Jackson, late Michael Jackson‘s daughter wrote, “Happy birthday, I love you.

In the meantime, Culkin is well known for his debut in movie industry in 1985 at age 5 with “Home Alone.” After his tremendous success as a child actor, he revealed that he had been physically and emotionally abused by his father. He later married actor Rachel Miner in 1998 at age 18 but separated after 2 years and divorced in 2002. He dated Mila Kunis for 8 years after that and since 2017 has been in a relationship with Hmong actor Brenda Song.

Macaulay Culkin Through the Years: Photos of the Actor

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KPOP NOW – Netizens file petitions online to drop Sam O’Kyere from all variety programs

Source: Sports Donga

Netizens are filing petitions online to remove Sam O’Kyere from variety shows. 

After controversies over “blackface” comments and alleged “sexual harassment” towards actress Park Eun-hye following an Instagram DM to a foreign netizen, netizens have filed petitions online to drop Sam O’Kyere from variety shows. For those programs that don’t run viewer bulletin boards, netizens are expressing their opinions in various places including Naver TV‘s “Live Talk.”

Among one of the shows receiving a flurry of demands is MBC Every1‘s “Korean Foreigners” where Sam regularly makes an appearance. 

On the 26th, an official from MBC addressed the petitions and stated, “we’re trying to figure out the situation.”

What are your thoughts on the petitions filed by netizens?

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KPOP NOW – Goo Hara’s aunt states the estate should be split 50/50 with birth mother since Goo Hara wasn’t birthed on her own

Source: Seoul Newspaper

Goo Hara‘s aunt is causing controversy with her comments regarding late Goo Hara’s estate. 

On an episode of TV Chosun‘s “Detective Seven“, Goo Hara’s biological mother A conducted an exclusive interview and stated, “I didn’t leave because of an affair. I have something to say too, I really want to but I’ll just shut my mouth. I struggled a lot because of money and poor health. 

“Ho-In doesn’t know how’ve I lived in the past. My son is unilaterally insisting that I abandoned my kids but it’s not true. He’s wrong that I want the money for myself. I don’t agree with the Goo Hara Act.”

She added, “Until 2017 I was having a really difficult time. I couldn’t contact them because I wasn’t doing well financially and physically in pain. After they became adults I met with them whenever I could and showered them with affection. I admit it’s my fault for leaving them there for so long.” 

TV Chosun also conducted a telephone interview with Goo Hara’s aunt B who helped her mother A file a lawsuit for Goo Hara’s estate. Regarding the alleged affair, the aunt B stated, “My sister called me in tears saying she got kicked out. I was so angry.”

As to why she told her sister to look for a lawyer, she stated, “I asked her to get a lawyer for advice. What could she do? The inheritance law states her daughter’s estate has to be distributed equally to the parents.”

When asked by the production team whether she thought her sister deserved her daughter’s estate even through she didn’t raise her kids, B stated, “Of course. They have to do it according to the law. Kids aren’t birthed on their own. Of course both sides should split the estate 50/50.”

  1. [+25,186, -77] Even in death Goo Hara can’t rest in peace…so upsetting. Imagine your mother showing after 20 years demanding to get your estate. How is someone like that considered a parent? If Goo Hara wasn’t a celebrity and had no money would she have showed up at all?
  2. [+16,754, -83] She wasn’t birthed on her own? So why didn’t you raise her then??? I get so angry when I see stuff like this. Just because people look human doesn’t mean they are.
  3. [+9,750, -95] 50/50? When all she did was birth her and abandon her? Is this a fried chicken order? If she was human at all she would’ve been on the floor sobbing over a portrait of his dead daughter held to her bosom. Do you think you can pay back your daughter for the pain she went through?
  4. [+7,640, -52] Just admit you want your dead daughter/niece’s estate. That’d be more understandable. Even if the money was offered, a true parent wouldn’t accept it in the first place. 
  5. [+6,721, -76] Aigoo..Poor Goo Hara…it must’ve been hell living with a mom like herㅜㅜ. I hope you meet a nice and caring mom in your next life.
  6. [+1,711, -4] This is so heart-breaking. This reminds me of that viral clip of a dog that kept digging at the ground crying trying to rescue her puppies that were buried in the ground.
  7. [+1,032, -4] If you think you’re so deserving of her estate why not reveal your faces publicly in a press conference?

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KPOP NOW – Sam O’Kyere accused of sexual harassment after IG DMs with actress Park Eun-hye surface

Source: Sports Chosun

Sam O’Kyere is under controversy for alleged sexual harassment.

In March last year, Sam posted a photo with actress Park Eun-hye on his Instagram account along with a message that read, “Orange is the new black. Unni, we’re Orange Caramel ㅋㅋㅋ.” 

Park Eun-hye replied back on the post and wrote, “Cute. Once you go black you never go back LOL.”

Sam replied back writing, “preach.”

Sam’s comments caused controversy as netizens felt that his comment “preach” was basically agreeing with Park Eun-hye’s reply that meant “once you have sex with a black man you never go back.” This raised criticism that if put in context, his remarks could be seen as sexual harassment.

Netizens wrote, “How can we sympathize with a foreigner that writes a message like to someone he barely knows just because they were together on a program. Park Eun-hye isn’t a single woman but a mother of twins. He’s basically looking down at her. Isn’t this sexual harassment?…”

Netizens also revisited Sam Okyere’s sexual harassment controversy in 2014 when he made an appearance on MBC’s ‘Radio Star.’ Sam told Choi Yeo-jin that “she was really pretty” and when MC Kyuhyun advised him not to “look her up and down too much” Sam confidently replied, “In Ghana we notice the body line first.”

After controversy grew, Sam made his Instagram private which he has since then deleted.

In the meantime, Sam is also currently under controversy over “black face” comments regarding Uijeongbu High School students.

What are your thoughts on the controversy? Do you think netizens are going too far?

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BIGBANG's G-Dragon Purchases ₩9 Billion KRW Luxury Penthouse In ...

KPOP NOW – Actor Lee Jong-suk has purchased a luxury villa at Nine One Hannam, same complex as Big Bang’s GD

Source: SPOTV News

Actor Lee Jong-suk has purchased a luxury villa at ‘Nine One Hannam‘. 

According to an exclusive report by SPOTV News on the 21st, Lee Jong-suk purchased a duplex at ‘Nine One Hannam’ located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. The duplex is about 80 pyeong and he paid a rental deposit of about 4.5 billion won ($3.7 Million). 

Lee Jong-suk’s luxury villa is reportedly worth about 5 billion won ($4.1 million). 

BIGBANG's G-Dragon Purchases ₩9 Billion KRW Luxury Penthouse In ...

Many celebrities that value their private lives like to live at Nine One Hannam because it has amenities suitable for protecting their privacy. Among celebrities currently living at Nine One Hannam are Big Bang‘s G Dragon, actor Ju Ji-hoon and singer Jang Yoon Jung‘s family. 

In particular, Lee Jong-suk is said to have earned 2.05 billion won profit after selling a building in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul that he had purchased in 2016 for 3.9 billion won. 

What are your thoughts on Lee Jong-suk’s extravagant villa purchase? 

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