KPOP NOW – Staff reveal testimony that Seo Ye-ji treated staff like maids and sent them on cigarette errands

Article: [Exclusive] Following claims of academic forgery and bullying, staff exposes Seo Ye-ji’s ‘gapjil’…”She treated us like maids, ran cigarette errands”

Source: Sports Chosun

Staff members A and B have come forward with testimony of actress Seo Ye-ji‘s ‘gapjil’ [power trip].

On the 14th, a post titled “Seo Yeji’s ‘gapjil’ exposed in the comments” was shared on Pann. A user asked, “Is Seo Yeji’s personality good? I like her but I’m curious about her personality.”

A netizen replied to the comment and stated, “I worked with Seo Ye-ji. She’s someone that likes to work with people she’s comfortable around so she trampled on her staffs character. All the staff members were told that they had to match her. Whenever staff quit, she never forgot to threaten them with her comments. She often vented her anger and would say, “this floor is small, be careful with your mouth I can make it impossible for you to keep working here.”

“She often bragged about going to an aristocratic school in University of Spain. I guess she was a mythomaniac because I heard directly from people’s mouths that she never actually attended there. Seo Ye-ji was arrogant ever since she was a rookie from the first time I worked with her. Anyone around her that worked with Seo Ye-ji gradually left because of the abuse. It was a really hellish time in my life.”

Another staff came forward and revealed, “She always smoked in the car and made us run cigarette errands pretending to be a simple person that likes basic concepts. I made a mistake once and followed her to bathroom and she blew cigarette smoke in my face. She didn’t allow us to record anything and sometimes made us take phone tests. She treated staff like maids and acted like we were dogs and pigs. She scolded me once after filming was over that I cried so much on the way home from all the abuse.”

“She threatened us a lot and told us to “watch our mouths.” I can’t believe someone like her with a personality that couldn’t be bothered with staffs came out on TV. It’s disgusting. If she doesn’t think what she did was wrong then I’d like for her to explain logic of her actions and what she did to staff.”

In the meantime, Seo Ye-ji released a statement on the 13th through her agency and denied all rumors of bullying and controlling Kim Jung-hyun‘s action on the set of ‘Time‘ following Dispatch’s report.  She also stated that “she prepared for admission to Madrid-based University of Complutense but failed to attend after debuting as an actress in the industry.”

  1. [+2,087, -47] Just like Irene. I just don’t get it. You don’t know that doing that to staff is bad? Or did she think the rumors won’t come out. ╋ Wow, it’s up again.. Seo Ye-ji did an interview and said she almost died because the director exposed her to briquette gas during filming. The film ended up getting ruined and got cancelled after people started boycotting it. The director cursed her for it and story got buried. And then rumors came out that there was no smoke there and no one made her film with briquette gas. The director asked Seo Ye-ji for clarifications but never once exposed her. He endured it all to the end, it still remains a big trauma for him. A while ago, an entertainment reporter did a broadcast on YouTube and checked the facts. Here’s the link guys, check it out
  2. [+1,879, -4] Let’s start a major clean-up in the entertainment industry starting with this article. Looks like there are a lot people who’s blood is boiling just looking at this post right now..
  3. [+1,097, -5] If this is true… it’s really scary
  4. [+828, -3] I’m not saying this as a metaphor, she’s seriously a sociopath. All these stories from the unni thing, Kim Jae-wook, Kim Jung-hyun, it’s basically certain at this point
  5. [+744, -3] This is why we need to stop glorifying celebrities…I liked Seo Ye-ji too but her fans are seriously trash. To think that as a rookie she treated her staff so poorly and looked down on them like that…hul~
  6. [+684, -3] I really hope that these revelations lead to a MeToo movement in the industry so that these dirty celebrities get filtered out and exiled 
  7. [+414, -2]  Director Kim Yong-ho said that Seo Ye-ji is the type of woman to do self-harm and suicide in order to get out of a scandal. People around her need to watch Seo Ye-ji and see what she does in the next couple days…
  8. [+368, -6] From the start I was aware how much of a sadist Seo Ye-ji was but to see her suffering now from how she treated men in her life makes me happy….she’s queen of gas-lighting
  9. [+221, -1] Seo Yeji is really…weird. It’s bizarre.. I’ve seen a lot of celebrity scandals but this is just…it’s a bit weird
  10. [+72, -101] As if Jisoo didn’t do that to staff

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KPOP NOW – Leaked B-cuts reveal the depth of Kim Jung-hyun’s cold treatment towards Seohyun

Article: [Exclusive] Kim Jung-hyun also rejected “skinship” at ‘Time’ promotional photoshoot

Source: Hankyung

Leaked photos are revealing Kim Jung-hyun‘s cold treatment of fellow co-star Seohyun.

According to an exclusive report by Hankyung on the 13th, Kim Jung-hyun conducted a pictorial interview with a fashion magazine 10 days before the controversial ‘Time’ production presentation. As the main couple in the drama, the two filmed a “couple pictorial” but because Kim Jung-hyun refused to film any skinship on set, the crew had to take two separate cuts of Seohyun and Kim Jung hyun sitting side by side with a distance of 30cm or more between them.

Usually, couple pictorials are filmed to promote an upcoming drama or movie to show off the couple’s “chemi” [chemistry]. It was only natural that officials asked the couple to pose with skinship as they were a couple in the drama. 

An official that participated in the photoshoot revealed, “All proposals for the poses and atmosphere were received in advance of the shoot. It’s not common to see the main lead reject skinship in a couple photo shoot so the editor-in-charge suffered from embarrassment. Even when asked if he could pose with a hand on her shoulder, Kim Jung-hyun refused.” 

In fact, in drafts confirmed by Hankyung, the photos contained poses that showed natural skinship between lovers including backhug, facing each other forehead-to-forehead, leaning on one’s shoulder etc. The official explained that couples do 2-3 cuts as well as solo cuts to fit various concepts. 

Another official B stated, “I know for a fact Kim Jung-hyun personally reviewed the proposal in advance and asked if the photos and poses would look exactly the same. The in-charge answered that it can be different depending on the situation but if he refused it would be embarrassing for the editors.”

Another official C stated, “Publicity schedules like interviews, photo shoots and entertainment appearances are optional matters but for an actor who’s a main lead to reject skinship for a promotional photo shoot, a lot of people thought it was “weird” and “unprofessional.”

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Kim Jong-hyun’s abnormal behavior was influenced by Seo Ye-ji who was his girlfriend at the time. Many are speculating Seo Ye-ji influenced his behavior at the photoshoot,  production presentation and filming site following texts revealed by Dispatch. 

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KPOP NOW – Seo Ye-ji denies rumors and reveals Kim Jung-hyun’s actions were part of normal lovers quarrel

Article: [Official] Seo Ye-ji opens her mouth, “I did not control Kim Jung-hyun, just normal lover’s quarrel…hakpok is not true”

Source: SPOTV News

Seo Ye-ji has addressed rumors that she bullied classmates and manipulated actor Kim Jung-hyun.

On the 13th, the actress released a statement through her agency and apologized for her absence in ‘Memory of Tomorrow‘ event. She also bowed her head in apology for causing harm to staff and other actors of the film as well as reporters.

Gold Medalist stated, “We checked with Kim Jung-hyun and clearly confirmed that the controversy related to the drama was not caused by Seo Ye-ji and he expressed his intention to disclose his position. However, we gave our opinion that it would take some time for us to express our position due to the overlapping issues between the two. We received confirmation that it was ok for us to announce our position first because this controversy is continuing to grow.”

“We’re revealing our statement separately from Kim Jung Hyun’s. It’s logically difficult to accept through common sense controversial reports saying that Seo Yeji “controlled” someone. It’s realistically impossible for an actor to act and participate in filming without their own free will.

“This wasn’t publicly disclosed in the texts revealed but there’s a conversation where Kim Jung-hyun himself asked Seo Ye-ji who was filming another drama at the time not to film any kissing scenes. This is a common quarrel between actors in the industry who are lovers. However, all actors continue filming normally despite these quarrels. We think there must’ve been other inevitable circumstances by Kim Jung-hyun.”

“The reports are also making public private texts between lovers that shouldn’t have been disclosed in the first place. As a result, even if this was a quarrel between lovers, it’s due to the individual’s immature feelings. Ultimately, she’s deeply regretful for causing concern to many people.”

“Recently there have been inquiries about Seo Ye-ji’s academic background so we took this opportunity to reveal the facts. Seo Ye-ji received notification of acceptance from Madrid Complutense University in Madrid, Spain and prepared for admission. But then she made her debut in the industry and could no longer attend normally.”

“We also want to point out that additional suspicions of school violence are not true.”

  1. [+10,031, -55] Wow~ a real psychopath. Whoever casted her for ‘It’s Okay Not To Be Okay’ is a genius, how did they cast a real-life psycho니
  2. [+4,182, -93] Seo Ye-ji’s gas lighting of Kim Jung-hyun right now is seriously criminal…this is how a lot of school iljins act and talk…she has such an intense need to control others…there are so many people like her that like to manipulate others without looking at themselves but this is just too much, Seo Ye-ji was doing too much!!! If more victims come out with testimony of bullying, she needs to get kicked from the industry!!!! for gaslighting and bullying!!!
  3. [+3,624, -75] Both Seo and Kim need to take responsibility and retire from the entertainment industry. Ah, poor Seohyun and the drama team. What did Seohyun do to deserve all that crying and heartbreak? And what about the production team, staff, and writers who were forced to rewrite the whole script? I really hope they get sued over this, … Both of them are trash. Seriously. To take it to this level..ugh I’ve never seen such a level of gapjil [abuse of power], ever…
  4. [+3,580, -35] Her claims that she never bullied anyone in school aren’t true. There are rumors that she assaulted XX over 10 years ago in an alley behind Wooshin Elementary School in November 11, 2005. ㅇㅇ andㅇㅇunnis were her best friends back then too so I’m curious why they’re keeping their mouths shut right now? I hope they come forward with their testimony so that she can finally get kicked from the industry. 
  5. [+2,363, -55] I seriously hate Seo Ye-ji. I hope to never see her ever again. She’s going around acting like she’s top class. She must really believe it. 
  6. [+1,397, -23] This is even more hilarious because all this came out because Kim Jung-hyun was trying to move to Seo Ji-hye’s agency after being in hiatus for almost a year while trying to break his contract, all because he went crazy again over a woman. Apparently, he as even a board member at the time he tried to leave? What kind of man gives up his whole being when dating a woman. Stop betting your entire life on women. It’s shocking that a male lead’s dating life is this pathetic in real-life..
  7. [+1,255, -10] The way Kim Jung-hyun is acting while handling all this is just throwing out all kinds of suspicions. It’s not like he’s a 6 yr old kindergartener, but a whole adult acting like that while starring in a drama made with efforts of dozens and hundreds of staff..
  8. [+1,212, -7] ??Hakpok [school violence] not true? I went to the same middle as her and she was infamous for her bad character then too. She cursed students if they didn’t say hi to her when passing by or if they tried to make eye contact with her. My friends got beaten by her many times. Whether or not they were her friends or juniors, she beat them up and cursed them, took their money and made them run errands to buy her cigarettes. Looks like she’s putting on blindfolds right now… does she think she can cover they sky with her hands?
  9. [+1,154, -5] How is this a lover’s quarrelㅋㅋㅋㅋ What kind of lover orders the other not to greet staff first? Does she think being an actor makes you royalty..?
  10. [+1,074, -17] Is she taking the public for fools right nowㅋㅋㅋ

Source: Joongang Ilbo

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