KPOP NOW – [Exclusive] Aide reveals to Dispatch that Ilhoon admitted to habitual drug use during group activities

Article[Exclusive] Jung Ilhoon purchased marijuana with cryptocurrency coins… “Sorry for the damage to B2B, I’ll reflect on my actions”

Source: Dispatch

Dispatch has revealed that BTOB‘s Jung Ilhoon (27) smoked several times during group activities.

According to Dispatch, Ilhoon was investigated more than once in July and October of last year and admitted during police investigations that he habitually smoked marijuana. His drug test results from his hairs also came back positive. 

Last year, police arrested a crew of cryptocurrency drug dealers who handed over the name of idol singer Jung Il-hoon to reduce their sentence (plea bargaining). The sale book revealed Ilhoon deposited cash to an acquaintance through a borrowed account who converted the money to virtual currency and purchased drugs. His transaction details were also revealed during account tracking process. 

Ilhoon also enlisted in the middle of a police investigation but told police, “I didn’t enlist to hide from investigations. I was just following the legal procedure given by the judicial authority.”

An aide from his side spoke to Dispatch and stated, “Ilhoon admits to the marijuana allegations and he’s reflecting on his actions. He’s sorry for the damage to the team.”

In the meantime, Jung Ilhoon is currently awaiting trial. 

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KPOP NOW – [BREAKING] BTOB’s Ilhoon found to have steadily abused drugs for 4 years and escaped to military to avoid investigation

Article: BTOB’s Jung Il-hoon steadily abused drugs for 4 years…used cryptocurrency to evade investigation

Source: 10Asia

BTOB‘s Ihoon has been charged with routine drug use. 

On the 21st, Channel A reported that Ilhoon regularly took drugs and used virtual currency to avoid investigation. According to the report, Ilhoon used drugs several times with acquaintances from 4-5 years to last year. At the beginning of this year, police investigated him for drug abuse and a drug substance was detected in his hair. 

Police also investigated his purchase method noting that Ilhoon deposited money into a 3rd account that broker exchanged to virtual currency to purchase the drugs to maintain anonymity and avoid tracking. 

Ilhoon also enlisted in the military on May 28 despite a police investigation being underway and the investigation continued to the beginning of this year and he was forwarded to the prosecution in July.

In response to the accusations, CUBE stated “that they didn’t know Ilhoon was caught with drugs when he planned to enlist in March but ended up being delayed due to the corona.” 

In the meantime, Ilhoon has been steadily communicating with fans through selcas on Instagram so the fans are currently in shock.

10Asia reached out to Cube to confirm the facts but they were not able to reach them. 

  1. [+110, -9] He did that for 4 years??? I’m so ashamed for being his #1 fan. I don’t think I can hear him sing and rap anymore…I’ve been Melody for 5 years but it looks like he’s getting a big head.
  2. [+99, -2] 5 years…so he’s a habitual criminal. I’m sure the members all knew about it.
  3. [+39, -0] Ah~BTOB is on the way down too. Make you you investigate all his acquaintances because there’s no way he’s the only celebrity that did it on his own.
  4. [+25, -0] Celebrity drug criminals should only get one strike out. The adverse effects on our youth and society from their actions is gravely serious. 
  5. [+21, -0] Goodbye druggie~
  6. [+8, -8] Whenever a celebrity drug scandal comes out I wonder what politician scandal is getting buried in the back. Everyone knows Koreans that travel abroad abuse marijuana…he’s just unlucky to have been caught doing it in Korea ..ㅠㅠ
  7. [+5, -0] This is his first news after enlisting in the army…ah so embarrassing.

What are your thoughts of the report?

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KPOP NOW – Hwang Hana’s friend reveals she’s in the ER after attempting suicide

Article: Hwang Hana’s friend, “she tried to make an extreme choice…currently in the ER”

Source: E-Daily

Hwang Hana‘s acquaintance shared a photo of Hwang Hana lying in a hospital room on Instagram on the 18th and wrote, “My heart is beating so fast that I don’t know what to say. A friend of 25 years is in the ER after attempting to commit suicide. I was so surprised that I ran. She’s like this. I’m really upset and angry. I want to relieve the injustice. The suicide note mentions the name of a man Oh the most. Please stop with the malicious comments because comments are murder too. She wrote “Oh Mr. XX please save me.”

The acquaintance Oh is believed to be Hwang Hana’s boyfriend. 

  1. [+1,836, -17] I think she tops the list of top 5 attention seekers in history
  2. [+674, -12] How can she not live well with all that wealth and beauty…is she back on drugs?
  3. [+418, -8] If she was her true friend she wouldn’t be posting that at a time like this. A close friend would wait until her situation improved~ ㅠ
  4. [+392, -52] An attention seeker like her wouldn’t die so easily. She’s just pretending.
  5. [+174, -0] Her friend just attempted suicide and the first thing she thought of filming a drama and turning on her Instagram
  6. [+138, -6] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋThat’s Suncheonhyang Hospital in Seoul ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. I interned as a resident there for 5 years ㅋㅋㅋ. Looking at the situation she’s not dying at all. What ER patient doesn’t have a C-Line and only an IV drip. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. What kind of nurse would kindly put her hair band back in? First off, the bed itself is just regular ER patient bed. If this was really an emergency wouldn’t she be in the intensive care unitㅋㅋㅋ? You don’t get placed in a regular bed like that at the hospital if you were on your death bed from a suicide. They also wouldn’t want all those patients lying next to you either ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.
  7. [+89, -2] So your close friend wrote a suicide note and the first thing you thought is to take a picture and upload it??? Do you realize 6 people died waiting for a bed because of the corona? Guys~please wake up to the realize of what’s going on. 
  8. [+72, -3] She’s a psychopath..

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KPOP NOW – Woman that underwent 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie receives 10 year prison sentence

Article: “Because I want to look like Angelina Jolie…” Iranian woman that underwent 50 plastic surgeries sentenced to 10 years in prison

Source: Chosun Ilbo

Iranian woman Sahar Tabar (23) who had undergone over 50 plastic surgeries in 2017 trying to look like Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie (45) was sentenced to 10 years in prison

According to Indian Hindustan Times and Daily Mail on the 13th, Sahar was arrested in October last year for loosely wearing her hijab to reveal her surgery looks. As a result, she was charged with promoting corruption and blasphemy among young people.

In order to achieve her “Jolie look” Sahar got over 50 plastic surgeries and lost weight to 34kg. Online, she’s referred to as “Zombie Jolie.” 

Suspicions were later raised that she manipulated her Instagram photos using make-up and AI to achieve her extreme look and during a local broadcast she revealed, “It’s true that photos were a bit manipulated but I really did get plastic surgery.”

Her lawyer revealed that she had recently tested positive for coronavirus and filed for her bail. In a report by The Guardian, she had also been treated for mental illness at the hospital.

  1. [+3,953, -70] Her original face is prettier than Angelina Jolie’s??!
  2. [+2,032, -40] Shouldn’t her doctor be in jail too?
  3. [+124, -0] I googled her and it says the 50 plastic surgery thing is a lie? She’s just another attention seeker that gained fame by uploading selcas she edited using photoshop.
  4. [+74, -0] It’s like watching a “scream” movie
  5. [+69, -4] She should’ve just lived with her original face. She looked way better before surgery. 
  6. [+61, -2] I almost fainted when I saw that photo this late at scary. I thought I saw a ghost.
  7. [+57, -0] Wearing hijab loosely and showing off your plastic surgery face is blasphemy??? No matter how relative culture is, this is an intolerable amount of oppression.
  8. [+28, -0] Aigoo~she was so beautiful before the surgery…she turned into a monster for money.
  9. [+28, -0] Huh??! I’m more shocked about the laws in their country than her plastic face.
  10. [+5, -0] She was 100x prettier before the surgery..

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KPOP NOW – Netizens discuss plot of BLACKPINK Jisoo’s debut drama ‘Seolganghwa’

Article: “The plot for ‘Seolganghwa’ drama…”

Source: Pann

[Context] OP links an article from Hankook Ilbo about a photo shared by Jisoo on IG in front of a coffee truck sent by Rose to the filming location of her drama ‘Seolganghwa [Snowdrop].’ 

The drama is written by Sky Castle’s writer Joo Hyunmi and Jo Hyuntak PD and the story is about a man who escaped North Korea prison camps. 

[Drama plot] ‘Seolganghwa tells the tragic love story between an armed spy agent Suho (Jung Hae-in), who suddenly runs into a women’s dormitory in 1987 covered in blood and Young Cho (Ji-soo), a female college student in a prestigious university who hid him and treated him despite severe surveillance and crisis during an era where tear gas exploded like firecrackers.

This plot is seriously just ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. How many times have we seen North Korean spies fall in love with Korean women on a dramaㅋㅋㅋㅋ? Don’t they remember what happened to Korean women? They were nothing less that sex toys to North Korean soldiers..

  1. [+549, -27] Do they not have any material for dramas nowadays? Why are the plots for movies and dramas always about North Korea these days?
  2. [+440, -44] Our country is becoming China
  3. [+136, -13] A South Korean woman who loves North Korean soldiers. Japanese military sexual slavery of women when Which? North Korean occupation for an ax to grind?
  4. [+129, -24] Stop showing North Korea on TV f***
  5. [+50, -0] I don’t have any hate against Jisoo and I personally like her but why would you want to associate yourself with a drama about North Korean soldiers?? Don’t you know that North Korea is the enemy? Stop glorifying murderers!
  6. [+46, -1] I don’t get how that plot got pushed through~
  7. [+37, -2] Is Jisoo playing some hostess? I doubt she’s good enough to play female lead?
  8. [+36, -12] Is Jisoo’s acting that good? ㅋㅋ

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KPOP NOW – [T/W] Hwang Hana shares alarming photo of her bloody wrists alleging her friend stole 400 million won from her

Article: Hwang Ha-na, the only granddaughter of Namyang Dairy founder alleges 400 million stolen from her foreign car → uploads self-inflicted bloody wrists…”hard and tired” 

Source: Xports News

Park Yoochun’s ex Hwang Hana has posted and deleted a photo of self-harm. 

On the 17th, Hwang Hana shocked fans by posted a photo of her bloody wrists on Instagram and wrote “Start with X that human tra$h” and claimed that her acquaintance stole 400 million won. 

Her acquaintance replied, “Go to the hospital and get treatment first. Don’t ruin your nice pretty arms.” 

Hwang Hana angrily replied, “Wow, really. Give back the 400 million you stole. It’s really difficult. If it’s a misunderstanding I’ll clarify. I won’t say what I really want to say. I’ll shut my mouth and close my ears. Please don’t drive me. It’s hard. I’m tired too.”

In the meantime, Hwang Hana was arrested and indicted in April last year for taking meth at her home in 2015 and abusing psychotropic drugs in 2018 with her then fiance Park Yoochun. At the time, Hwang Hana claimed she was forced to abuse the drugs by Park Yoochun who held a press conference and stated that “if the charges were found to be true he’ll retire from the industry.” However after drug analysis of his leg hairs, Park Yoochun’s drug test came back positive for meth. Hwang Hana was sentenced to one year in prison suspended for 2 years probation and 40 hours of community service, 10 months of drug treatment and fine of 1.4 million won. 

In the meantime, Park Yoochun has since returned to the industry after releasing a new album. Hwang Hana has also resumed her SNS activities. 

Netizens responded writing, “looks like you’re in a precarious situation” “please get treatment” “I’m in shock.”

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KPOP NOW – [BREAKING] BoA summoned by the prosecution for smuggling multiple drugs

ArticleThe original Hallyu star BoA summoned by prosecution for smuggling zolpidem

Source: Chosun Ilbo

On the 16th, Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s office summoned SM singer BoA (34) for secretly smuggling several psychotropic drugs including Zolpidem from abroad. BoA was caught during customs screening trying to bring in the drugs from Japan through an employee from SM’s Japanese branch. The drugs were listed under the employee’s name. 

An official from the investigation agency stated, “She was caught trying to smuggle drugs into the country after receiving the prescription in Japan. She was caught with other drugs that are frequently abused including Zolpidem.”

Regarding this, SM stated, “it happened because an employee from our Japanese branch got confirmed to purchase the drugs on behalf of BoA in a normal procedure but did not recognize that the drug would be problematic in Korea. It was a mistake due to ignorance of the Japanese branch employee who was attempting to send it in to another employee out of convenience.”

Prosecution will determine whether to prosecute BoA after in depth questioning whether she actually took the medication and intentionally smuggled it to Korea. 

  1. [+3,041, -126] SM is trying to say she wasn’t illegally trying to bring it in and that it was a mistake through ignorance but didn’t Park Bom claim the same thing too? She said she got a prescription overseas and didn’t know it was illegal in Korea. The issue even became quite big in the industry but now SM is talking the same as YG. I doubt she really didn’t know.
  2. [+2,591, -1,010] Zolpidem is a drug used for sleep… Honestly, the public can’t predict how difficult it has been for BoA, who debuted at a young age and showed only perfect appearances to the public… of course she would have trouble sleeping? Yes, she deserves the hate for smuggling drugs but I’m worried after this news has come out that she’ll have even more worries now and will need to rely on even more drugs to fall asleep. 
  3. [+1,695, -574] This is the power of the public. Jung Wook Hong’s daughter can’t even get arrested even after smuggling over millions of drugs ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ so ridiculous.
  4. [+1,024, -51] Zolpidem is a drug commonly prescribed for sleep disorders in Korea. Why do you have to bring in prescriptions from Japan? If you talk to your doctor they can get you a prescription right away?
  5. [+305, -5] From reading other articles it looks like it wasn’t just Zolpidem she smuggled other drugs too..
  6. [+247, -12] She’s a director at SM and didn’t know? Nowadays, any anon can search up the internet and why is she importing it under someone else’s name? It’s not just Zolpidem on the list of drugs she attempted to smuggle which is problematic on its own? Guys~ ignorance does not excuse you from knowing the lawㅋㅋㅋㅋ it’s not like she’s illiterate.
  7. [+172, -15] And yet she sat innocently next to Yang Hyun Suk on Kpop Star preaching to aspiring idols pretending to be some cool and righteous person that succeeded at a young age…only to be smuggling in drugs under someone else’s name. BoA-ya…wake up! In this country, there are many people who sleep worse than you, get their shops shut down and their homes foreclosed on.
  8. [+23, -1] Make sure you do a thorough investigation of the drugs all the way to the bottom…the result will be amazing to see.

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KPOP NOW – Netizens attack SM for their “dirty” ways after photos of aespa’s stage surface online

Article: “Looking at aespa I can tell what a piece of trash SM really is”

Source: Pann

Isn’t this a group with minors? 

Why would you dress them in those outfits and have them do a dance like that. So dirty! 

  1. [+134, -5] Huh? Its your screencap that’s dirty!
  2. [+96, -2] You’re the trash one for screen capping it exactly at that moment; ㅁㄱ
  3. [+62, -1] Anyone looking can tell you’re the aggressive one for writing a post like thisㅋㅋㅋㅋ. What reaction did you expect? Sexual harassment from a screencap of a video?! 
  4. [+48, -39] SM’s exposure marketing of aespa is seriously the best in the industry ㅋ.
  5. [+23, -19] Uh still a s**t costume
  6. [+20, -1] What girl group hasn’t done this. When Soshi were rookies, they wore short skirts on stage and did choreos kicking up their legs and no one mocked them like this. There’s nothing wrong with their outfits from that screencap you’re the one creating a problem on your own?
  7. [+6, -0] Huh? Why would you write something like this? Is this just another Hannam or some crazy b***h losing it? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  8. [+4, -9] NCT and aespa’s controversial marketing is seriously unrivaled.
  9. [+3, -2] Seeing this after outfits SM gave us during EXO Growl era makes me think they gave up?

  10. [+3, -0] OP if you’re a woman and wrote this you’re seriously the worst trash for screen capping it like that to accuse SM of sexual harassment. 

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KPOP NOW – Landlord serves Cho Doo Soon and his wife with an eviction notice

Article: Cho Doo Soon’s landlord, “Go out”… Cho Doo-soon’s wife, “There is nowhere to go”

Source: News1

Cho Doo Soon and his wife have reportedly been asked to leave the building. 

Residents of the Danwon-gu building in Ansan told media that “the landlord gave Cho Doo Soon and his wife an eviction notice” however his wife Oh refused to leave saying “they have no place to go.” 

The landlord also expressed unfairness saying “he didn’t know that Oh’s husband was Cho Doo Soon.”

A tenant living  on the third floor of Cho Doo Soon’s apartment building posted a short video on an online community and revealed, “I want to transfer my rent and move. I signed a lease and paid deposit of 5 million won for monthly rent of 250,000 won and moved a month ago. I told the landlord to take out the deposit but the owner told me to wait and I have yet to receive an answer. Please advise on how to get my deposit back. I really want to move. I’m going crazy.”

Police are also investigating 8 people including Mr. B (21) for obstruction charges for causing chaotic scene in front of Cho Doo Soon’s residence on the day of his release. 

So far over 100 police have been deployed to patrol Cho Doo Soon’s residence.

  1. [+910, -9] I can’t believe a vicious sex offender like Cho Doo-soon is receiving special benefits like limited express security car, expenses and even benefiting from real estate rental law~~
  2. [+414, -29] To protect him to this level…you’re no different from his wife.
  3. [+313, -11] ??? What are the police doing? In subzero weather they’re protecting a ba$tard like him? Where is our president right now?
  4. [+146, -5] Our country is too tolerant of juvenile crimes and drunk driving criminals. The police are working this hard to protect a felon out of prison. What about the psychological anxieties and fears about the innocent residents living in that building…what about their privacy?
  5. [+55, -0] Ah~this woman is amazing no? How can she live with someone like Cho Doo Soon????
  6. [+31, -0] Of course its null and void? If he knew a violent dirty criminal like Cho Doo Soon was going to live there would he have let him sign the lease?
  7. [+23, -0] Because of one judge’s terrible decision the whole city is suffering ㅠㅠ
  8. [+14, -0] Just send Cho Doo Soon to Gangnam and you’ll be flooded with quick sales ㅋㅋㅋ.

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KPOP NOW – Fans send protest truck to Big Hit building asking the label to stop using BTS to promote other groups

Article: “In front of the Big Hit Entertainment office building in real-time.jpg”

Source: Pann

“Big Hit lost its roots. They’ve gone crazy over stocks”

“We’re firmly against Big Hit label concert”

“Cancel this self-serving concert”

“Don’t use BTS and ARMY to gain success for Big Hit labels”

“You said each label will be independent…where did that independence go?”

“The agency came out with no feedback at all and turned a blind ear. That’s why BTS fans decided to send protest truck.”

  1. [+463, -48] I’d rather they ask to cancel the concert for the safety of fans instead. What the heck is that?
  2. [+314, -140] Isn’t this all in favor of BTS…is the fandom confused? Are they trying to say BTS doesn’t want to do the concert and are actually being forced? 
  3. [+291, -64] Why are they [ARMY] like this
  4. [+222, -137] Is that really what they all voted to go with? ㅋㅋㅋㅋWow just like their fandom, a jokeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. 
  5. [+166, -2] Their stream team has been trying to do this for a while now…trying to send a truck and get votes…420 followers 160 votes…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ…I think you guys get it, no need to say anymore ^

  6. [+142, -8] Guys, only 160 people voted for this…I didn’t even think they were serious about it when I saw it. Sorry to the fans that got hurt ㅜㅜ
  7. [+88, -47] Seeing these comments is giving me hope that there are normal ARMY out there? If this was their real fandom that posted this they would’ve come here and deleted/changed comments ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. 

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