KPOP NOW – Netizens speculate the cause of Trump lawyer’s “black sweat” at presser

Article: “Is this a hair dye or heukchae?” The identity of Trump’s lawyer’s “black sweat

Source: Chosun Ilbo

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the private attorney of US President Donald Trump, is in the spotlight after a press conference alleging fraud at the presidential election. Controversy arose over whether the source of black sweat dripping down his face was hair dye or mascara.

Netizens who saw the “black sweat” dripping down the sides of his face during his press conference deduced that “Giuliani is a victim of the side effects of dye caused by bright lights. Many speculated that the source of the black sweat was dye and drugs”

Beautician Mirko Bergani stated to NYT, “It is more likely that his sideburns were drawn through mascara or correction pen (rather than dyeing) that got mixed in with his sweat. Since his sideburns are grey, he probably corrected them with some mascara to make it look natural. The part where his sweat is dripping looks heavy. I think he overused the product. That’s why (dark sweat) started flowing down. Whoever wants to avoid what happened to him should avoid hot rooms/days and wait for makeup to dry completely.”

On the other hand, some hairdressers claim that speculations of hair dye are correct. Stylist Jean Charsinello said, “If you don’t wash off the dye properly, it may run off. I don’t know exactly what he did on his hair but he was definitely using something.”

Giuliani did not respond to NYT’s request for comment.

  1. [+405, -24] CNN. . . . Chosun Ilbo reporting that…
  2. [+192, -28] This thug reporter is seriously curious about that? Aren’t you curious at all about the fraudulent election?
  3. [+165, -7] It was a press conference with 100 million viewers and still Trump attorneys said they would not back down and will clean up the trash. 
  4. [+100, -11] Reporters are at the level of the Joseon Dynasty now. Why aren’t reporting on the many unfair elections and impeachments that are going there. And what about the unfair April 15 elections in our country..?!
  5. [+85, -12] I’m done with Chosun Ilbo…This is too much! I feel betrayed!!
  6. [+25, -1] Is this news? Is news really about capturing strange facial expression of someone with dye dripping on their face to embarrass them?! Crazy media…
  7. [+18, -0] Who cares whether is dye or mascara? Giuliani’s competence is irrelevant. Stop writing these childish middle in-class articles
  8. [+8, -0] It’s the blood and sweat of someone trying to uncover the illegal rigged election!

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KPOP NOW – Full list of trainees that were rigged out of Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’ revealed

Article: ‘Produce ranking manipulation’ victims Han Cho-won, Lee Ka-eun, etc.. full list of rigged trainees revealed

Source: Financial News

The full list of trainees that were victims of Mnet‘s vote manipulations in ‘PD 101‘ were as follows: 

Rigged trainees:

Season 1 (Produce 101) – First round of voting (Kim Suhyun, Seo Hye Lin)
Season 2 (Produce 101) – First round of voting (Seong Hyunwoo), fourth round (Nu’est Baekho)
Season 3 (Produce 48) – Fourth round of voting (Afterschool’s Kaeun and Han Chowon)
Season 4 (PD X 101) – First round (Anzardi), 3rd round (Kim Kookhun, Lee Jinwoo), 4th round (Koo Jung Mo, Lee Jinhyuk, Keum Donghyun).

Actual final rankings:
Season 3 (Produce 48) – Lee Kaeun #5 and Han Chowon #6
Season 4 (PD X 101) – Koo Jungmo #6, Lee Jinhyuk #7, Keum Dong Hyun #8.

  1. [+2,394, -27] Han Cho Won really climbed from the bottom to the top and promoted 101 well. To think they used her up for the drama and money…
  2. [+1,321, -50] They’ll bite everything when they come back? Isn’t it too obvious? The victims lost their jobs and honor, not to mention their income and yet they were out playing go-stop. Why didn’t you reveal the results from the beginning? 
  3. [+1,247, -51] Lee Kauen-ssi, you worked hard. I feel so sorry ㅠㅠ
  4. [+1,073, -15] Wow Lee Ka-eun … It wasn’t that they just dropped some kid that was trailing behind but a trainee that took 5th place ㅡㅡ;;;;;
  5. [+1,033, -285] Did the trainees that benefited really not know?
  6. [+732, -9] Han Cho-won really got 6th place. So cruel of them to drop her to 13th place in the final rankingsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.  
  7. [+547, -139] Were the trainees that benefited really not told ?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Whether it’s for entrance exams or finding a job, make sure you expose that you did that. 
  8. [+434, -50] Are the trainees that benefited really innocent throughㅋ? Even kids whose parents pay bribes to get them into college are made awareㅋㅋ. 
  9. [+330, -9] Lee Ga-eun and Han Cho-won seriously …Uh ㅜㅜㅜ At least trainees from season 4 disbanded but IZ*ONE is still promoting and making money. To think they lost out on making it in IZ*ONE and got cheated out of all that money..
  10. [+323, -5] Mnet needs to make sure they compensate the trainees that suffered from the manipulations first.

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KPOP NOW – Seungri’s witness reverses his statements in court, states he arranged prostitutes under Yoo In-seok’s direction

Article: Seungri denies all 8 charges in court…witness “instructed by Yoo In-seok”

Source: Financial News

Big Bang Seungri‘s witness that attended his trial in military court has reversed his statements.

His acquaintance, former Arena Club MD Kim attended as a witness at Seungri’s third hearing held at the General Military Court in Yongin, Gyeoggi on the 19th and reversed his statements. 

In the first trial, Seungri had denied all 8 charges stating “he had no incentive to arrange sex trafficking” and stated that “Yoo In-Seok was not involved in the prostitution ring.” He also denied gambling charges stating that “he visited the U.S to carry out scheduled schedules and not to gamble.”

In the third trial held that day, MD Kim also denied charges of arranging prostitution for Seungri stating that “he arranged for prostitutes under the direction of Yoo In-Seok, former Yuri Holdings CEO.” He stated, “I followed Yoo In-Seok instructions and introduced the women and drove them in my vehicle as I was told.”

As for the reason why he followed instructions he stated, “I did it because I had no money and wanted to look good in front of Yoo In-Seok. I wanted to show him I was working hard as an MD.”

Regarding allegations that Seungri arranged for prostitutes for a group of Japanese businessmen several times in December 2015 he stated, “I don’t remember the details but I saw Yoo In-Seok having sex with a woman with the door open. I’ve never seen any footage of Seungri having sex or doing illegal filming.”

Jung Joon Young, Yoo In Seok and three women (prostitutes) that participated in the sex trafficking as scheduled to appear as witnesses in the hearing on the 20th (next day). 

  1. [+470, -2] Looks like he’s confusing things already. He already went on TV and bragged about his businesses and how involved he was, telling staff what needs to be done and what not to do. He hasn’t changed at all. He probably learned all those dirty things at a young age and was taught to deny, deny, say he doesn’t remember like every chaebol or politician does to cover things up. 
  2. [+228, -2]ㅋㅋㅋwhat a joke. Of course these thugs would cover for each other. He already bragged about everything on I live Alone and now he’s denying it all? Is he really saying that with that face~~~~~~~~
  3. [+169, -4] How is this thug not in jail yet??
  4. [+56, -1] Who the hell is behind him seriously? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. He must be really powerful. I’m getting goosebumps. They’re all rotten inside out. 
  5. [+40, -5] They’re still being so shameless like this
  6. [+24, -0] How did that reporter get that photo? It’s serious perfectㅋ. 
  7. [+12, -1] It looks like the reporter didn’t want to get sued so he bared it all in the photoㅋㅋㅋ. 
  8. [+11, -1] So he drove them there. If you enjoyed it together, you should take responsibility too.

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KPOP NOW – Lee Kaeun and Han Chowon revealed to have been rigged out of IZ*ONE

Article“I was a member of IZ*ONE”… Interest towards Lee Ga-eun and Han Cho-won whose lives changed because of Mnet’s manipulation

Source: Xports News

Attention is focused on Lee Kaeun and Han Chowon who were eliminated on Mnet‘s ‘Produce 48.’

On the 18th, the Seoul High Court sentenced Ahn Joon Young PD and Kim Yong Beom CP who were suspected of fraud for manipulating the rankings of Mnet’s ‘Produce 101‘ series to 2 years and 8 months in prison, respectively, while also disclosing the list of trainees who suffered from their manipulations to ensure smooth compensation for the victims. 

The following trainees were rigged out out ‘Produce 101’ as follows:

Season 1: Kim Soohyun and Seo Hyerin were eliminated in the 1st round of voting. 

Season 2: Sung Hyunwoo was eliminated in 1st round and Kang Dongho was eliminated in 4th round.

Season 3: After School‘s Lee Kaeun and Han Chowon were eliminated in the fourth round. 

Season 4: Kim Kookhun, Lee Jinwoo, Lee JinhyukGeum Donghyun were eliminated in 4th round. 

Among these trainees, Lee Kaeun and Han Chowon are receiving the most attention as they were eliminated despite receiving high rankings in the final debut vote. Lee Kaeun was heavily promoted in the program as she was a trainee with “6 years and 11 months” experience even before the first broadcast and as the program progressed. The former After School member was determined as this was her “last opportunity” to make it and ranked at the top in all episodes except the final episode.

However, it appears that she was eliminated through rigged votes in the last live broadcast even though she had placed 5th in the final debut votes. 

Since the victims were revealed, IZ*ONE’s comeback is receiving unfavorable attention as the group has expressed willingness to push forward with activities despite riggings being exposed in the group. Criticism of IZ*ONE’s activities is expected to continue as the list of victims, which has been led only by speculation previously, has now been revealed in court. 

Mnet promised compensation to the victims so many are paying attention as to whether enough compensation will be made to the victims whose lives changed because of their manipulation.

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KPOP NOW – Korean Air rumored to acquire Asiana Airlines creating a monopoly

Article: [Exclusive] Korean Air to acquire Asiana Airlines and KDB Industrial Bank

Source: Herald Economy

An investment bank industry official revealed on the 12th that “Korean Air is considering acquiring KDB Development Bank and Asiana Airlines and plans to submit a letter of intent to Asiana as early as next week.”  If Korean Air’s acquisition of Asiana is successful, it’s expected that a mega-national airline will be born. 

Creditors believe that it won’t be easy to turn around Asiana Airlines and its expected that they’re pursuing a plan to merge with Korean Air. 

Rumors of a merger are due to growing concerns about the company’s ability to stay in operation due to their reliance on transfusion of funds from their Infrastructure Stability Fund.

  1. [+1,578, -94] Uh…this is not right at all. There needs to be some competition. Otherwise, with only one Korean airline it looks like service is going to drop and prices are going to skyrocket..
  2. [+188, -17] Can Korean Air even afford to take over Asiana Airlines now??
  3. [+150, -32] Aren’t you sick from everyone you’ve swallowed up? What a rotten dirty company
  4. [+147, -32] If this happens, their monopoly is strengthened and barrier to entry increases and only consumers are harmed. 
  5. [+47, -3] I saw an article that said rumors of Korean Air acquiring them are untrue? How is this reporter going to take responsibility for reporting falsehoods before the merger is complete..
  6. [+40, -1] Gijanim [reporter], I’m going to report you. 
  7. [+40, -5] Korean Air would be better off if Asiana disappeared altogether than them trying to eat them up. Asiana has all the routes Korean Air has..
  8. [+14, -2] I think Asiana is better off just closing shop instead…
  9. [+12, -0] So they’re preparing to increase the ticket price. Only the consumers lose from corporate monopolies ugh~
  10. [9, -0] What the heck is this unfounded article ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. 

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KPOP NOW – Close aides confirm to Dispatch why Kang Daniel broke up with Jihyo

Article: [Exclusive] Kang Daniel broke up with Jihyo…Announced breakup after 1 year of public romance

Source: Dispatch

Kang Daniel and TWICE Jihyo have reportedly broken up after 1 year of dating. 

The two met through introduction by an acquaintance in 2018 and began dating in August of last year. 

Close aides confirmed to Dispatch regarding the reason for their break up stating, “Both of them had clear goals. As he focused on his new album, the met less and less and recently decided to break up. I think work was more important to him.”

In the meantime, Jihyo is currently promoting their new album ‘Eyes Wide Open‘ and have captured iTunes charts in 32 countries with their new song ‘I Can’t stop Me.’ 

Kang Daniel is currently working on a new album. 

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KPOP NOW – Late Jang Ja-yeon’s agency rep stands trial for giving false testimony

Article: Late Jang Ja-yeon’s agency representative stands trial…Bang Yong-hoon and Bang Jeong-oh to attend as witnesses

Source: Newsis

Koreana Hotel President Bang Yong-hoon and former TV Chosun CEO Bang Jeong-oh will attend trial as witnesses at the trial of the late Jang Ja Yeon‘s former agency CEO Kim Mo.

On the 6th, Byun Min-sun, a senior judge at the Seoul Central District Court held a series of hearings against the former agency CEO Kim Mo (51) for perjury. The judge accepted Kim’s request to provide witnesses and he chose the Korean Hotel President and TV Chosun CEO who will be questioned at a hearing scheduled at 4pm on the 11th of next month. 

Kim Mo attended trial in November 2012 as a witness for defamation charges against Lee Jong-gul, a Democratic Party lawmaker, and falsely testified that “he didn’t know about any personnel of the Chosun Ilbo and nor was he present at the drinking party in question.” The prosecution believes Kim introduced Jang Ja Yeon to TV Chosun CEO Bang who he had met in October 2008. Kim also stated that he had never assaulted Jang Ja-yeon or any other celebrities.

Earlier in May 2019, the prosecution’s past affairs committee under the Ministry of Justice announced results of its investigation into the late “Jang Ja-yeon list” and recommended that the prosecution investigate Kim Mo on charges of perjury. Prosecutors indicted Kim without detention on charges of giving false testimony with his past statements after investigations into various witnesses.

However, charges of whether he forced sexual favors on the late Jang Ja-yeon were not included in the indictment as the statute of limitations had expired. 

  1. [+290, -16] The Chosun Ilbo needs to be shamed!!
  2. [+163, -5] How’s that granddaughter of the chauffeur [driver] over there doing these days?
  3. [+142, -15] This is a world of dogs where bbk, Jang Ja Yeon and Kim Hak-eui got buried with just a few words…how is this still a democratic government?
  4. [+78, -1] Wow와~우~~ is it time to cover up the truth again?
  5. [+14, -0] Aren’t they the ones that met privately with the prosecutor general? This is not Joseon era…you can’t cover the sky.
  6. [+13, -0] Everyone knows Chosun Ilbo bribed the prosecution, police and the judiciary to look the other way and not investigate…let’s stop this show please. 
  7. [+10, -0] Please investigate and reveal Bang Yong-hoon’s wife’s “suicide” too!!
  8. [+5, -1] Why is Yoon Ji-oh not in jail yet? 
  9. [+3, -0] Which prosecutor is left to investigate the corruption of the Bang family? Is there any decent Korean prosecutor left? ㅜㅜ
  10. [+2, -0] It looks like Chosun Ilbo will call up the prosecutor general for a drink tooㅋㅋ.

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KPOP NOW – Photos of TWICE’s Chaeyoung on a date with a tattooist circulate online

ArticleTWICE Chae-young, tatooist Chim Hwa-sa’s dating photo rumors

Source: Kookmin Ilbo

TWICE‘s Chaeyeong is caught up in alleged dating rumors.

On the 6th, photos of the TWICE member allegedly on a date with a tattooist were circulated online.

Netizens claimed Chaeyoung was in a romantic relationship with tattooist Chim Hwa-sa and had even traveled to Paris together sharing photos of the couple shopping and out and about matching hats.

Netizens also claimed that the two were wearing couple rings on their left ring finger and that Chaeyong’s younger brother was also reportedly following him on SNS.  

In addition, photos of Chaeyong and Chim Hwa-sa on a shopping date together at a large supermarket further solidified rumors of a romantic relationship between the two. 

Tattooist Chim is reportedly in his early 30s. 

  1. [+839, -81] It’s always the least popular members that are causing all the scandals 라
  2. [+742, -14] This is 100% Chaeyoung…the reason being she recently went to RS and as she was introducing herself she said that this is her favorite hat…
  3. [+607, 15] Thinking back to their More & More promos, I remember the fans voting for them desperately to get the Popularity Award and the members even did a lot of group and solo V apps to thank the fans while doing awards events and other schedules…but Chaeyoung was missing
  4. [+545, -3] Why post a nude sketch of your gf on SNS…he knew it’d be problematic because she’s an idol but did it anyway..
  5. [+397, -3] When the members were asked who’d be the first one up to get married they all picked Chaeyoungㅋㅋㅋㅋ. 
  6. [+294, -1] It’s not normal to draw a sketch of your gf’s nude body and post it on SNS ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. 
  7. [+226, -12] It’s because the members are busy dating that their songs are getting dirtier now..
  8. [+105, -197] Ever since they started meeting up with tattooists both BTS Jungkook and Chaeyoung have changed 180 degreesㅠㅠㅠ. 

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KPOP NOW – Trump files lawsuit to suspend all vote counts citing mail fraud

ArticleTrump files lawsuit… requests a recount and to stop counts in key competitive states

Source: Yonhap News

President Trump has filed lawsuit to suspend all vote counts and is demanding a recount.

According to report by Reuters and Associated Press (AP), an official from Trump’s side stated, “We have filed a  lawsuit in a Michigan court requesting that the counting be suspended until meaningful access is granted. We also called for a review of ballots that have been opened and counted.”

Trump dominated the early vote counts but has since dropped with Biden leading the count in the state with 49.5% of the votes to Trump’s 48.8% according to the Washington Post.

As of 10.06.2020 5:40AM KST, Biden is leading with 264 electoral votes to Trump’s 214. 

A total of 270 electoral votes is needed to win the White House.

  1. [+2006, -543] They have no choice but to suspect pre-voting fraud. How can the pre-votes all of a sudden be completely skewed to Biden 130,000 and only 300 votes to Trump? Even some U.S media outlets have also raised errors in electronic voting machines so of course recounting is necessary. Even during our April 15th elections, the last minute 1,000-1,200 pre-votes in Paju, Gyeonggi all of a sudden went to Democrats. Also, does it make sense that Huawei voting machines were used for the count when we have world’s largest electronic companies like Samsung and LG? This fake election needs to be exposed.
  2. [+1,135, -131] Biden got 130,000 votes when its impossible for Trump to even get 300 votes in Jeolla-do. 
  3. [+755, -159] The clear truth is that if the CCP hadn’t gotten involved, Trump would’ve easily won the re-election. First the corona spread around January -> inevitably voting had be through mail -> Trump loses re-election-> China wins the fight for supremacy
  4. [+641, -94] So all the votes are from mail-in votes…exactly the same as Korea..
  5. [+523, -127] Everyone around the world can see the election was rigged in Biden’s favor. If the mail-in vote was 100% authentic, Trump would’ve easily won re-election. Anyway, Trump expected this would happen so he appointed a Supreme Court Justice in advance…don’t worry. Trump is preparing to declare a national emergency and has reserved federal troops in 50 states because because he knew Biden along with China were planning a coup. China’s Xi Jinping is also preparing for war in China’s major cities so this will be a battle of good vs evil. Eventually the good will win as expected.
  6. [+39, -3] This explains why the left-wing media kept saying to wait for the mail-in votes. They intentionally sent the Corona ahead of the vote. Let’s hope Trump will be able to reveal it.
  7. [+26, -5] The pattern is exactly the same as the general election in our country. The real vote count all of a sudden stopped and Trump ballots were found abandoned. They even found people that voted using the name of their pet cat or dead relatives~Please, God help Trump. 
  8. [+15, -1] They need to re-count the votes. It’s clear the votes are manipulated!

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KPOP NOW – Kang Ji-hwan receives final sentence of 2.5 yrs in prison for quasi-rape

Article: Kang Ji-hwan convicted of ‘sexual assault and harassment’, conclusive evidence is his DNA

Source: Joongang Ilbo

Actor Kang Ji-hwan (30) has received final sentence of 2.5 years in prison for quasi-rape charges.

On the 3rd, Supreme Court Justice Park Jeonghwa rejected his appeal and affirmed the prior court’s ruling of 2.5 years in prison with three years probation. 

Kang initially admitted to the quasi-rape charges during first trial stating that “he had blacked out.” However, after his appeal to the Supreme Court, he denied the charges with Kang’s lawyer arguing that “no semen [DNA] could be found in victim B’s body.” 

Regarding discovery that his DNA was found on A’s sanitary pad, his lawyer speculated that the “DNA seems to have shifted in the process of using Kang’s clothes and items after A showered at his house.”

The Supreme Court Justice stated, “the fact that A consistently recounted Kang’s behavior at the time of the crime, feelings felt by the victim and that he woke up right after he assaulted her, his handling of the crime afterwards supports Kang’s initial admission of forced sexual harassment. It’s difficult to reject the credibility of his statements just because the victim received a large settlement from Kang after the rape. There is no issue with the original ruling that Kang is partly guilty of quasi-rape.”

In the meantime, Kang Ji-hwan was accused of sexually assaulting and forcibly molesting two drunken female staff at his home but katalks and CCTV released appeared to show that victim A showered and wore Kang’s clothes afterwards. The victims also appeared to walk around freely around his house. 

  1. [+3,231, -148] So ridiculous. Did they come up with that judgement even after looking at the women’s katalks??!
  2. [+2,474, -74] Huh? What the f*** is this ruling? It’s not normal at all. Is CCTV not legal data? Is it normal for a woman that has been sexually assaulted to go around a man’s house wearing only her panties, opening cash envelope and even bragging about it on katalk? What the heck are these trial results? The DNA on her sanitary pad could’ve easily been added there later. But Kang Ji-hwan’s underwear and toothbrush alone are said to be proof? Did this judge even watch the CCTV? It’s almost like they’re trying to cover up another case by burying another celebrity. 
  3. [+1,618, -49] The CCTV literally shows someone that was allegedly raped, taking a shower, walking around his house wearing only underwear opening up a money envelope. It’s only a matter of time until we all become sex offenders with just one word..
  4. [+1,447, -41] This is so ridiculous!!! So he forcibly harassed A who was able to run away even after he raped B next to her??????? In what world does this make sense??? So A just stared in amazement while he raped B????? And who the hell can use katalk when they’re passed out????
  5. [+1,150, -165] Ah~ I can tell Kang Ji-hwan is much more innocent and nicer than he looks. He should’ve denied it from the beginning. Guys, don’t be nice to women anymore. 
  6. [+353, -7] It’s his lawyer that isn’t good enough. They had that CCTV and the katalks and yet the ruling came out like that???!
  7. [+81, -3]  Let me get this straight, two female staff members pass out drunk on their own at his house => Kang Ji-hwan falls asleep and they go around his house wearing only their underwear ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. 
  8. [+76, -0] No…the most clearest evidence here is not their statements but CCTV…so they judged him guilty just from victims statements?? Does anyone else think this is a money grab? Ah…I feel sorry for Kang Ji-hwanㄷㄷㄷ.
  9. [+45, -1] Even from another female’s point of view this whole thing is just…it’s questionable.
  10. [+30, -1] Ah there’s something really off about this…I feel really sorry for Kang Ji-hwan. 

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