KPOP NOW – Apink’s Park Chorong admits to drinking as a minor

Article: Apink’s Park Chorong, “School violence NO…I was stupid to drink when I was a minor” 

Source: My Daily

Apink member Park Chorong has admitted to drinking as a minor. 

On the 6th, Chorong shared a lengthy post on Instagram and stated, “Hello, this is Park Chorong. Sorry to greet you with such bad news. First of all, prior to explaining recent events, I want to apologize for causing concern with drinking pictures when I was a minor. I hurt everyone that supported me with my stupid and wrong behavior in my childhood. I sincerely apologize without any excuse.”

“What’s come out recently began at the end of February and has been going on for a month. I put in a lot of effort to communicate smoothly but I feel sorry that I wasn’t able to do more. I read the reports and interviews given about me that were reported yesterday. Even though such things have become a big deal they came out of misunderstandings. When I remember the memories spending time playing together as friends from elementary school, it distresses me and the feelings are indescribably terrible.”

“However, I would like to reiterate once again that I’m innocent regarding those misunderstandings. I have never once slapped, stripped or assaulted Kim as she’s claiming. I will do my best to clarify my innocence following Kim’s testimonies and her transcripts of our call. 

“I hurt the fans who have supported me for over 10 years since my debut. I was so afraid that fans that trust me and support me would be disappointed in me because of this incident. I’m sorry to all the members, fans, company and all those that helped me. I ask for forgiveness for delivering such news to fans and members on our 10th anniversary and sincerely apologize with my head down.”

In the meantime, alleged victim ‘Kim‘ claims to have transcripts and further evidence of assault by Park Chorong and her friends in an alley in Sachang-dong, Cheongju during their high school days. 

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KPOP NOW – ‘River Where The Moon Rises’ files 3 billion won lawsuit against Ji-soo

Article: ‘Daltegang’ production company files lawsuit against Jisoo’s agency for ‘hakpok’ controversy…”led to “massive losses”

Source: SPOTV News

KBS‘ ‘River Where The Moon Rises‘ has filed 3 billion won lawsuit against Ji-soo.

On the 2nd, Victory Contents, the production company of the drama filed a damages suit against Ji-soo’s agency Key East for massive losses due to Ji-soo’s school violence.

Victory Contents stated, “On the 1st we filed a lawsuit against Key East in the Seoul Central District Court for damages. As you probably guessed, this case is related to their artist Jisoo’s school violence scandal. At the beginning of last month after Jisoo’s victims came forward, he admitted to the bullying and halted all activities leaving his drama that had already aired its first 6 episodes. The other 19 had also been filmed. Despite knowing this, Key East and Ji-soo still halted all activities right around the time filming was almost done. Because of that, we had to re-film a lot of the episodes.”

“This drama was already a masterpiece with massive production costs so to re-film episodes, the additional cost was severe. But in order to keep our promise to the viewers, all the episodes from 1-6 had to be re-filmed and re-worked. The decision to re-film was a big decision because we suffered massive losses from the additional staff expenses, venue and equipment usage fees, appearance fees and art expenses.”

“We tried diligently to recoup the expenses from Key East but because they weren’t cooperating inevitably we had to file a complaint. We will try to finalize the lawsuit as soon as possible to ensure broadcasters and viewers can get back to watching even better programs in the future.” 

  1. [+5,385, -35] His abuse went past bullying, it’s at the level of violent sex crimes. I honestly hope the 3 billion won the production company is asking for is outside the amounts his agency can pay through his indemnity [insurance] agreement so that he’s forced to pay out of pocket and can’t afford it. Let’s hope for a makjang ending. 
  2. [+2,126, -45] Let’s make sure the volleyball twins don’t make a comeback either!!
  3. [+1,146, -12] How could he do all those things in the past and think to become a celebrity? Did he think he can cover the sky with his hands?
  4. [+696, -12] Throw him out forever!
  5. [+629, -141] He can always do delivery to make a living 
  6. [+337, -2] Kids~ are you watching? This is what will happen if you ruin your life being a bully
  7. [+68, -0] Every time I see his face it reminds me how ugly he is. How did someone with a face like that become the main character of a drama…?
  8. [+35, -2] Hyorin-ah, are you watching?

Additional source: Chosun Ilbo

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KPOP NOW – PlayM files complaint against Apink Chorong’s childhood friend claiming Chorong assaulted her in the past

Article: APink Chorong, “retire from the entertainment industry,” agency files criminal complaint 

Source: Newsen

Apink‘s Chorong is being accused of assaulting a childhood friend in the past. 

On April 1st, PlayM Entertainment filed a criminal complaint against Kim at the Gangnam Police Station for defamation and attempted blackmail using false facts.

PlayM stated, “Recently Park Chorong received threatening messages from Kim, a former childhood friend and threatened to expose her if she didn’t retire from the entertainment industry. Chorong and Kim were childhood friends who were close in the past but drifted apart due to a certain “incident.” Chorong admitted there was an argument and dispute between her and Kim but apologized for any uncomfortable feelings she may have potentially caused but made it clear to Kim that she never committed the assault she was claiming and tried to fix the relationship. She even responded to Kim’s request to meet and made efforts to communicate with Kim by contacting her first.”

“However, Kim continued to overturn the facts, cancel the meeting suddenly, transcribe calls with Chorong’s sincere apology and report it to the media with false facts. Chorong is suffering from extreme mental distress and has come to a situation where legal action is inevitable. We have reviewed all the necessary materials for the complaint process and if false facts are found, we plan to take strong legal action including filing civil and criminal complaint for defamation and attempted blackmail.”

  1. [+310, -3] Wait so Park Chorong never assaulted her and its not hakpok [school violence] and Chorong still met with her to talk nicely and she threatened her using those recordings as proof and didn’t even apologize? Is that what’ I’m hearing?
  2. [+242, -25] Eh? Isn’t Chorong famous for her good personality? ㄹㅇ This is like poking a beehive. I mean she didn’t even assault her but met up with her to fix the relationship and she still threatened her? This is why its important to make good friends so that you don’t get shaken up with trash people from the past
  3. [+230, -2] Huh? This friend is absurdㅋㅋ;; the agency is did well
  4. [+121, -2]If Park Cho-rong had such makjang image-making skills she would’ve been exposed already. She’s already been in the industry for 10 years and this Kim is just now coming out with thisㅋㅋㅋ
  5. [+76, -0] As if none of you believe this alreadyㅋㅋㅋㅋ There are so many idols that have been acting like Cheonju “angel” idols but have turned out to be anything butㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  6. [+69, -1]ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But…she’s already in her 11th year; it’s laughable that she’s just now coming out claiming school violence ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  7. [+47, -0] Why are there so many threats against idols these days? It’s seriously a miracle nothing has happened, reminds me of threats against Seung-hee too [Oh My Girl….all of Apink are famous for their good personalities ㅋㅋㅋ maybe they think their personalities are too much? I hope it gets resolved well especially since they filed a complaint..
  8. [+46, -0] In the meantime fan reaction: “this is too hilarious”
  9. [+42, -0] She probably thought because Chorong is kind she’d be an easy targetㅋㅋㅋ 
  10. [+25, -1] Is this person f***ingㅈㄴ crazy!? You chose the wrong one ㅋㅋ. Didn’t you know Park Chorong is famous for her good personality? 

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KPOP NOW – Does eating Kimchi provide immunity from corona symptoms?

Article: “Kimchi relieves symptoms of Corona 19”

Source: Hankook Ilbo

On the 31st, the World Kimchi Institute announced that “they have discovered that various nutritional ingredients found in kimchi like cabbage, red pepper and garlic control antioxidants in human body.”

According to a joint study conducted on the correlation analysis between covid-19, incidence, mortality and dietary differences by country, the research team found that those that ate fermented vegetables like kimchi had less coronal deaths. The team found that the lactic acid bacteria from the fermentation process when it interacted with proteins (Nrf2) that control antioxidants in the human body, remove harmful oxygen caused by corona. 

The research team also confirmed nutritional ingredients like fermented vegetables and spices found in Kimchi ease inflammation caused by corona. 

Honorary Professor Jang Buske stated, “Kimchi is rich in antioxidants and can reduce TRP activity, making it very effective in relieving symptoms caused by the corona. It’s because of kimchi that Koreans have fewer deathly ill corona patients and low mortality rates.”

  1. [+3,141, -24] This makes me curse the Chinese even more..
  2. [+2,475, -25] Is it O Kimchi (Korean) or X Kimchi (China)😡🤬🤬
  3. [+2,225, -21] Chinese Kimchi has no effect..
  4. [+87, -2] It’s the spicy taste of the red pepper powder and garlic itself, not the Kimchi, that enhances the immunity for 50 million Koreans and suppresses the virus. Moreover, Kimchi is loved all over the world and is the staple of our country. 
  5. [+72, -2] This is why Chinese Kimchi can never measure up because its grown in bottles
  6. [+60, -6] I don’t know why our govt keeps shutting its mouth when it comes to China ㅋㅋ
  7. [+42, -2] The Chinese are going to get enraged againㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  8. [+40, -2] (K)imchi = (K)orea ; (C)orona = (C)hina
  9. [+35, -39] Guys~ please lets stop with this. I know kimchi is the symbol of our country but its just a dish with fermented cabbage, red pepper powder and salt. Isn’t it too embarrassing to promote it like it’s some type of remedyㅋ?
  10. [+27, -1] This is how amazing our Kimchi is. Once upon a time the Japanese tried to claim it as theirs too and now we have the ch*nks to worry about ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  11. [+19, -1] Park Soo-hong is trending #1 in current affairs news right now and yet there are zero comments ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

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KPOP NOW – Victims reveal shocking testimony that they witnessed Ji-soo force sex acts on male students during retreats

Article: “Iljin and sexual assault”… Jisoo alumni reveal testimony to ‘True Story Expedition Team’

Source: Xports News

Actor Ji-soo‘s alleged victims have come forward with further testimony.

On the 20th, MBC‘s ‘True Story Expedition Team‘ aired exclusive interviews with Jisoo’s elementary and middle school alum who revealed Ji-soo’s alleged iljin activities and sexual assault.

Victim A stated, “I was viciously bullied by Ji-soo. I was basically his “bread shuttle.” He forced me to buy him bread and snacks from the school cafeteria using my own money. He would set a time like 1 or 2 minutes and if I made it back late, he would hit me. He’d call my cell and say, “you know you have to bring money tomorrow right? It started off from 5,000-10,000 won initially but later went up to 100,000 won. He was malicious with his bullying and would make me take his quizzes and midterms for him.”

When asked why they didn’t report him, A stated, “We did report him but they [bullies] weren’t scared of the teachers. They’d just move on to the next kid and the bullying would continue. Later we began thinking nothing would change even if we reported it so no one dared to report it after that.”

Another middle school classmate B stated, “He would kick me in the butt, thighs, strike me on my head, slap me on the face or punch me in my chest and pit of my stomach. He would give me missions like tell me to get up during class and sing or dance. I was basically his clown. He sat in the back row and used me as his shield so he could sleep. If my posture was even slightly off, he’d hit me in the back of my head.”

The production team visited family members of one of the victims and the victim’s mother revealed, “I remember flipping through TV one day and Ji-soo came on. I cursed his face and yelled ba$tard, beat my heart with fists and switched channels.”

Another victim’s mother stated, “I don’t watch his dramas. Even now, he makes me shudder with rage. I remember going to talk with school principal at the time and I was shocked by his attitude.” The husband continued, “on our way out I heard the principal saying, “they must have so much time on their hands. Do they have nothing to do? The homeroom teacher even called us and suggested we move elsewhere to avoid our child going to the same high school as Ji-soo.”

Another classmate C revealed, “Ji-soo bullied a lot of kids. One of my close friends was particularly bullied by Jisoo. I have memories of us buying cup noodles and eating them behind a TV in school because he was afraid of running into Jisoo in the cafeteria. There’s this hideout behind the school. It’s a tomb. My friend was hit a lot in those graves behind the school.”

Two other classmates D & E revealed, “Jisoo started off as a class bully until he was recruited a group of iljins. We called them “Iljin-pam.” After that, Jisoo began using his power ordering other iljin kids to carry out his actions. If you were against them, you’d be ostracized by the whole grade and bullied.”

One classmate F stated, “It’s true that Jisoo was bully. He even admitted it himself. But there are some parts that aren’t true…I just want to make sure he’s getting punished only for what he did. From my memories I don’t remember anything about Jisoo forcing sex acts on male students. The initial accuser that came out was also a vicious bully himself in his 1st and 2nd year who became an outcast in his 3rd year. He’s putting the blame on Jisoo for things other kids did to him.”

The production team also met up with Jisoo’s elementary classmates and one of them revealed, “During retreat, I witnessed him force sex acts on some of the boys. Everyone in the class saw it. We pretended not to see it because we didn’t want to become his next target.”

Another classmate revealed, “I saw him put a bag over students head. I was only a victim of mild sexual harassment and verbal abuse but it got severe as time went on. I saw him masturbate in class too.”

Jisoo’s agency stated in a letter addressed to the program, “Jisoo is getting in contact with the victims to directly apologize to them.”

Jisoo also wrote to the program and stated, “I hung out with a group of delinquents and foolishly believed in the illusion that I had great power in my hands. However, claims that I bullied classmates and forced them to buy things, take tests for me, sexually harassed or assaulted them are absolutely not true. If you give me a chance I would like to apologize to those that were hurt by my actions.”

In the meantime, Jisoo plans to enlist in the military in the second half of the year. 

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KPOP NOW – (G)I-dle’s Soojin speaks out and reveals she’s a victim of distorted facts

Article: (G)-Idle Soojin addresses bullying accusations…asks Seo Shin-ae to “clarify her position”

Source: Sports DongA

(G)-Idle’s Soojin is maintaining her innocence over claims of school bullying.

On the 19th, Soojin denied allegations of bullying and abuse by 10 victims and stated, “the victims changed their stance when we met up face-to-face after giving distorted claims during interviewed with media.”

When asked about suspicions of bullying actress Seo Shin-ae, she stated, “I’m proud so I hope Seo Shin-ae will give a clear position on her part.” 

She added, “I sincerely apologize to all those who were affected by this incident. I want to clarify all the rumors and allegations about me.”

NOTE: Soojin’s statements have been translated as written and shared through the media

No. 1-6 are my positions on the first accuser (the IG accuser, older sister [unni] of victim ‘B‘)

1. How did I know who ‘B’ was 

Long before the revelation article was posted, I received a call from an alum that the first accuser was looking for my photo. Since B and I were close for a while in school, I still remember the name of her unni so when they first mentioned her name in Wikitree IG, I was able to guess who she was from her user ID. 

I want to clarify that it’s not because I bullied her that I recognized her name.

2. The retraction of the platelet story

When B first posted, she insisted the victim was going in and out of the hospital because of the stress I caused her from bullying that led to platelet reduction. But when I met up with B’s unni with my agency rep, she told me the disease was from 3rd grade long before the claims I abused her in school so of course it seemed I wasn’t the cause of her illness. 

From her “reversals” from our meet up in person, it was clear I wasn’t the cause of B’s illness so after that came out, public opinion changed and that’s how the platelet story got deleted.

3. Phone argument

First off, I sincerely apologized to B again and again when we met up for cursing her over the phone. However, there’s nothing to admit to regarding the “juice incident.”

In my first statement, I said I remember the phone call and said I didn’t’ remember the juice incident that she had described in detail. I can see how this can be confusing to anyone that was reading it so I accept responsibility for that. This is what I remember from back then. 

B and I had promised to met up that day but B never showed up. I waited for her for a long time and when I called her she suddenly said she couldn’t come. This wasn’t the first time B canceled a scheduled meeting so I lost my temper and cursed her on the phone.  That’s when she passed the phone to her unni (an adult) who swore and scolded me ( a middle schooler) so I apologized and hung up. Her unni never once referenced the juice incident and there was no chance for me to explain to her why we were arguing. B said she received money from her unni to give to me but I never received it. Since that call our relationship became distant. 

I never once bullied or abused ‘B’ or extorted money from her. B even admitted to the conversation how I said it and her unni seemed to confirm everything I said was correct on her IG live.”

4. Regarding the scolding during PE (gym class)

Her unni is claiming that during gym class ‘B’ laughed when a student (Oh XX) called another student by the wrong name and I scolded B for it in the hallway in front of the school bathroom where a lot of students were present. Oh and I were friendly classmates and Oh never told me anything like that happened even after checking with her. 

We had one gym teacher at the time and Oh and Kim weren’t in the same grade so there’s no way they would’ve been in same gym class. I even checked with classmates I was still in contact with and none of them remember the incident even though her unni is claiming this happened in front of a lot of people.

5. About the DMs and hakpok committee mentioned as evidence

It’s true my mother was called to the school for a hakpok [school violence] committee but it was for something that had nothing to do with me. So can it really be said I admitted to facing a school violence committee when it had nothing to do with me? I remember my mother coming out of the conference room in tears and was never once brazen in her speech and manners. The teacher even announced to classmates in private that I hadn’t committed any wrong doing.

When B and I met up, I asked her about the committee hearing and she had no reply. Just a long period of silence and said she knew nothing about my mother and had posted something she didn’t know of and dragged my family into it. Even after I clearly explained to B, the hakpok had nothing to do with me from what the committee judged in the private meetings she took out almost everything that I had said and posted only that I had admitted to facing a school violence committee. 

Even though there was a recording, even though she had said in an interview with a reporter that I had not admitted to anything during our face-to-face meeting, she went and spread the idea that I had admitted to facing a school violence committee several days later.

6. The reason why the first meeting was with agency reps and I wasn’t present

When B’s unni uploaded her first post, the agency DM’d me asking for a face-to-face meeting. But B’s unni said B was uncomfortable and refused to meet, so the agency respected her wishes and suggested she meet with agency reps instead. I wanted to speak to B in person too but the DM said she was uncomfortable so I respected her wishes. I wasn’t trying to avoid a face-to-face confrontation. 

When B and I met face-to-face, she acknowledged that I was the first to request an in-person meeting. 

7. The friend I did “dance” with on graduation day

I remember being friends with this person from our third year of school until graduation day but we lost contact after that. We never hung out together in school but I do remember hanging out once after school ended. We were close enough that I knew her family’s situation. 

It’s not true that I called this friend over two days before graduation under the excuse of sharing a meal together to practice choreography. We had rehearsed at my house for about a month and a half before that. My father remembers this person well and even remembers the situation where the person living downstairs contacted us to complain about the noise. We exchanged songs through email for several months. I have evidence of this still in my inbox.

8. About Seo Shin-ae’s IG post

As I wrote in my first statement, I have never spoken with actress Seo Shin Ae during our time at school. Before this issue began, I had no idea even which class she was in. I have never committed acts like putting cigarettes in her desk or stealing her graduation letters. 

I know nothing about Seo Shin Ae and this was the first time that I had heard such rumors about her and me. I have never bullied her or cursed at her behind her back. Every time that I release a new statement, Seo Shin Ae has shared a post around the same time, so many people wrongly believe that I bullied her. 

My agency has contacted her agency, but has gotten no response. I am not guilty, so I strongly request Seo Shin Ae to release a clear statement about the issue.

9. About the padded coat

I don’t really know how to explain this incident since it never happened but I can explain why the accusers claims are hard to believe. 

  • I never bullied this person in our first year of school by slapping them on the cheek or coloring on their padded coat with a marker. This person wrote that “when I bullied them, a friend witnessed the incident and helped them.” I checked with this friend directly and they said they have no memory of this. 
  • Netizens asked the accuser for proof I had ruined their jacket but the accuser said they had sold the item recently. This means a 10 yr old defaced jacket had been sold recently?
  • Netizens asked the accuser to get in contact with the buyer and get a photo of the coat but the buyer responded that the marker had been erased at the time of purchase meaning she sold the jacket without the marker? Even in the one-on-one chats with buyer no damage was mentioned. How can a jacket with 10 year old stains easily get erased in the laundry? It’s also hard to believe that someone kept marker stains that I allegedly left from like 10 years ago?
  • When the information about the coat was uploaded on the secondhand website, it showed that the coat wasn’t from my time in middle school. The accuser explained they had uploaded the wrong information thinking it was the same product. When people asked for clarifications after explaining how to correctly identify the coat’s production date, the accuser went quiet. 
  • This same person said they were in 2nd class and I was in 1st class in our third year when they first wrote up their post. They claimed that my class was full of troublemakers and the student’s dean was the homeroom teacher at the time. But that’s not true. I was in 2nd class (not 1st) and my homeroom teacher was the English teacher (not the Dean). Furthermore, 1st class wasn’t a class of troublemakers. The accuser then changed their statements multiple times and said they weren’t sure whether it was 2nd or 5th class. 
  • The accuser claimed I came to their class often since I had a friend there but when I was in my 3rd year, all my close friends were in same class as me so I hardly ever visited other classes. 
  • Also, the 1st and 2nd class were on the same floor so it doesn’t make sense when the accuser keeps saying I had to “come up” to their class. Everything is all lies. 

10. Other accusations

I never made people slap each other or stole their money and belongings or sent bullying messages alienating a student from the group. It’s not true. I can’t give explanations on things that never happened. I never engaged in that kind of behavior during my time in school.

  1. [+616, -235] I read the whole article and I think she addressed and explained each accusation well. I wish there were more witnesses coming out to support her. Personally, I feel like Soojin’s statements are more believable..
  2. [+587, -174] It’s not decided yet but if Soojin’s statements are true, isn’t this too much? The real-time trend searches on her basically ruined her image. How are they going to make it up to her?
  3. [+471, -85] It’s well worth the long read…
  4. [+392, -296] Even if she smoked cigarettes once, she’s still a criminal because that’s a crime..
  5. [+389, -44] I don’t understand why Seo Shin-ae has gone quiet. Doesn’t this mean she willingly tried to bury someone with false facts??
  6. [+330, -34] Looks like Seo Shin-ae has to release an official statement this time. She can’t go around making ambiguous posts on IG anymore…
  7. [+263, -68] Hul…where is Seo Shin-ae right now..if this is true she needs to retire from the entertainment industry
  8. [+237, -112] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Neither Soojin nor the victims have any evidence to back all their claims but Soojin’s post made me shut my mouth this time….check it out guysㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  9. [+181, -194] Looks like someone wrote this up for her this timeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it’s very well written
  10. [+227, -218] Someone wrote this up for her from top to bottom ㅋㅋ. This time all the suspicions are put together and addressed one-by-oneㅈ.ㄹ . It’s been reported already that Seo Shin-ae was her victim so what’s with them bringing it up again when its basically been confirmed. What’s their end gameㅋㅋ
  11. [+176, -13] Seo Shin-ae needs to come out and explain exactly what Soojin did to her. Stop with spring, summer, autumn and winter crap…ㅋㅋㅋupload exactly what she did to you. If not, she’s going to end up getting buried herself .

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KPOP NOW – Jung Joon Young admits to prostitution and reveals he was “gifted” prostitutes through a “Madame Mo” that Seungri knew

Article: Jung Joon Young admits to prostitution and shares memory of meeting Madame Mo through Seungri → Sent a “gift” through Yoo In-seok”

Source: STAR News

Singer Jung Joon Young has admitted to prostitution.

On the 26th, Jung Joon Young appeared as a witness for Seungri’s alleged special assault charges and was reunited with Seungri after 3 years. He wore a blue suit and had his hair cut short as he was guided by investigators and stood on the witness stand. Jung Joon Young is currently serving a prison sentence for gang rape and appeared emaciated. 

Jung Joon Young received a high-intensity witness interrogation from the military prosecution and Seungri’s lawyers for more than an hour each side. Jung Joon Young stated, “I met seungri for the first time at a Hong Kong awards ceremony and found out about Yoo In-Seok through Seungri. I’ve never been in contact with Seungri until recently.”

Jung Joon Young also revealed that he once lived with Kim, who often appeared as a former Arena Club MD and one of the key figures in the Burning Sun scandal as a roommate. 

When asked about arranging prostitution with Seungri and Yoo In-Seok for prostitutes at a Christmas party in December 2015, Jung Joon Young admitted to prostitution and stated, “I was aware that prostitutes were being sent through a host bar owned by Madame Mo that Seungri knew.”

When asked if he knew that a prostitute worth 1 million won was being sent through this madam he stated, “I received a message from Yoo In-seok saying “I will send you a gift” after returning home from a drinking party. I understand that the gift was a woman.”

When asked “how did you know that [that it was a prostitute]?” Jung Joon Young tilted his head a bit and stated, “through a katalk conversation with Kim Mo, who was a club Arena MD and my close friend but my memory is very unclear at this point.”

In the meantime, Seungri had denied allegations of prostitution or prostitution mediation. 

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KPOP NOW – Leaked CCTV reveals Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong-hun were present when Seungri mobilized gangsters

ArticleSeungri denies special assault charges.. Is victim an employee of a large entertainment agency? 

Source: Star News

Leaked CCTV has revealed that Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong-hun were witnesses to former Big Bang member Seungri‘s special assault charge.

On the 10th trial held at the Military Court in Yongin on the morning of the 19th, prosecutors presented CCTV evidence from inside the bar where Seungri and his acquaintances visited on December 30-31 when the incident happened. From the footage, Seungri and the victim had a conversation in one of the VIP rooms and some members from his controversial katalk chat room Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong-hun appeared. Ten minutes later, Yoon In-seok appeared with four gangsters who later beat up the victim in a back alley outside their truck. Six to seven minutes later when police arrived, the gangsters disappeared.

According to prosecutors, one of the two victims was an employee of a large entertainment agency. 

According to list of evidence presented by the prosecution, the following day, they were able to confirm that Seungri shared information about the incident with Yang Hyun Suk who was the CEO of YG Entertainment at the time who appeared concerned.

Seungri denied the allegations of special assault in court and his lawyer disagreed with statements provided by the gangster involved in the assault (Jung Beom) and other witnesses to the incident. 

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KPOP NOW – Hwang Hana’s chaebol husband found to have jumped to his death

Article: Witness on ‘Gal’, “Hwang Hana’s husband jumped to his death…I was shocked to see the article”

Source: Sports Chosun

Suspicions are being raised over the death of influencer Hwang Hana‘s husband, Oh.

SBS’ ‘I want to Know [Gal]‘ which aired on the 6th tracked the relationship between Hwang Hana, her late husband Oh, acquaintance Nam who’s in critical condition as well as three people associated with Telegram drug store ‘Vatican Kingdom.’

Witnesses revealed they last saw Oh on his way to work around 7:10am on Christmas Eve last year. 

A witness Kim Ji-won (a pseudonym) revealed, “I was on my way work when I heard a loud bang. I rushed from the parking lot and saw a woman squatting next to a man collapsed on the ground crying saying, “my son, my son.” The man was a robust young man in his 20s wearing a long padded jacket laying near a flower bed. I tried CPR but there was a lot of blood on his clothes and hat.” 

According to the security guard, there were soju bottles, wallets, cigarette butts and cell phones found on the hallway of a 12th floor apartment in the building. 

A few days later, Kim was shocked to see an article online. He stated, “I was shocked when I find out that the 12-story apartment building was connected to Hwang Hana and later found out that the dead person was Hwang Hana’s husband.”

Before his extreme choice, Hwang Hana and her husband were under investigation by police for drug use and Oh had turned himself in to police in September but suddenly changed his statement in December. 

Oh’s acquaintance Nam also complained that he was falsely accused and tried to commit suicide a week before Oh and mentioned Hwang Hana in his suicide note writing, “I was so angry and resentful. All these things happened because of Hwang Hana and maybe she’s using this to cover up her sins.” 

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KPOP NOW – Hwang Hana connected with drug kingpin of the infamous Telegram drug ring ‘Vatican Kingdom’

Article: Hwang Hana connected with drug kingpin of ‘Vatican Kingdom’… ‘Gal’ production team ‘shock’

Source: STAR News

According to SBS‘ ‘I want to Know [Gal]‘, Hwang Hana is reportedly acquainted with an infamous drug king pin that was arrested in January. The Gyeongnam Police Agency arrested a young man in his 20’s “Lee” nicknamed ‘Vatican‘ that runs Telegram chatroom drug store ‘Vatican Kingdom‘ who’s members were also arrested by police.

Earlier in September last year, “I Want to Know” aired an episode titled “Telegram Drug King – Who owns the world” and revealed drug king pin Park Wang-yeol who was behind a famous Telegram drug market at the time. Park was also a suspect in a murder at a sugar cane field in the Philippines. Another Telegram drug store Park Wang Yeol used to distribute drugs was ‘Vatican Kingdom.’

Shortly after Hwang Hana’s husband, Oh (from third-generation chaebol family) passed away from suicide, production team of ‘I want to Know’ obtained 50 voice files that revealed relationship between Oh and another acquaintance, Nam, who is currently in critical condition after an attempted suicide. During their conversations, the name of the Telegram drug king ‘Vatican‘ appeared.  

However, during investigations, Nam’s family claimed their son is not related to ‘Vatican Kingdom’ but he was rather a victim of the gang. Hwang Hana’s family also refuted claims that she’s related to the Vatican, claiming that she was kidnapped by the gang.

An informant that was with the drug king pin ‘Vatican‘ at the time of his arrest earlier this year met with production team member of ‘I want to Know’ and revealed that “at the time of his arrest, drug king pin Vatican went to a hotel to meet Hwang Hana. The drug king also sent a letter to Lee, who took over leading the ‘Vatican Kingdom’ drug ring when ‘Vatican’ went to prison.” The production team were able to obtain and read the letter and were in “shock” over its contents. 

The full episode of ‘I want to Know‘ is scheduled to air on SBS on the 6th. 

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