KPOP NOW – Yang Hyun Suk denies conspiring with Seungri to illegally exchange money or prostitution + update on B.I’s case

ArticleYang Hyun-suk sentenced to 15 million won fine

Source: Sports Seoul

At 10 a.m. on the 27th, the Seoul Western District Court held a sentencing hearing on the gambling charges of four people Kim, Lee, Geum and former YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk

Judge Park Soo-hyun fined Yang Hyun Suk, Kim (co-representative of YGX) and Lee a fine of 15 million won and Geum received 10 million won fine.

Yang Hyun Suk denied conspiring with Seungri, former Big Bang member to exchange money and prostitution. In his final statement, he said, “I’m sorry to trouble you with my carelessness. We’re seriously reflecting on ourselves and we will never repeat the same mistake again,” he stated, appealing for leniency. 

In addition to the gambling charges, Yang Hyun Suk was investigated for arranging sexual services for foreign investors but was cleared of charges for “insufficient evidence.” 

Regarding allegations that he illegally raised gambling funds through an unregistered foreign “exchange” method (“hwanchigi”), the prosecution did not indict him. 

In addition, Yang Hyun Suk is accused of aiding and abetting a crime by threatening a whistleblower (Han Seo Hee) who brought forward allegations that iKON member B.I allegedly purchased drugs. Regarding this case, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office has recently taken over the case from the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office and is currently conducting investigations.

In the meantime, Yang Hyun Suk ignored all reporter questions as he left his vehicle.

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KPOP NOW – Korea mocked by overseas media for lenient sentences on sex crimes

ArticleForeign media criticize South Korea for being “lenient on sex crimes” after 40 year prison sentence for Cho Joo Bin

Source: Yonhap News TV

Major foreign media outlets are showing keen interest in Korea after Cho Joo Bin’s ruling.

Cho Joo Bin, the operator of “Nth Room” and “Baksa Room” accused of producing and distributing videos where he sexually exploited minors was sentenced to 40 years in prison in the first trial. 

Afterwards, CNN criticized Korea for their “misogyny problem” in Korean society as the main cause of the Nth Room cases stating, “in 2018, tens of thousands of women rushed to the streets to denounce illegal filming in motels and public restrooms.”

The Washington Post also mocked Korea for their digital sex crime standards calling them “weak” and called out their laws for “often lightly punishing sex offenders.”

BBC also stated, “40 years in prison is a light punishment. The anger won’t end here.”

  1. [+275, -2] They gave him 40 years when he would’ve received a 400 year sentence abroad
  2. [+153, -1] We’re an international embarrassment. The judiciary need to wake up!!
  3. [+118, -6] This is a country where “criminals” cowardly commit suicide from sexual harassment and we still hold joint funeral services in front of our city hall with banners that say “We will remember” scattered all over the place…
  4. [+50, -2] Execute him!…he’s too evil to experience any pain even if he’s left to bleed to death!
  5. [+32, -1] The level of our judges ㅉㅉ
  6. [+15, -0] It would be nice if foreign media were less sarcastic when criticizing our country. Even if us citizens speak out, they close their ears and cover their eyes…so embarrassing.
  7. [+12, -0] Let’s jail our judges for 40 years
  8. [+11, -0] Our judges are only good at studying to pass the bar…let’s introduce AI judges to replace these thug ba$tards 
  9. [+10, -1] It’s not just sex crimes…? Our laws on youth, drunk driving, drugs…everything is too lenient except for murder.
  10. [+6, -0] Korea is too lenient on all crimes. This is a country that cares more about the rights of criminals than its people. It’s a criminal’s den. 

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KPOP NOW – [BREAKING] Yang Hyun Suk’s gambling charge resolved with a 15 million won fine

Article: Yang Hyun Suk’s 1st trial results in 15 million won fine… higher sentence than prosecution’s

Source: JTBC

Yang Hyun Suk has been charged with 15 million won fine for habitual gambling.

On the 27th, the former YG Entertainment CEO attended his first trial at the Seoul Western District Law for gambling over 400 million won in casinos in the U.S from 2015-2019. 

The judge overturned his summary judgement ruling sought by the prosecution and determined that Yang Hyun Suk was a “habitual gambler” and thus a danger to society. The judge stated, “his gambling can have a negative impact on the general public and youth.”

As a result, the judiciary overturned his prior summary judgement to a formal trial stating that the summary judgement alone was inappropriate. The court also asked for a review of the complaint stating “that there was a lot of evidence and that it was necessary to check whether it was routine.” The prosecution did not correct the complaint and sought a fine of 10 million won. 

During trial, the court fined Yang Hyun Suk 15 million won (~$14,000) fine instead, a higher sentence that 10 million won (~$9,000) fine sought by the prosecution. 

  1. [+339, -23] Why just a fine? Is there a Blue House line they’ll cross if they hit him with a jail sentence??!
  2. [+299, -2] He’s someone that gambled over 400 million won.. a 15 million won fine is not money to himㅋㅋ
  3. [+181, -6] We need serious reform of our prosecution..
  4. [+107, -1] This is just the cost of one shot of liquor for both sides..
  5. [+83, -3] Whether 10 million won or 15 million…how is any of it a fine?
  6. [+11, -0] The prosecution didn’t even listen to the court..?
  7. [+5, -0] If his overseas expedition was an impulsive one-time thing and he gambled 400 million won, how would a fine of 15 million won mean anything to Yang Hyun Suk??
  8. [+4, -1] That’s the price of gum for someone like himㅋㅋ

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KPOP NOW – Will Big Bang and G Dragon’s comebacks revive YG’s glory days?

Article: G Dragon’s preparing for comeback…will YG rebuild their glory days with a one-two punch?

Source: Sports World

Music industry officials are paying attention to G Dragon‘s return to the industry.

After recent news that GD is reportedly in the studio making music, the music industry has begun to pay attention. Whether solo, unit, or group comeback, the release date of the album is expected to be early next year as soon as possible. As expected, if the album is released in the middle of next year, Big Bang’s hiatus from the music industry will be 3 years since their single release of “Flower Road” in 2018 and 4 years since G Dragon’s solo album “Kwon Ji Young” in 2017. 

Whether solo or a unit, his comeback is expected to cause a strong ripple in the industry. No matter how popular idols are, if they’re gone for a long time and release a solo album, their popularity decreases. But this is not the case for G Dragon because Big Bang is the group that opened the door to Kpop. 

The industry is also paying to Big Bang’s group activities. Excluding Seungri, the other four members TOP, G DragonDaesung and Taeyang all renewed their contracts with YG. 

Now that YG has overcome the “Burning Sun” controversy, it appears they’re preparing to make a strong return to the industry. In particular, BLACKPINK became a force this year after gaining global popularity. 

Now that Big Bang members are expected to make a return to the industry, many are predicting that YG will rebuild their glory days with a one-two punch. 

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