KPOP NOW – [T/W] Man that stabbed an innocent woman at mall parking lot revealed to have committed suicide

Article: Woman stabbed in a shopping mall parking lot… the suspect found dead

Source: YTN

A man has been found dead after trying to stab an innocent woman at a mall parking lot. 

According to police, at around 8:30pm on the 23rd, a woman B in her 20s was stabbed by a man A in his 40s at a large shopping mall parking lot in Incheon, Gyeonggi-do. 

During investigation, it was revealed that the victim B worked at the shopping mall. She had opened the rear seat door of her car while preparing to head home and was stabbed by A who ran away afterwards. The security officer that saw the stabbing reported it to police. 

The next day, police discovered A hiding at a hill in Incheon where it was revealed he had made an extreme choice (committed suicide). 

Police official stated, “the suspect killed himself but we plan to investigate further details of the crime.”

  1. [+853, -9] It’s getting harder and harder to live in this sell out of a country because of our zombie judiciary 
  2. [+305, -7] I’m scared of the world these days so I lock the door as soon as I get in the car. 
  3. [+242, -77] I feel like our country is gradually falling apart…
  4. [+102, -7] Why are there so many cases like this lately??
  5. [+79, -3] Huh?~ I’m scared to live in this country..
  6. [+54, -7] The gender ratio of victims vs perpetrators is always the same…it’s getting increasingly scary to live as a woman in this world.
  7. [+41, -1] But the victim didn’t die…?
  8. [+14, -1] You did well committing suicide on your own…I hope you live well in hell~
  9. [+12, -2] Why are victims always powerless women…? I’m a guy too but I’m so upset and angry after seeing this article.
  10. [+6, -0] Are we sure he wasn’t a hitman?

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KPOP NOW – Victim A reveals Chanel Korea executive molested at least 12 female employees for over 10 years

Article: Chanel Korea’s female employees held their breath and suffered 10 years of sexual harassment

Source: Asia Economy

Victim A is alleging that a high ranking Chanel Korea executive molested 12 employees.

On the 25, A, who worked for Chanel Korea for about 10 years, made an appearance on CBS radio ‘Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show‘ and revealed that “she was repeatedly molested for 10 years.”

According to A, many female employees at the company have suffered damages from executive B. A revealed, “There are more than 12 victims. B often would give me hugs. These are not just regular hugs, he would hug my chest completely and tightly and say things like “I couldn’t resist it”. At times he would tell me to touch know my chest.. He would touch the inside of my arms and chest a lot. It was uncomfortable. Some of the employees said they saw him touch someone’s bra straps and their chest too and told her “your name tag was crooked.”

When the host asked “why she endured that for years, was B’s power in the company so strong that they had to endure something like that?” A replied, “He’s still doing it even now. He took charge of the department store’s sales across the country including personnel duties and wields unprecedented power. Any employee that reports him will get in trouble and get transferred to an unwanted department.”

A revealed, “In this company, you have to hold your breath and endure. The moment you say something, all of a sudden you become a misfit that “cannot adapt to the company.” Because that person has become branded, they get transferred to some strange store afterwards. Anyone that opposes management is accused of being a bully. There are people that watch our every move in the company through CCTV. We report to B on an hour-to-hour basis on what we ate, what we did and what mistakes we made.”

When asked why she hasn’t reported the matter to police, A stated, “I need to keep working here. If I report it, I get branded as a bad person. I’m so afraid that I stayed on. Nothing has changed even now.”

In the meantime, an official from Chanel Korea’s side stated on the 25th, “We have made adjustments so that the person reported has no contact with store staff immediately after we received the report. We will conduct a thorough internal investigation and take appropriate measures.”

  1. [+1,055, -7] Reveal who it is so that he can be judged in front of society and the law!!
  2. [+606, -5] Classic textbook example where the victim is bullied for years, the assailant gets more aggressive and the company denies everything saying they don’t know. I can’t believe this is a world-class company. What’s more weird is why these companies never go bankrupt..
  3. [+503, -23] Why is no one here saying people need to boycott Chanel..
  4. [+86, -10] Why is he not in court and why have you not released his personal information!?
  5. [+71, -2] Investigate this Chanel executive!!!!!
  6. [+34, -0] He committed a crime and yet its the company that’s investigating and not the police?? ㅋㅋ I’m sure they’ll investigate it wellㅋ
  7. [+25, -1] The brand is luxury but the executives are trash ㅋ
  8. [+22, 0] Shinsegae International Managing Director Yoo*Seok regularly molested female employees at drinking parties too even though he raised a daughter on his own. I hope someone reports him so that he can pay the price..
  9. [+18, -0] Shouldn’t she be sending an email to Chanel headquarters and not Chanel Korea??!
  10. [+6, -0] Chanel Korea..daebak! Looks like they only care about managing their image and not their staff.

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