KPOP NOW – Informant reveals testimony that Seo Ye-ji controlled Yunho’s actions on set of MBC’s ‘Night Watchman’

Article: [Exclusive] Staff, “Yunho cut off all communication and asked not to touch his face as much as possible,” Seo Yeji under suspicion of controlling Yunho on set

Source: Sports Chosun

An informant has come forward with testimony that Seo Ye-ji also controlled Yunho on set.

On the 14th, Lee Jin-ho posted on a video on his YouTube titled, “What happened on set of ‘Night Watchman Journal…Seo Yeji’s manipulation.” Lee Jin-ho stated that he received a whistleblower report from a staff from 2014 MBC drama ‘Night Watchman Diary‘ where Yunho and Seo Ye-ji appeared together and were even embroiled in dating rumors at the time.

Lee Jin-ho revealed, “I received a tip from the staff that was present on the drama set and was in shock. I checked with another official and was able to confirm that the report is consistent with what he knew. In the past, Yunho and Seo Ye-ji had dating rumors but the two dismissed the romance saying they were “close friends.” Both agencies denied the rumors too. But when he began filming ‘Night Watchman’ the atmosphere on set was not very good. It wasn’t just one or two strange scenes that the staff witnessed.”

“At first, the atmosphere was good but gradually Yunho’s behavior changed. He used to be close to staff without any hesitation whether it was male or female but all of a sudden he cut off all communication with the people around him. It was like he lost his voice. When on-site staff were doing corrective make-up, Yunho suddenly closed his eyes and said, “finish it as soon as possible. Try not to touch my face as much as you can.”

“Yunho was such a friendly and positive person at the time but he changed 180 degrees. He also lost a lot of weight and suffered from an eating disorder and would never let go of his cell phone.”

“When the staff arrived on site, Yunho and Seo Ye-ji were always seated together in his vehicle. From the outside, we often witnessed SeoYe-ji screaming at him. Yunho always did his best to finish the drama an hour or two early by skipping sleep.”

“And it wasn’t just Yunho that Seo Ye-ji abused. The staff suffered a lot because of her ‘gapjil.’ She was a loner herself so she hated seeing other staff talking to each other.”

Meanwhile, Dispatch obtained texts that revealed Seo Ye-ji also controlled Kim Jung-hyun‘s actions on set of MBC drama ‘Time‘ where he was the male lead alongside Girls Generation‘s Seohyun.

  1. [+4,871, -40] Let’s add it all it up…so ((gas lighting boyfriends + habitual abuse of staff + bullying + academic forgery))??? An exile from society is the only answer
  2. [+2,953, -53] She’s like a witch. Gas lights boyfriends and manipulates people and breaks their spirits…she’s an evil b*tch that makes people that loses their sense of self. 
  3. [+1,386, -72] Who does she think she is with a face like that~~~ does she see herself as some queen~~!! There are so many celebrities that are more beautiful with characters to match. Actors like her need to get kicked from the industry!!!
  4. [+888, -24] Is Seo Yeji a witch???
  5. [+450, -6] Someone commented that casting ‘Seo Ye-ji’ as a psychopath in ‘Its Okay’ is like casting Lee Chun-jae in the film ‘Memories of Murder’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  6. [+428, -37] Ah~ Yunho-ya…how are you going to recover your old passionate and clean image now..? First it was breaking quarantine rules and then getting caught drinking with pr*stitutes in your room at a room salon…it’s a pity because of all the hard work you put in..
  7. [+382, -10] So the rumors that she’s intertwined with Kim Soo-hyun, Yunho, Son Ho-jun, Jang PD, Kim Jung-hyun were all true…wow~ their images just dropped to the floor in just one moment;;
  8. [+386, -48] A man stupid enough to get controlled by her is just as foolish…no?
  9. [+324, -8] There are rumors that she dated Yunho’s best friend Son Ho-jun too. What a cruel b*tch
  10. [+144 -6] “You’re happier because of me, so make sure you do better..”ㅋㅋㅋ Looks like she controlled all her men by their mental, makes you wonder where she learned that..
  11. [+103, -11] Such a shameless b*tch using her face to dazzle men…what do they see in her??
  12. [+95, -0] A permanent exit from the industry is the only answer at this point…

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KPOP NOW – Seo Ye-ji’s brand CFs deleted from shopping malls, websites and SNS

Article: [Exclusive] The advertising industry has begun deleting Seo Ye-ji’s brand CFs?

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

The advertising industry has begun dropping Seo Ye-ji from brand CFs.

According to an exclusive report by Sports Kyunghyang on the 14th, Yuhan Health‘s lifestyle brand ‘New Origin‘ deleted all its Seo Yeji ‘Inner Flora‘ CFs. The actress became the brand’s exclusive model last year but all promotional contents previously posted on its homepage, shopping malls, and SNS have been replaced or deleted.

Mask brand Aer also deleted its promotional photos of the actress from their website. An official from the brand stated, “there are a lot of complaints from our customers that visit the store so its unavoidable that we had to make this decision.”

However, not all brands have dropped her. An official from another brand stated to Kyunghyang, “there is no plan or internal discussions currently to remove Seo Ye-ji as a promotional model.” 

It’s estimated that if the company claims damages and penalties for Seo Ye-ji’s ‘hakpok (bullying)’, staff ‘gapjil (power trip)’, academic forgery and Kim Jung-hyun’s “controlling” scandals, she would have to compensate the brands penalties of up to 3 billion won or more per year.

A CF industry official stated, “Seo Ye-ji’s CF fee went up after she appeared on ‘Its Okay Not To Be Okay’ last year.”

In the meantime, Seo Ye-ji had denied all rumors including “controlling” claims from Dispatch report.

  1. [+3,347, -25] Iljins [school bullies] like her should retire quietly and never come out
  2. [+2,621, -170] “I was going to enroll”…So she shamelessly lied about attending uni there and media played about going to a Spanish school. So she’s a psycho, a swindler, a bully, and now a mythomaniac [liar]. She’s even worse than Jisoo. At least Jisoo was only a criminal in middle school, she’s 30 years old and manipulating men using her face. It’s not like she’s some type of beauty either…is there some secret that makes her so attractive to men…I just don’t get it. 
  3. [+1,487, -87] Kim Junghyun, U-Know Yunho, even PD Son Ho-jun?, Kim Soo-hyun, Bok-hyung…is all of it true? All for a woman like that that looks transgender…yuck…so low of them
  4. [+661, -22] Goodbye. You reap what you sow
  5. [+470, -24] To take it this far with the pretense…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋWhat’s her real face…? Honestly even onions have more depth than her..
  6. [+403, -5] She’s probably at home right now lining up cigarettesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  7. [+199, -2] Park Ji-seon Professor of Crime Psychology: “People that are not considerate of others, lie often and manipulate people are called sociopaths…beware”
  8. [+87, -1] 90% of the time when a female celebrity suddenly takes up a leading role in a drama its because they’ve got a sponsor…
  9. [+87, -5] What about the lies that the film director made you breathe in briquette gas…are there are any truths that come out of your mouth??
  10. [+56, -3] She’s a top line psychopath….goosebumps..

Additional sources: 10Asia, Hankyung

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KPOP NOW – Actor Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara embroiled in dating rumors again

Article“Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara are in a relationship”

Source: Pann

I was watching a video of Seo Yeji on YouTube and entertainment director Kim Yong-ho said that they were dating? There were articles about them in the past too. They’re both in the same agency so it’s natural to get close but he said they’re dating. Lee Jong-suk apparently gifted Kwon Nara a Ferrari? 

I got curious so I decided to write this.

  1. [+391, -8] What this same reporter revealed 9 months ago 1. Seo Yeji x Kim Jung-hyun 2. Seo Ye-ji dated Kim Soohyun and is now in a relationship with Kim Soohyun’s cousin 3. Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara are still dating 4. Kim Soohyun is not in control of his private life because of X 5. Seo Ye-ji went around acting like a queen on set, like she was Jung Jihyun, here’s link to the Kim Soo-hyun video
  2. [+366, -1] It’s not like they’re trying to hide their feelings for each other, plus the only two celebrities in Lee Jong-suk’s agency are Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Naraㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  3. [+289, -5] Now that I think about it,, both Kwon Nara and Lee Na-yeong look a bit similar…no? They both had big double eyelids, they both have small pretty faces and long limbs like models…looks like Lee Jong-suk’s tastes are very consistent
  4. [+217, -2] Since Yunho’s scandal, the idea of “celebrity image” is completely shattered….I no longer trust in them anymore..
  5. [+185, -0] I remember him on that interview he did about Sulli, he didn’t say much about her just kept going “wow” and turned Sulli into some strange loner, even Sulli looked embarrassed ㅋㅋㅋ. At first, it was Sulli getting cursed out in the comments but then later more comments asking “why he was acting like that” started pouring outㅋ
  6. [+182, -1] Ah~ honestly let’s cut out anything about Kim Soo-hyun. F*ck ever since ‘My Love From Another Star’ I get the feeling he’s been “image-making” ever since he became a celebrity
  7. [+134, -0] I remember feeling sorry for Seo Ye-ji when rumors first came out about Kim Soohyun being a real psychopath…looks like she’s just as shameless as him..
  8. [+122, -0] I remember seeing photos of Kim Soohyun smoking cigarettes in high school, him and his friends only wearing panties and him cursing at Psy? Ever since then I woke up from my delusions about him. I saw those pictures on Google back then but looks like they got buried…

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KPOP NOW – Kim Jung-hyun shares handwritten apology over his actions on ‘Time’

Article[Official] Kim Jung-hyun’s handwritten apology, “Regret my actions on ‘Time’ “…sorry to Seohyun, production team

Source: News1

Actor Kim Jung-hyun has apologized for his actions toward Seohyun and drama staff.

In a handwritten apology delivered to reporters on the 14th, the actor stated, “‘Time’ was a meaningful project to me as it was the first time I played a leading role in a drama as an actor. However, I caused great disappointment and hurts to the director, writers, fellow actors and staff. I’m sorry.”

He also addressed his actions at the production presentation stating, “Memories from that ‘Time’ production presentation are like a piercing splinter. I’ll never be able to forgive myself for acting like that. I have so much regret and wish I could turn back time. I did such a shameful thing because of personal issues. As a protagonist and actor, I couldn’t even fulfill my responsibilities. I apologize without any excuse.”

“The whole process of me getting off the drama and my actions at the production presentation were just wrong. I sincerely apologize to actress Seohyun who was hurt by all that and to all the people that suffered because of it. I think I need to visit the people in charge of ‘Time’ and anyone that suffered any hurts and apologize directly. Even if it takes a long time, I’ll find all the staff and ask for forgiveness.”

Regarding his contract dispute with his agency he stated, “I want to apologize to my current company O& for my inconsiderate actions. I’m sorry to Culture Depot for mentioning them in such a disgraceful manner. I sincerely apologize to the fans who have always supported me and waited for me.” 

“I bow my head and ask for forgiveness to all those who felt discomfort because of me. While writing this, I reflected on my mistakes and wrongdoings. If I have a chance, I won’t take anything for granted ever again and will always try to be a healthy actor that reflects and manages himself. I’m sorry.”

  1. [+1,404, -19] Even if you’ve got zero sense of awareness, as a lead actor you’re still the anchor of the drama. What about the poor writers, directors, lighting staff, sound, props etc. that suffered because of you? And to think you acted like that on set because Seo Ye-ji told you to..ugh if this is what you think of the acting profession then never act ever again…ridiculous!
  2. [+465, -8] Ah참…you seemed like a decent person, but…no matter how infatuated you get of a woman, a drama set is not some school playground where you can act however you wantㅉㅉㅉ
  3. [+449, -14] “I will be born again as a healthy actor”..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. That’s ok, we don’t want to see a mojiri like you ever again!!! It’s time to take all mojiri trash out!! 
  4. [+385, -8] You don’t deserve to return to acting. What kind of actor has no self-esteem or sense of responsibility and pride in his work? What kind of home did you grow up in where you were taught to ruin the hard work of actors and staff who risked their lives all because of your private love games. I honestly thought you were a good and unique actor but to see you act like that I have no trust left for someone that can change up his actions at the words of his lover..
  5. [+239, -9] So pathetic…why live like that. 
  6. [+71, -8] “I’ll become a healthy actor” ㅋㅋ . Its ok, you don’t have to. No one cares if you become some grand actor. Does a handwritten apology fix everything you did ㅋㅋ
  7. [+60, -2] Nugu?
  8. [+57, -1] Are you going to take responsibility for the viewership ratings dropping because of all the edits that had to be made to the script..? It’s surprising that the broadcasting and production company kept you around even after you made them run around doing this and that. Don’t come out! If you’re not well, take a permanent rest. 
  9. [+59, -7] ㅋㅋㅋ You’re done, goodbye. There’s no way you can come out of this now unless evidence comes out that Seo Ye-ji held you for billions of dollars of ransom or she kidnapped you, threatened or killed someone in your family..
  10. [+43, -4] If you’ve got any sense of shame left, please exit the industry!

Additional source: Chosun Biz

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