KPOP NOW – Drama team of ‘True Beauty’ at wedding without masks

Pann: The entertainment industry is so infuriating

1. [+413, -3] Yet they always claim they follow the protocols for disinfection. I f*cking hate how pretentious they are.

2. [+372, -9] I’m honestly curious. Why are they not paying a fine when it’s more than 5 people?

3. [+256, -2] People at other dramas wear masks. This drama is a weird one.

4. [+171, -2] Students can’t even have a graduation because of COVID ㅠㅠ Being a celebrity really is a privilege.

5. [+151, -5] Cha Eunwoo posted this? Is he out of his mind? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+119, -1] Being a celebrity is a privilege. On TV shows they don’t even wear a mask, either. Seriously, why do celebrities get an exception?

7. [+112, -1] I went to a wedding a few days ago and everybody was wearing a mask even when taking photos. Why are they doing this? Such a low class.

8. [+81, -0] You should indicate in the title that this is the drama team of True Beauty.

9. [+81, -1] They always put captions for “following the protocols for disinfection” yet this is the reality ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+66, -0] Yet it’s banned to have more than 5 people gathered and restaurants have a 9PM curfew and gyms are closed ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Is this the difference between the aristocratic class and the common class?

11. [+63, -2] It’s not like wearing a mask is a difficult task. Why the f*ck are they refusing to wear one?

12. [+60, -0] I just reported them. Please make sure to report them, put the address as the TVN headquarter at Mapo-gu Sangam-dong.

13. [+54, -2] The people in the photo have to pay a fine.

14. [+51, -0] They get to do this while waiting because they’re celebrities. I envy them.

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KPOP NOW – Blind items from the past months

Blind items from the past months – K-POP, K-FANS

Blind items from the past months


– Idol-turned-actress C is infamous for remodelling her face without a break. Since transforming as an actress, she’s been going to her plastic clinic non-stop because she’s never satisfied with her face. Because of this, C’s cute, quirky face lost its charm. Those who haven’t seen her in a while don’t even recognize her. C’s mother had enough and warned her, “If you get work done again, I’ll disown you.” It’s a pity how nothing else can seem to help with her self-esteem. (Jan 21)
– Multi-entertainer D is an official homebody because when she doesn’t have schedules, she never goes outside. Actually, it was found that even at home, she can never take a break because she’s busy dating around. D is known for her thirst for men. D was burned by paparazzi once. Since then, she started having home dates only. She was seeing a singer E briefly. When E enlisted, she jumped onto an artist F right away. Shortly after, she switched to a hallyu star G. At this point, she’s an “artist killer”. Because of D’s homebody life, D’s actress friends who ate and drank non-stop with her gained too much weight and are struggling as well. (Jan 7)
– Top star A is called a ‘goddess’ but on the inside, she’s struggling with her husband who cheats on her all the time. She doesn’t want a divorce either because she doesn’t want her financials to be affected by the divorce. Whenever A hears about her husband’s “women”, she would take her husband to an overseas trip. She would take pictures with him while holding hands at overseas and cease down the rumors. It’s unbelievable that one can even cheat with someone like A. (Dec 10, 2020)
– ‘Icon of plastic surgery’ female star B is pulling a James Bond to get plastic surgery. Despite numerous issues, B is known for her great singing talent. When she signed with her current agency, one of the terms on the contract was “no more plastic surgery”. However, it’s not easy to quit an addiction. At first B seemed to have stopped getting work done. But she got caught going to a plastic clinic by her agency. As a result her manager had to guard outside of B’s home. But B wasn’t about to give up that easily. B would invite a close friend to her place and pretend they’re just hanging out. After that, she would call two taxis, she and her friend would ride each taxi, and have the manager following the wrong taxi. B’s agency is worried about B’s looks that are just getting worse and worse. (Oct 17, 2020)
– Idol group F has promotions in various fields, but there are internal conflicts within the group. A member G, born in 1997, is the center of the conflict. G is in charge of brightness and energy in the group. G has many connections with other idol groups. Since a lot of 97’ers are actively promoting in the industry, G is busy expanding his/her connections. In the beginning of the year, G was invited to a group chat full of popular 97’ers and his/her affection for their group seems to have gone away. G would tell his/her members, “My friends are all doing well, what the hell is with you guys?” or “My group will flop except me.” G should realize that they’re nothing without their group. (Jul 31, 2020)

(Source: Newsen)

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KPOP NOW – Ranking of K-pop streaming on Spotify

 (Long time no see, I took a long COVID break for myself!)

Pann: Ranking of K-pop streaming worldwide on Spotify

1. [+107, -4] Look at the gap between… BTS really is a wall

2. [+88, -2] BTS’ Spotify streaming is #19 in history. #1 is Drake and and other artists in top 20 are really popular ones like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Post Malone, and Eminem. Seeing how BTS is on the ranking as a non-English artist, they’re just another level.

3. [+65, -2] BTS is another level.

4. [+30, -0] It’s pathetic how some people claim BTS doesn’t have a mega hit song.

5. [+20, -1] BTS’ Spotify streaming is 623M and the rest of K-pop streaming is 684.18M. BTS and K-pop are separated.

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KPOP NOW – Idol concerts that were planned for this year

Super M – Tokyo Dome

Around 50,000 audience

NCT 127 – North American tour

New York, Atlanta, Chicago, San Hose, LA, Seattle

Around 60,000

Twice – Tour final + Tokyo Dome

Seoul KSPO Dome, Tokyo Dome

Around 120,000

GOT7 – First Stadium concert


Around 110,000

Seventeen – First Japanese Dome tour

Tokyo Dome, Fukuoka, Saitama, Osaka

Around 350,000

BTS – Stadium tour

Seoul, Santa Clara, LA, Dallas, Orlando, Atlanta, New Jersey, Washington, Toronto, Chicago, London, Rotterdam, Berlin, Barcelona

Around 1,300,000

Pann: Idol concerts that were planned for this year

1. [+174, -9] I was so happy to get a ticket to a BTS concert. I was anxious when covid-19 broke out and then it got cancelled. What the…

2. [+159, -11] F*ck, I thought everything about BTS’ concert including the equipment was legendary. That godd*mn corona…

3. [+110, -8] Seventeen’s Europe tour, too…

4. [+51, -3] BTS 1.3M? Wow, stadium tour is a different class…

5. [+36, -6] BTS’ 4th Jamshil concert was cancelled and the Armies donated the refunded ticket price for covid-19. It was so funny how some Armies donated it to the research of christian cults to fight against Shincheonji ㅋㅋ

6. [+36, -3] BTS though ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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KPOP NOW – 6 blind items released this year (no netizen comments)

6 blind items released this year (no netizen comments) – K-POP, K-FANS

6 blind items released this year (no netizen comments)

– Idol star A, who is gaining popularity for his innocent image, is infamous for his rough, free-spirited private life unlike his image. A is worrying others because he’s been obsessed with R-rated films. A is very much into a hard-core genre. A’s schedules have been cut short for various reasons. He spends his free time with R-rated contents. A has unusual preferences and his actual attitude is also thoughtless and rough. He doesn’t have good reputation from his friends and girlfriends he met after debuting. Because of his preferences, he had a lot of conflicts with his girlfriends as well. But there’s no one in his agency who can stop A’s unusual preferences, so they can’t do anything but sigh. (July 1)

– Singer D, who appeared on an audition program, dated a divorced woman 10 years senior with a child. D was an unknown singer, but he became famous from the audition program. D’s girlfriend became afraid that he would leave her, so she’s using her son whom D adored to keep contacting him. The son would contact D and say, “Uncle, where are you? Come pick me up.” “Uncle, when will we see each other again?” Due to the sympathy D feels for the son, D still can’t break up with his girlfriend. People are interested in how D will handle this situation. (June 15)

– Girl group member G, who used to be on every channel, has been out of the eyes of the public for a while. Until a few years ago, G was a very popular idol and she had endless schedules. But G hasn’t appeared for a while and made a lot of people curious. The reason why G’s TV promotions are stopped is because of a big fight between G’s father and her agency’s CEO. G’s CEO is a fossil of the music industry with a long history of experience. G’s father is also an unforgiving “psycho”. Both had a huge fight regarding to G’s promotions and as a result, G had to stop all of her promotions. Unless her father and her ‘agency father’ make up, we will never see G’s face again. (June 15)

– Actress G is infamous for dominating her celebrity boyfriends’ physical and mental completely. Since she was a rookie, she only dated popular male celebrities. There’s a famous story of how a hallyu star H jumped into the road when G broke up with him. After getting dumped, H would go to G’s agency and go on a diet when G would go on a diet. Another handsome star I even attempted suicide after breaking up with G. A man she’s now dating is a close friend of a top star J. Like what she does usually, G is controlling him by dominating his physical and heart. But the problem is that the top star J is also dominated by G and is acting like a fool. Those who don’t know well even suspect that G is dating J. What could G’s magic be? (May 18)

– Girl group member E is making her agency struggle with her craziness. Unlike other talented, popular members in her group, E is lacking in singing, rapping, and dancing. She’s full of inferiority complex. Recently, E put on an insane action at an airport and proved the rumors of her craziness. E was going through immigration with other groups for an international schedule. All of a sudden, she started swearing in the worst way, got bubbles in her mouth, and dropped on the ground. The manager quickly tried to stop E, but he couldn’t stop the eyes and the ears of the nearby people. E ended up not getting on the flight and only the rest of the members went to the schedule. (April 28)

– Girl group A’s members are taking turns to cause trouble, which worries their agency. They debuted a while ago but every year, they’re chosen as a ‘rising girl group’. A is an ambiguous group but the members already act like they’re world stars. Member B views other members as inferior because she thinks she’s on a different level. She also demands for special treatment in every event so she’s picked as the ‘most cancerous member’ by managers. Member C, who is talented in singing but has below-average looks, has also backstabbed the agency multiple times, which increased the blood pressure of the managers. Other members would also agree on a schedule, but once they arrive on the spot, they say they’re having panic attacks, collapse on the ground and cry. A’s agency says, “We only get CF offers for years. When one is about to be confirmed, one member would collapse and we would have to pause promotions and delay the release date. Because this happens all the time, A will end up disbanding without filming a proper CF.” (April 27)

(Source: Newsen via Naver)

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KPOP NOW – New fanclub logos that SM registered

BoA – Jumping BoA

TVXQ – Cassiopeia

Super Junior – ELF

Girls’ Generation – Sone

SHINee – SHINee World


Red Velvet – ReVeLuv

NCT – NCTzen

NCT – NCTzen 127

NCT – NCTzen Dream

WayV – WayZenNi


Pann: New fanclub logos that SM registered

1. [+369, -1] Am I the only one who’s sad that F(x) isn’t there? ㅠㅠ

2. [+194, -0] They look like soccer leagues…

3. [+158, -0] They look like they’d be on school uniforms.

4. [+52, -2] Where’s the effort for EXO-L’s logo… SM, ugh…

5. [+51, -0] What about F(x), you f*cking SM ㅜㅜ

6. [+46, -4] Red Velvet’s one is so pretty. SM, please stop with the gray…

7. [+41, -1] Can NCT Dream just recruit their fanclub instead? They never do anything right.

8. [+36, -0] SM needs to get rid of Graysons. They gave us the sh*ttiest one.

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KPOP NOW – Hellos! :)

Hello to all my readers!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog. I checked and the last article was in April, wow!

Admittedly, I’ve been lazy since COVID-19 struck the world and didn’t look up on entertainment news much. It’s been a few months and I finally seem to have adopted this new atmosphere.

Also, I’ve noticed that Naver & now Nate closed off their comment sections for entertainment articles. I assume it’ll affect the dynamics of my blogs since most of netizen comments will come from Pann & non-entertainment articles. 

Just posting this post to say hi and to let you know that I’ll be back! How have y’all been doing during these crazy times? Feel free to share in comments.

Stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands 😉

– Admin

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KPOP NOW – Blind item of a girl group member who had to take her boyfriend with her

Article: Girl group fool F, staying up all night by making love with her boyfriend she likes so much…

Source: Newsen via Naver

These days, a girl group member F is staying up all night by making love. After many attempts, she succeeded in taking her boyfriend to an international event in the beginning of the year. But on the day of departure, her dumb boyfriend forgot to bring his passport. F kept insisting that she was getting on the plane only if she was going with her boyfriend, causing trouble to her agency. They had to change her flight 13 times, which costed 10 times more than the original cost of $500. Besides, she was late and missed the rehearsal. While the other members were rehearsing, F posted a bunch of exotic pictures on her social media and acted like a ‘fool’, upsetting the hosts of the event. Because of F, her group was deemed to have ‘violated the terms’ and did not get full payment of the event.

Pann: Blind item of a female idol and her boyfriend

1. [+344, -5] What’s with the tone of the article, I thought I was on Twitter ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+309, -1] If she’s able to take her boyfriend and change her flight 13 times, she must be from a very influential group. She might not be a 1st tier but still very popular.

3. [+265, -4] 13 times ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s so dumb when someone can’t separate professional work and private life.

4. [+211, -0] Usually, these idols don’t turn out to be the 1st tiers we know ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+172, -1] I don’t care who it is but it’s so funny how they call her a girl group fool ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I imagine the journalist wrote the article with this -_- face.

6. [+155, -0] The tone of the article is so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+122, -0] If this is true, it’s hilarious. That boyfriend was stupid enough to forget his passport and the girl group member is called a “fool” in an article ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+108, -12] Red Velvet hasn’t had promotions since Wendy’s injury. Twice doesn’t have their own social media. Blackpink seems to be the best guess. But it said they didn’t get the full payment of the event, so I don’t think this is a world tour. Blackpink didn’t participate in idol events like K-cons. I don’t think it’s any of the three groups.

9. [+80, -1] Wow ㅋㅋㅋㅋ At this rate, she’ll be revealed soon.

10. [+72, -3] The article isn’t saying that it’s a 1st tier group but people seem to think it is ㅋㅋ I don’t think it’s a 1st tier group. We’ll find who it is as long as we dig female idols’ Instagram and find who posted a bunch of travel pictures in the beginning of the year.

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KPOP NOW – EXO’s composer vents frustration over requests to make EXO-like songs

Some songs written by the composer MZMC:

Pann: EXO’s composer targets other companies

1. [+486, -53] It’s true that there’s been more universe concepts and storytelling since EXO ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Other companies are really defensive against EXO, avoiding to overlap comebacks with EXO and all.

2. [+410, -30] A lot of groups debuted to compete against EXO… A company’s CEO even said he was debuting his group to face EXO in his interview.

3. [+374, -19] I also saw him mentioning this on live. Since Tempo, other companies asked him to compose a song like Tempo.

4. [+195, -5] What’s the project that was planned since 2006? EXO! Who’s the singer that paid a huge amount of money to NASA and got a photo for their fandom site? EXO! Who’s the group that makes you obsessed with the space because they have comebacks on eclipse days? EXO! Who’s the idol that the space is helping? EXO!

5. [+166, -1] If he’s saying bluntly like that, it means so many companies must’ve asked him already ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+156, -4] EXO was the first idol to have a fanmeet at Gocheok. Other companies called to complain why EXO was holding a fanmeet there. It’s true that other companies and fandoms can’t stan without EXO and EXO-L.

7. [+146, -4] So many people were keeping EXO in check… After a year of debut, whenever the members passed a hallway with a lot of people, Joonmyun always kept a scary face… Because others were keeping them in check, the leader was making the face on purpose to protect the group. The sunbaes also know this, so they tease him when he makes a serious face to do something on broadcast ㅠㅠ

8. [+99, -2] They’re trying to copy EXO ㅋㅋ “But your group can’t be like EXO”, so cool.

9. [+93, -1] Why would I be interested in an EXO-like group when there’s EXO?

10. [+85, -1] They’re even fighting over a song like this. Imagine how the companies must’ve tried to copy the universe concept, tsk tsk.

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KPOP NOW – Many of 2nd generation idols discharged from military this year

Many of 2nd generation idols discharged from military this year – K-POP, K-FANS

Many of 2nd generation idols discharged from military this year

Discharged this year:
BTOB – Eunkwang, Changsub, Minhyuk
Infinite – Sungyeol, Dongwoo
Highlight – Doojoon, Dongwoon
SHINee – Onew, Key, and Minho
EXO – Xiumin
2PM, Bigbang, CNBLUE

Article: BTOB -> SHINee -> EXO rush of discharge, oppars are coming back

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+145, -20] Congrats on your discharge Eunkwang <3

2. [+130, -13] Excited for Doojoon ㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+95, -4] Let’s take out CNBLUE.

4. [+23, -4] I hope to see Doojoon in dramas and variety shows. He seems all-rounded ㅋㅋ

5. [+18, -11] So who’s the idol who was on the news for special treatment, using his phone, smoking, and speaking rudely to his seniors? Seems like everybody knows who it is but his agency is deleting the articles.

6. [+17, -4] Doojoon-ssi, my kid was waiting for you. Please promote a lot ^^

7. [+16, -2] I miss you SHINee.

8. [+15, -7] March 26, happy birthday Xiumin~

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