KPOP NOW – BTS fans revealed to have taken out personal loans to participate in Big Hit IPO next week

Article“For ARMY, the Big Hit stock purchase marks their commitment to BTS…” Foreign media also paying attention to “moves” by Army

Source: Kookmin Ilbo

BTS fans are ready to move the stock market.

According to a CNBC article on the 25th titled, “BTS fans have jumped into a group of private stock investors in Korea,” Army (BTS’ fan club) are likely to participate in general investor subscriptions next week, further raising Big Hit‘s initial public offering price.

Kim Eun-hee (51) who runs a BTS themed cafe in Seoul stated, “ARMY are fiercely competing to secure stock next week. I want to buy stocks and show my support to BTS.”

In addition, a 28 yr old banker identified by his surname “Park” reportedly took out a personal loan of $100,000 to participate in the public offering while Kim Seo-hyun (12) asked her parents to buy a share of the shares so that “she can meet BTS members at future shareholders’ meetings.” Fortune business magazine also reported that another Army will take out a private loan to buy shares in the company.

Foreign media stated “the phenomenon is more than just betting on corporate earnings.” Fortune magazine stated, “For Army, the purchase of Big Hit shares is a sign of their sacrifice. Black Lives Matter that interfered in Donald Trump’s campaign are now also pouring their organizational and financial power to Army since they raised millions of dollars for the protest.”

Many are predicting that Big Hit subscriptions next week will likely surpass previous record set by Kakao Games earlier this month who attracted 58 trillion won investment, the largest ever.

  1. [+417, -43] BTS’ bubble burst is imminent…
  2. [+149, -3] Fan sentiment and investment are two different things..
  3. [+138, -25] They’re really using their fan club to boost their IPO price…pathetic. ARMY is not some tribute they can sacrificeㅡㅡ;;
  4. [+146, -38] I think the person that gave that statement is mistaken because the biggest percentage of BTS fans are in their 20s and 30s and yet their treating us like ppasoonies who are breaking the backs of our parents to support BTS. At least 40% of us have the economic ability to purchase the stocks on our own.
  5. [+92, -6] I feel like without ARMY the mood isn’t goodㆍㆍㆍㆍ
  6. [+21, -3] Big Hit knows this is their best chance of getting listed but BTS has already hit their peak. If the company fails to produce another group at BTS level they won’t be able to hold out this momentum and price will fall. If you rush in to buy stock right now you’ll get bitten. It’s best not to invest right now.
  7. [+12, -2] They’ll get it when reality hits..

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KPOP NOW – Block B’s Park Kyung admits to school bullying rumors and states that he thought “being an iljin was cool”

Article: Park Kyung admits to school bullying rumors, “I didn’t want the image of being a model student…I regret my shameful actions.”

Source: Joongang Ilbo

Block B‘s Park Kyung has admitted to rumors that bullied his classmates in middle school.

Earlier on the 28th, A who attended the same middle school as Park Kyung posted a lengthy post on his SNS and stated, “I was a victim of Park Kyung’s assaults. Park used to steal my money and belongings and bully me and my friends at the back gate in school. He’s someone that lived under the influence of greed. Drinking and smoking was nothing to him. As someone that knew Park Kyung from then, it’s so ridiculous to see him cleaning up his image acting like some type of gentleman on TV. I don’t know how I lived through what he did to me in the past but he’s that much of a hypocrite to act like this now.”

Park Kyung posted an apology on his Twitter on the 29th and stated, “I hated the image of a model student and liked to be noticed and thought my iljin friends looked cool. I wanted to hang out with them and did some shameful things. I thought that no one would treat me that way if I was with them. I regret my immature actions. I know that those who have been hurt by me will never be able to erase those memories and those wounds will never be justified.”

He added, “If you were injured by me, please contact me directly or through the company. I would like to apologize in person and ask for forgiveness. I was afraid you might think I was a two-faced person but I’m writing this myself because I feel too ashamed to express my position through the company.”

  1. [+5,401, -68] What kind of lame excuse is that ㅋㅋ
  2. [+3,462, -22] So he was a perpetrator of school violence and worked as a PR ambassador to prevent school violence ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. I’m laughing at the hypocrisyㅋ
  3. [+1,874, -41] I saw on the victim’s Instagram that he was planning of exposing more if Park Kyung didn’t admit to it ㅋㅋㅋ. He must be cursing out the victim on the inside.
  4. [+1,932, -141] And he had the audacity to say anything about sajaegi ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.
  5. [+1,518, -17] I mean, its looking like there are more than one or two victims because he doesn’t seem to remember who the victim is? Imagine how enraged they must be seeing him on air. If he’s being sincere about reflecting, he needs to retire from the entertainment industry. If your past is dirty don’t even think of becoming an entertainer.
  6. [+1,057 -2] Only a trash ba$tard would bully the weak and disabled.
  7. [+732, -9] As a mother, I wish celebrity school bullies would just get kicked out of the industry. They probably thought it makes them look strong and don’t think much of it but it’s heartbreaking for the victims and their families.
  8. [+644, -2] This is the first time I’ve heard of a school bully that beats up girls and disabled kids…
  9. [+219, -6] From Zico to Gaeko, I hope all those trash ba$tard friends of Jung Joon Young get banned from coming on TV too.
  10. [+96, -1] Wow~ this 양아치 [thug] did a good job of cleaning up his image
  11. [+84, -1] As someone that has faithfully followed Block B for 7 years, there has honestly been a lot of things but I endured through it. But for one of the popular BB members to do this..hul I’m so disappointed of Park Kyung. I used to cheer for him a lot but this is unforgivable. Goodbye Park Kyung-ssi. Don’t ever step into the entertainment industry ever again!
  12. [+71, -0] I saw a lot of comments on Twitter saying “find strength oppa…” Why the heck are you cheering him on for? He’s a ba$tard that bullied disabled kids…this isn’t even his first offense.

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KPOP NOW – Photos of actor Tak Jae-hoon illegally gambling in Philippines surface

Article: Tak Jae-hoon, “I have no money to go gambling”…Kim Yong-ho “Then what about this?” Evidence photo disclosure

Source: Joongang Ilbo

Photos of singer and actor Tak Jae-hoon gambling in the Philippines have surfaced.

After allegations by YouTuber Kim Yong-ho on the 27th that actor Tak Jae-hoon illegally gambled overseas, the actor released a statement threatening “strong legal action over false statements.” 

On the 29th, Kim Yong-ho shared photos of Tak Jae-hoon gambling in the philippines playing baccarat and also shared transcripts of the conversations he had with Tak Jae-hoon over alleged gambling. 

The photo released on Kim Yong-ho’s YouTube channel shows Tak Jae-hoon drinking at a “Jungkit-bang”, VIP rooms where guests can eat, drink and gamble freely. 

Kim Yong-ho stated, “There is no evidence as certain as this. Tak Jae-hoon is saying that he’s going to legal action and that he’s confident in the lawsuit. He needs to stop saying reckless things like that. Tak Jae-hoon ssi, I’m sure you’re a talented entertainer but having ability is one thing and gambling is another. He knows people like him that’s why he’s illegally gambling in the open.”

He added, “The video was taken recently just before corona hit at a hotel casino in the Philippines. Are you still not going to back out of the broadcasts then? I was embarrassed to see an article of Tak Jae-hoon saying he was taking legal action over false rumors so I released the picture.”

  1. [+7,854, -424] Tak Jae-hoon, you low-level ba$tard. When Shin Jung-hwan got caught gambling you shamelessly said all kinds of things but look at that photo…basically everything Gaseyeon said is all facts.
  2. [+4,283, -565] So Gaseyeon was telling the truth after all…accept your sins, apologize and pay the penalty!!!
  3. [+3,218, -88] Since when has he been considered some prodigy in the industry? No PD has ever wanted to invite him because of the bad rep around him. He only got invited to those shows because of his friends. If this is true, he’s over.
  4. [+2,156, -61] This is why it’s important to live your life well…he can say goodbye to all that fame now. He got into this hole on his own by illegally gambling.
  5. [+2,398, -806] Moon Jae-in, Lee Nak-yeon, Cho Kuk, Jung Kyung-sim, Choo Mi-ae, Lee Sung-yoon, Kim Kwan-jung…got any videos of them too?
  6. [+651, -7] Now I can see how great of a job Kang Seong-beom is doing..
  7. [+461, -18] So that means all the suspicions Gaseyeon threw out were true after all…only the Kim Eo-jun stuff was delusion.
  8. [+410, -4] So it’s not that he doesn’t have money to gamble…he’s just making us think he doesn’t.
  9. [+362, -25] I don’t like Gaseyeon at all but to think its all true…if that’s the case…
  10. [+245, -14] YouTubers like Gaseyeon are a thousand times better than our joke of a government. 

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KPOP NOW – Mariah Carey confesses her family sold her as a prostitute to a pimp

Article: Mariah Carey’s Confession: “The family tried to sell me as a prostitute.”

Source: Chosun Ilbo

Excerpt from Mariah Carey‘s autobiography book titled “The Meaning of Mariah Carey“:

“For a long time my sister and brother treated me horribly. They sold lies about me to third-rate magazines and trash sites. When I was 12, my sister made me drink from a tranquilizer gun, gave me cocaine and poured boiling tea over me causing 3rd degree burns. They even tried prostituting me by selling me to a pimp.”

  1. [+1,043, -59] After her last concert in Korea I can no longer empathize with anything she says. She needs to fix her conscience first ㅉㅉ
  2. [+608, -9] She’s basically the American version of Insooni. Takes award for worst singer ever.
  3. [+397, -105] Lose weight first. Those of us that went to her concert in Korea have nothing to say about her anymore..just live life quietly.
  4. [+303, -64] To be honest, only Whitney can be considered an artist with soulful touching voice. Mariah Carey just makes loud noises like a dolphin.
  5. [+162, -22] Carey-ya, man up and apologize first
  6. [+70, -14] So what if she got some fat on her, is that any reason to hate on her?
  7. [+59, -3] She’s probably losing money now that she’s old and no one trusts going to any of her concerts anymore. That’s why she’s writing anything in her book to make a quick buck.
  8. [+39, -3] Just goes to show why you need to live with a humble attitude. Why did she kick up such a fuss with her bad attitude in Korea?

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KPOP NOW – Further allegations of illegal gambling overseas by broadcaster Tak Jae-hoon, actor Lee Jong-won and Seungri surface

Article: [Exclusive] Tak Jae-hoon denies illegal gambling again, “Kim Yong-ho’s broadcast is groundless, legal action”

Source: Sports DongA

Broadcaster Tak Jae-hoon has denied allegations of illegal gambling again.

On the 28th, Tak Jae-hoon told Sports DongA, “The contents of Kim Yong-ho’s YouTube broadcast are different from the facts. We are preparing to proceed with legal action.”

On the 27th, YouTuber Kim Yong-ho further exposed suspicions of overseas gambling by broadcaster Tak Jae-hoon, actor Lee Jong-won, singer Seungri, and Lee Yong Dae‘s former wife Byeon Mi.

In the transcripts released, Tak Jae-hoon denied the allegations stating, “I don’t have the money to do that.” Lee Jong-won stated, “I won’t say I didn’t do much but I only spent about 200,000 won.”

Tak Jae-hoon is currently appearing in MBN‘s ‘Can We Love Again 3‘ and SBS‘ ‘My Ugly Little Boy.’

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KPOP NOW – Netizen reveals the amount of rework BLACKPINK’s coordi puts into their stage outfits

Article: The level of rework by BLACKPINK’s coordi for ‘How You Like That’

Source: Pann

Rosé’s costume was made from reworking these bottoms into a top. 

If you look closely at her outfit, there is banding from the pants at the bottom of her chest. You can even see the draw strings on the side of her waist hanging.

Jennie’s tops were also reworked from this jacket and dress.

Lisa’s jacket was reworked too ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ.

Rose’s costume was reworked from long sleeves to fit her arms. The overall length was shortened too. 

Jisoo’s costume wasn’t reworked but they used a different color belt and gave it a different vibe. 

Rose’s top was reworked from these bottoms. Probably because her waist is so thin  ㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ. 

They reworked the Hanboks from the MV too.  

BLACKPINK’s styling team is crazy. It must’ve cost a lot of money for those clothes too. Their ability to rework their costumes is amazing and on a different level.

  1. [+158, -11] What’s not pretty about them? They’re the most creative/stylish idols. Everytime you watch their stage you enjoy watching them in the costumes too. 
  2. [+97, -159] I know they reworked them but the outfits look terrible..
  3. [+84, -32] I liked their coordi from AIIYL. Now their style looks messy and too overworked on each member. I like outfits that are simple and beautiful. Let’s hope they change their coordi. 
  4. [+66, -4] Rosé fans call that outfit a bbyong-bong ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  5. [+64, -3] Am I the only one that finds them pretty? I think they’re unique and pretty but the response here isn’t good at all. I’m shocked. 
  6. [+47, -1] The response here isn’t good at all. I think they’re so pretty. People must not like how difficult it is to pull off these looks but that’s the point of their ‘HYLT’ concept ㅠㅠㅠ. Plus the members are pulling it off well no?
  7. [+33, -3] I think they’re pretty, what’s with the hate?
  8. [+16, -8] Coordi-ya, you’re a b****.
  9. [+14, -1] What the heck is up with the comments?
  10. [+10, -0] What’s the point of putting this much work into costumes that only expose how terrible their choreo really isㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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KPOP NOW – Man with full body tattoos and black pupils revealed to be an elementary teacher causing controversy

Article: Full body tattoo man with black pupils… he is an elementary school teacher

Source: Joongang Ilbo

A full body tattoo man with black pupils in France is causing controversy.

Sylvain Helen, 35, who works as a teacher at an elementary school in Palejo, in the suburbs of Paris, is better known as a model and comedian goes with stage name “Freaky Hoody.” All parts of his body from head to toe are covered in tattoos and he recently painted the whites of his eyes to midnight black. So far he has spent over 35,000 pounds (~52 million won) for tattoos.

An anonymous parent that interviewed with Le Parisian Daily stated, “At first I thought it was a Halloween costume but I was shocked to find out this is his normal look.” 

In the meantime, opinions are divided on whether his appearance is suitable as a teacher with some arguing that “if he does his job well as a teacher, his external appearance doesn’t matter.”

During an interview with British media The Sun Sylvain stated, “I will continue to paint my whole body with tattoos until someday I turn completely black. There are parents who frown at me or are skeptical of me as a teacher but they’re ok once they find out I’m a good teacher. Kids are afraid of me at first too but they’re usually ok in a few minutes once they get used to my appearance. I hope this a way for people to become more accepting of others. When you’re passionate about something it’s never too much. As long as tattoos don’t hurt my health, I’ll keep doing them forever.”

  1. [+2,269, -21] I agree we should respect his personal freedom but shouldn’t he also respect the kids freedom if they’re turned off by his appearance?
  2. [+578, -30] Don’t discriminate against him? Show respect? The majority have always been violent against minorities under the guise of human rights protections. Politicians and journalists are seriously ruining society to protect the human rights of perverts, psychos and sexual predators.
  3. [+485, -5] This is what happens when everyone is out exaggerating their human rights or whatever. So he wants them to respect his freedoms when he has no respect for everyone else’s??!
  4. [+192, -4] If I had a teacher that looked like him I wouldn’t be happy either…
  5. [+136, -6] I’m afraid kids are going to follow suit in the future. Are those school officials out of their mind?? There’s a difference between personal freedom and education..
  6. [+98, -1] It’s your freedom to get your tattoos and its mine to choose not to see you
  7. [+49, -1] No one cares if you do that while living alone on some deserted island somewhere with octopus legs on your tongue or whatever. How are they supposed to accept someone like him pursuing a job aimed at educating their young children?
  8. [+33, -1] I’m scared right now looking at him. I get its his personal preference to get all the tattoos he wants but he’s an elementary teacher…what about that does he not understand?
  9. [+32, -1] Are we sure he’s not a psychopath?
  10. [+15, -0] I just lost my appetite;;

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KPOP NOW – Arrest warrant for Sarangjeil pastor that escaped from hospital during quarantine thrown out of court

Article: Arrest warrant sought for Sajangjeil pastor and elder for alleged “obstruction of quarantine” rejected in court

Source: JTBC

The court has rejected an arrest warrant for Sarangjeil Church pastor and elder that broke quarantine.

According to a report by JTBC on the 25th, the arrest warrant sought by police for Reverend Jeon Kwang Hoon of Sarangjeil Church who escaped from the hospital while under quarantine has been rejected.

Police investigation conducted by police last month confirmed that pastor Jeon and elder Kim destroyed data and CCTV and hid several external hard drives that contained the footage. Police sought arrest warrants on charges of obstructing epidemiological investigations and violating the Infectious Diseases Prevention Act but the court has ruled against the warrant.

The court stated, “It’s hard to say that theres a fear they’ll run away or destroy evidence. There’s also room for dispute over whether the request for CCTV records meets the required epidemiological methods set by the Act. The Act does not specify whether epidemiological investigation methods call for questionings or interviews nor review of CCTV footage.”

  1. [+1,045 -54] Reveal that judge’s name! Is it really that hard not to reject the warrant? Is he crazy?!
  2. [+531, -12] Identifying and tracing points of contact is the first step in an epidemiological investigation so they need CCTV to check who came in and out. He’s the one that deleted that CCTV but he didn’t obstruct the investigation? What the heck is that interpretation of the law…really questionable. 
  3. [+254, -14] We need to kill off the rotten ba$tards in the judiciary. The law is not your toy!!!
  4. [+147, -10] That trash judge needs to be jailed!
  5. [+64, -1] Wow~even the Incheon academy instructor got jailed. Only trash ba$tards cut the tail. Anyone else wouldn’t be able to get away if they did something like this. They’re all rotten.
  6. [+40, -1] What was the judge even thinking? He clearly obstructed the investigation during the early phase because he deleted data and CCTV footage. How did he not violate quarantine law? Is he being serious right now?
  7. [+29, -1] Judges are the reason why our country is in a mess
  8. [+25, -2] Release the name of the judge! His ruling is no different from the trash pastor that intentionally obstructed quarantine. 

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KPOP NOW – [T/W] Man splits open his pregnant wife’s belly to confirm whether they’re expecting a son

Article: [India] A husband that wanted a son splits his pregnant wife’s belly open to confirm the sex of the fetus.

Source: Seoul Newspaper

According to a report by Hindustan Times and other local media, a man named Panaral living in Utapradeci Province was desperate for a son after his wife gave birth to five daughters. 

Unable to control his desire to know the sex of the fetus, he cut open his pregnant wife’s belly with a sharp tool. The 35 year-old wife was reportedly 6 to 7 months pregnant. The wife’s family rushed her to the hospital and stated that her husband committed the crime because he really wanted a son and was desperate to find out whether their unborn child was a boy or girl. 

The wife is said to have survived but her current condition and fate of her baby is unknown. 

  1. [+1,153, -5] I want to cut open his head with an ax to figure out what’s going on in his brain.
  2. [+675, -5] Wow seriously…another country as disgusting as China..
  3. [+364, -9] Men being men once again…first that gang r*pe thing now this. Ugh, how long are women going to put up with this barbaric behavior..?
  4. [+279, -3] How is that a country fitting for people to live? They seem to be even above China? I can’t believe we’re seeing articles from India now..this goes to show how scary it is there.
  5. [+218, -6] Huh? I never knew India was such an uncivilized country? From the sexual assaults to this, it really seems like women’s rights have hit rock bottom.
  6. [+45, -1] They should’ve divorced instead. Gender is determined by sperm..
  7. [+32, -1] India is a crazy country. I worked part-time a restaurant when I was studying abroad in Australia when an Indian male student coworker asked me on my first day if I had a boyfriend or someone I was sleeping with…then he went on to whisper something in my ear. Indian kids are trash. This is not surprising. Men from there have a superiority complex..
  8. [+25, -0] Wow, so India doesn’t consider women to be human beings, they’re basically farm animals to them. Even in Joseon Dynasty we never treated women like that…what a pityㅜㅜ

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KPOP NOW – Jung Joon Young and Choi Jonghun sentenced to prison for gang r*pe

Article: ‘Group sexual assault’ Jung Joon-young sentenced to 5 years in prison and Choi Jong-hoon 2 years 6 months in prison [comprehensive]

Source: Yonhap News

Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong-hun have been sentenced to prison for gang rape.

On the 24th, the Supreme Court upheld the lower court’s ruling and sentenced Jung Joon Young and Choi Jonghun to 5 years and 2.5 years in prison, respectively. 

Kwon, the brother of a famous singer (Girls Generation’s Yuri) was also indicted and sentenced to four years in prison per prior ruling. Two other defendants were also sentenced to four years in prison respectively. 

The Supreme Court dismissed all appeals stating, “There was no illegal law or misunderstanding applied on the special quasi-rape and forced harassment. The claims that the contents of the katalks that supported the crimes were illegally obtained is false. We accept the ruling by the lower court.”

In the meantime, Jung Joon Young are convicted for gang rape of drunk women. 

  1. [+5,187, -69] I’m ashamed of our weak Korean laws that are too lenient on sex crimes
  2. [+3,477, -16] What about Burning Sun???
  3. [+2,066, -233] And yet Seungri and Yang Hyun Suk have yet to be jailed and cut the tail ㅉㅉ. As expected, this is why having money and power is best
  4. [+1,087, -27] That’s it…?
  5. [+495, -9] And Burning Sun…?
  6. [+324, -2] What about the Seungri? And Yang Hyun Suk? What about Park Han-byul’s husband, Yoo In Seok?
  7. [+305, -10] How can they claim it was consensual when they fed them dr*gs? The women don’t even know what they did to them because they were blacked out. This wasn’t just any r*pe, it was a gang r*pe. They should be behind bars for 50 years!
  8. [+135, -5] Wow~ just goes to show how amazing Seungri is. How is he not in jail yet?
  9. [+118, -24] Men like them that see women as sex toys deserve a harsher punishment. They need to be in prison for life ~~~~~~
  10. [+30, -1] So this is how Burning Sun is going to be buried..
  11. [+22, -1] Seungri is the captain. Only if Seungri is caught will justice be served.
  12. [+19, -1] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seungri and Yang Hyun Suk really cut the tail like this..

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