KPOP NOW – Actor Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara embroiled in dating rumors again

Article“Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara are in a relationship”

Source: Pann

I was watching a video of Seo Yeji on YouTube and entertainment director Kim Yong-ho said that they were dating? There were articles about them in the past too. They’re both in the same agency so it’s natural to get close but he said they’re dating. Lee Jong-suk apparently gifted Kwon Nara a Ferrari? 

I got curious so I decided to write this.

  1. [+391, -8] What this same reporter revealed 9 months ago 1. Seo Yeji x Kim Jung-hyun 2. Seo Ye-ji dated Kim Soohyun and is now in a relationship with Kim Soohyun’s cousin 3. Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Nara are still dating 4. Kim Soohyun is not in control of his private life because of X 5. Seo Ye-ji went around acting like a queen on set, like she was Jung Jihyun, here’s link to the Kim Soo-hyun video
  2. [+366, -1] It’s not like they’re trying to hide their feelings for each other, plus the only two celebrities in Lee Jong-suk’s agency are Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Naraㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  3. [+289, -5] Now that I think about it,, both Kwon Nara and Lee Na-yeong look a bit similar…no? They both had big double eyelids, they both have small pretty faces and long limbs like models…looks like Lee Jong-suk’s tastes are very consistent
  4. [+217, -2] Since Yunho’s scandal, the idea of “celebrity image” is completely shattered….I no longer trust in them anymore..
  5. [+185, -0] I remember him on that interview he did about Sulli, he didn’t say much about her just kept going “wow” and turned Sulli into some strange loner, even Sulli looked embarrassed ㅋㅋㅋ. At first, it was Sulli getting cursed out in the comments but then later more comments asking “why he was acting like that” started pouring outㅋ
  6. [+182, -1] Ah~ honestly let’s cut out anything about Kim Soo-hyun. F*ck ever since ‘My Love From Another Star’ I get the feeling he’s been “image-making” ever since he became a celebrity
  7. [+134, -0] I remember feeling sorry for Seo Ye-ji when rumors first came out about Kim Soohyun being a real psychopath…looks like she’s just as shameless as him..
  8. [+122, -0] I remember seeing photos of Kim Soohyun smoking cigarettes in high school, him and his friends only wearing panties and him cursing at Psy? Ever since then I woke up from my delusions about him. I saw those pictures on Google back then but looks like they got buried…

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KPOP NOW – Rumors that ‘Burning Sun’ is closely tied to chaebols and politicians surface

Article: “‘Burning Sun’ scandal is seriously crazy and scary”

Source: Pann 

I’m not sure about whole situation since I was in high school at the time when Burning Sun exploded but I recently found out about it and I’m in shock. Is this an event that happened in the 21st century? 

It feels like something you’d see in a movie. Are we sure they don’t have ties to the Triad and Taiwanese conglomerates? 

  1. [+487, -5] The people in the middle of it are 3rd generation chaebols, politicians and Jang Ja-yeon and Kim Hak-eui. It’s just that only Seungri and Jung Joon-young were being talked about in the news. Rumors about top actors like Jang Dong-gun, Hyunbin, Joo Jin-mo, Jung Woo-sung, Lee Jung-jae got buried so quickly..
  2. [+429, -9]  It’s seriously scary that we still don’t know much about ‘Burning Sun’ ..
  3. [+422, -1] If this was just anyone from regular public they would’ve already been sentenced to 50 years in prison..
  4. [+255, -4] Lee Soo-geun too who went gambling while his wife was struggling with an illness. F***ing disgusting ba$tardㅈㄴ
  5. [+182, -0] ㄹㅇ Ju Ji-hoon indulged too;; He’s still doing broadcasts just fine.
  6. [+134, -1] Even now Burning Sun is still a scary phenomenon…I’m still in shock that this happened in the 21st century…
  7. [+123, -10] It was buried by the current administration. The police officer that was privately investigating the case died suspiciously too. Kim Sang-kyo even revealed that it was tied to Choi Soon-sil’s nephew but the articles got buried. Moon Jae-in is scared. 
  8. [+115, -1] I seriously hope that the kids from the “Seungri Group” are investigated. Lee Munho [Burning Sun CEO] is probably out playing golf right nowㅋㅋ
  9. [+83, -15] Burning Sun VIP son. Choi Soon-sil’s nephew Seo Hyeon-deok
  10. [+52, -0] That’s why it’s not surprising that it got buried like that..
  11. [+43, -0] Burning Sun exploded when a woman at a club was dragged by her hair by a waiter and beaten. Seungri even revealed himself he was operating the club on his own before everything exploded. I still remember it. It was a major event in the entertainment industry. 
  12. [+40, -0] What’s truly scary is fact that politics and entertainment world are so intertwined and police are taking care of them through what’s taking place at Burning Sun. Yea, Seungri and all his friends need to be put in jail but what’s more scary are the invisible people behind them pulling the strings in the entertainment industry. I’m scared that Burning Sun has become too quiet;;;
  13. [+39, -0] There are so many videos out and the evidence is bursting at the seams but police only caught the victims???! It’s seriously daebak that not one of them was caught…
  14. [+29, -0] The reason why Burning Sun must be buried is because chaebols in our country are tied upㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  15. [+24, -3] It’s heartbreaking and scary because of how many kids were connected to SM dols and Seungri. Seriously made me feel dirty to have liked them. From Kang-in, Yunho, EXO Chanyeol was best friends with Lee Jonghyun. If you just look at all their famous friends, the list of acquaintances is a mile long but they got away. 

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KPOP NOW – Soyou addresses suspicions that she received fillers and nose surgery

Article: Soyou turns over eyes, nose, chin over suspicions of plastic surgery…”how can I prove this”

Source: OSEN

Former Sistar member Soyou has retorted to allegations that she received plastic surgery.

On the 16th, while communicating with fans on an Instagram live, Soyou saw a fan comment that stated, “your surgery looks noticeable.” 

Almost immediately Soyou retorted stating, “Where do you think I got it done? Did you see me get surgery? I see so many comments saying I did surgery, please tell where you saw me get it.” 

She then added, “I’ll tell you. I didn’t get any nose surgery. It’s all blending.”

Regarding suspicions that she got fillers, Soyou stated, “How am I supposed to show you that I didn’t get fillers on my chin.” She then started pulling apart her eyes and chin to show she didn’t receive any procedures adding,“I didn’t get any procedure. I lost a lot of weight. I can’t do Botox because of my phobia of injections. As for my eyelashes, that’s all makeup.”

When a fan mentioned a V-line procedure called “shrink” Soyou stated, “Shrink? Have you tried it? I don’t know anything about it.”

What are your thoughts on the suspicions?

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KPOP NOW – Blind items from the past months

Blind items from the past months – K-POP, K-FANS

Blind items from the past months


– Idol-turned-actress C is infamous for remodelling her face without a break. Since transforming as an actress, she’s been going to her plastic clinic non-stop because she’s never satisfied with her face. Because of this, C’s cute, quirky face lost its charm. Those who haven’t seen her in a while don’t even recognize her. C’s mother had enough and warned her, “If you get work done again, I’ll disown you.” It’s a pity how nothing else can seem to help with her self-esteem. (Jan 21)
– Multi-entertainer D is an official homebody because when she doesn’t have schedules, she never goes outside. Actually, it was found that even at home, she can never take a break because she’s busy dating around. D is known for her thirst for men. D was burned by paparazzi once. Since then, she started having home dates only. She was seeing a singer E briefly. When E enlisted, she jumped onto an artist F right away. Shortly after, she switched to a hallyu star G. At this point, she’s an “artist killer”. Because of D’s homebody life, D’s actress friends who ate and drank non-stop with her gained too much weight and are struggling as well. (Jan 7)
– Top star A is called a ‘goddess’ but on the inside, she’s struggling with her husband who cheats on her all the time. She doesn’t want a divorce either because she doesn’t want her financials to be affected by the divorce. Whenever A hears about her husband’s “women”, she would take her husband to an overseas trip. She would take pictures with him while holding hands at overseas and cease down the rumors. It’s unbelievable that one can even cheat with someone like A. (Dec 10, 2020)
– ‘Icon of plastic surgery’ female star B is pulling a James Bond to get plastic surgery. Despite numerous issues, B is known for her great singing talent. When she signed with her current agency, one of the terms on the contract was “no more plastic surgery”. However, it’s not easy to quit an addiction. At first B seemed to have stopped getting work done. But she got caught going to a plastic clinic by her agency. As a result her manager had to guard outside of B’s home. But B wasn’t about to give up that easily. B would invite a close friend to her place and pretend they’re just hanging out. After that, she would call two taxis, she and her friend would ride each taxi, and have the manager following the wrong taxi. B’s agency is worried about B’s looks that are just getting worse and worse. (Oct 17, 2020)
– Idol group F has promotions in various fields, but there are internal conflicts within the group. A member G, born in 1997, is the center of the conflict. G is in charge of brightness and energy in the group. G has many connections with other idol groups. Since a lot of 97’ers are actively promoting in the industry, G is busy expanding his/her connections. In the beginning of the year, G was invited to a group chat full of popular 97’ers and his/her affection for their group seems to have gone away. G would tell his/her members, “My friends are all doing well, what the hell is with you guys?” or “My group will flop except me.” G should realize that they’re nothing without their group. (Jul 31, 2020)

(Source: Newsen)

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KPOP NOW – Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin caught up in dating rumors after alleged couple photo surfaces on Weibo

Source: Sports Chosun

Actors Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin are caught up in rumors that they’ve rekindled their romance.

On the 31st, Chinese media Wang Yi Love Channel revealed, “A netizen recently  hared a photo of two people presumed to be Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo taking a walk with their dogs at night. The two are already living together.”

Another Chinese netizen posted on SNS and wrote, “Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin’s dating video.” The video is currently deleted.

Chinese media once reported the possibility of a divorce between Song Joong-ki and Song Hye Kyo four months before Joong-ki made the official announcement in June last year.

Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo developed into lovers after appearing together on KBS 2TV’s “The World They Live in” in 2008. Although they have been openly dating for two years after rumors of their relationship surfaced, news broke out that the two had split up before Hyun Bin joined the military, and they have since taken their respective steps.

Song Hye Kyo’s agency flatly denied rumors of a romantic relationship between the two stating, “It hasn’t even been a day or two but Chinese media are just publishing articles recklessly. Chinese media are continuing to imagine things.”

Hyun Bin’s agency also drew a hard-line response stating, “it’s not true at all therefore not worth responding to.”

In the meantime, Hyun Bin is currently in Jordan to film the movie “The Negotiation” while Song Hye Kyo is considering her next film.

What are your thoughts on the rumors?

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KPOP NOW – FNC addresses rumors that AOA’s Seolhyun smoked cigarettes at a Thailand hotel causing a fire alarm

Source: Sports Donga

FNC has addressed rumors that AOA‘s Seolhyun caused a fire alarm from smoking cigarettes. 

A rumor that guests at Thailand hotel had to evacuate because a girl group member was smoking a cigarettes began circulating online and netizens speculated that the idol was Seolhyun. 

An official from FNC Entertainment immediately addressed the rumors in a statement to Sports Donga and stated, “It’s clear from those rumors that the idol is not Seolhyun. We are collecting data for legal action against rumors and sharing of false information online. We are deeply sorry that such false and misleading information is being circulated online.”

The official added, “We will take strong legal action against damage to our artists reputation without leniency.”

The rumor in question first circulated four years ago an episode of Channel E‘s “Brave Reporters” that was broadcast in September 2016. The report alleged that a girl group member visited Thailand for a CF and caused the hotel alarm to go off because she was smoking cigarettes. 

The reporter also revealed that the girl group member in question had an insincere attitude during the CF shoot and used the members as her “errand boys.”

Following FNC’s quick statement on cigarette rumor, netizens pointed out FNC’s quick attitude in defending Seolhyun’s honor in contrast to their handling of AOA Jimin‘s bullying incident. When Mina first revealed the bullying on her Instagram, FNC remained silent for a long time and failed to arrange a reconciliation between the members and Mina leading to further revelations causing Jimin’s eventual withdrawal from the group. 

Netizens are questioning whether FNC made such a quick hard-line stance only a day after the rumor began circulating online because Seolhyun is the agency’s only lifeline left.  

Do you agree with netizens? What are your thoughts on the controversy? 

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KPOP NOW – 6 blind items released this year (no netizen comments)

6 blind items released this year (no netizen comments) – K-POP, K-FANS

6 blind items released this year (no netizen comments)

– Idol star A, who is gaining popularity for his innocent image, is infamous for his rough, free-spirited private life unlike his image. A is worrying others because he’s been obsessed with R-rated films. A is very much into a hard-core genre. A’s schedules have been cut short for various reasons. He spends his free time with R-rated contents. A has unusual preferences and his actual attitude is also thoughtless and rough. He doesn’t have good reputation from his friends and girlfriends he met after debuting. Because of his preferences, he had a lot of conflicts with his girlfriends as well. But there’s no one in his agency who can stop A’s unusual preferences, so they can’t do anything but sigh. (July 1)

– Singer D, who appeared on an audition program, dated a divorced woman 10 years senior with a child. D was an unknown singer, but he became famous from the audition program. D’s girlfriend became afraid that he would leave her, so she’s using her son whom D adored to keep contacting him. The son would contact D and say, “Uncle, where are you? Come pick me up.” “Uncle, when will we see each other again?” Due to the sympathy D feels for the son, D still can’t break up with his girlfriend. People are interested in how D will handle this situation. (June 15)

– Girl group member G, who used to be on every channel, has been out of the eyes of the public for a while. Until a few years ago, G was a very popular idol and she had endless schedules. But G hasn’t appeared for a while and made a lot of people curious. The reason why G’s TV promotions are stopped is because of a big fight between G’s father and her agency’s CEO. G’s CEO is a fossil of the music industry with a long history of experience. G’s father is also an unforgiving “psycho”. Both had a huge fight regarding to G’s promotions and as a result, G had to stop all of her promotions. Unless her father and her ‘agency father’ make up, we will never see G’s face again. (June 15)

– Actress G is infamous for dominating her celebrity boyfriends’ physical and mental completely. Since she was a rookie, she only dated popular male celebrities. There’s a famous story of how a hallyu star H jumped into the road when G broke up with him. After getting dumped, H would go to G’s agency and go on a diet when G would go on a diet. Another handsome star I even attempted suicide after breaking up with G. A man she’s now dating is a close friend of a top star J. Like what she does usually, G is controlling him by dominating his physical and heart. But the problem is that the top star J is also dominated by G and is acting like a fool. Those who don’t know well even suspect that G is dating J. What could G’s magic be? (May 18)

– Girl group member E is making her agency struggle with her craziness. Unlike other talented, popular members in her group, E is lacking in singing, rapping, and dancing. She’s full of inferiority complex. Recently, E put on an insane action at an airport and proved the rumors of her craziness. E was going through immigration with other groups for an international schedule. All of a sudden, she started swearing in the worst way, got bubbles in her mouth, and dropped on the ground. The manager quickly tried to stop E, but he couldn’t stop the eyes and the ears of the nearby people. E ended up not getting on the flight and only the rest of the members went to the schedule. (April 28)

– Girl group A’s members are taking turns to cause trouble, which worries their agency. They debuted a while ago but every year, they’re chosen as a ‘rising girl group’. A is an ambiguous group but the members already act like they’re world stars. Member B views other members as inferior because she thinks she’s on a different level. She also demands for special treatment in every event so she’s picked as the ‘most cancerous member’ by managers. Member C, who is talented in singing but has below-average looks, has also backstabbed the agency multiple times, which increased the blood pressure of the managers. Other members would also agree on a schedule, but once they arrive on the spot, they say they’re having panic attacks, collapse on the ground and cry. A’s agency says, “We only get CF offers for years. When one is about to be confirmed, one member would collapse and we would have to pause promotions and delay the release date. Because this happens all the time, A will end up disbanding without filming a proper CF.” (April 27)

(Source: Newsen via Naver)

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KPOP NOW – Former AOA member Yookyung addresses rumors of alleged bullying

Article: Former AOA Yoo Kyung after Kwon Min-ah’s revelations, “I looked the same at the time…leave it all behind”

Source: TV Report

Former AOA member Yookyung is drawing attention for her message on Instagram.

On the 3rd, she wrote a post with the message, “To be honest, I looked the same at the time.” She then shared some of the lyrics from song “Leave It all Behind” by the band ‘Sleeping With Sirens’. The lyrics stated, “I can’t forget the eyes of the bystanders. I wanna kill the pain I feel inside. But I won’t quit for the people I love. So I’ll say I’m fine until the day I f***ing see the light.”

Her post is drawing attention amid revelations by former member Mina that Jimin bullied her for 10 years. Yookyung left the group in 2016.

In the meantime, FNC has yet to address the growing controversy.

  1. [+3,936, -47] If you’re trying to expose it stop beating around the bush
  2. [+3,424, -24] It must be why all three left the group without any explanations
  3. [+3,195, -56] Please reveal it clearly. This is a dog fight. Were you bullied like Kwon Mina-ah too. Did the company unfairly kick you out and did everyone ask you to let it go and just forget. 
  4. [+302, -3] Choa promoted with AOA for a longtime too and left the group all of a sudden without an explanation. She must’ve been bullied too.
  5. [+284, -2] Jimin-ah. You’re the only one going to lose if you keep holding on like this. Just apologize cleanly and genuinely and exit the entertainment industry for good. No one wants to see you anymore. 
  6. [+279, -10] So Seolhyun was also a bystander?
  7. [+155, -1] If you’re going to write it like this then just keep quiet

Additional Source: Newsen

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KPOP NOW – Famous actor Lee Soon Jae under controversy for abusing his manager A

Actor Lee Soon Jae will hold press conference to address suspicions of alleged manager abuse.

On the 29th, SBS 8 ‘Oclock News raised suspicions “that a famous and senior actor had unfairly terminated his manager A who had worked for him for two months.” 

The manager A conducted an exclusive interview with SBS and stated, “Lee Soon Jae’s wife ordered me to complete family chores including carrying and delivering water bottles as well as repairing family members’ shoes.”

In an exclusive interview with Sports Chosun, Lee Soon Jae addressed the allegations stating, “the allegations are too exaggerated and biased. While working for us in the two months, my wife only asked him to do some personal chores about three times. After I heard about it, I gave my wife a warning. I apologized to manager Kim for that.”

The actor asked manager A to stop muddying his life with unreasonable allegations adding, “I made my acting debut in the mid-80s and I’m over 60 years old. So you mean to tell me I don’t know how to properly treat a manager?”

Regarding allegations of unpaid wages, the actor stated, “Manager Kim once told me about his insurance and wage issues but I told him to reach out to the agency since they’re in charge on all matters concerning manager’s employment and treatment. I can apologize if I did anything wrong on my part but I will hold a press conference on July 2nd to reveal more details over the inflated allegations.”

  1. [+2,243, -45] Let’s wait and hear both sides before making any judgements. 
  2. [+2,001, -83] I think we should listen to both sides
  3. [+1,835, -203] Wait, so Manager A’s abuser was really Lee Soon-jae? How does that make sense? I’m so confused.
  4. [+449, -83] If you were in your 80s would you be able to carry a pack of bottled water? This manager is really working hard trying to cause a controversy. If Lee Seon-jae really had character problems do you think he would’ve been able to make it this long and gain such respect from his juniors…let’s just cut it short.
  5. [+436, -32] He’s just a two-month old crook that got to take his first shotㅋㅋ
  6. [+427, -24] Lee Soon-Jae appears confident though. I think he addressed this quickly because he didn’t want people to misunderstand him.
  7. [+316, -40] I trust in Lee Soon-Jae’s character
  8. [+168, -2] They made me carry bottled water at my company too. I guess Manager A should believe in my words too

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KPOP NOW – Doubts arise whether Yang Hyun Suk really stepped down from YG

Source: Top Star News

Netizens are expressing doubts whether Yang Hyun Suk really stepped down from YG.

This is because Yang Hyun Suk still has the largest stake in YG Entertainment shares at 17.31% as of the end of last year. Also, even though the agency appointed a new CEO Hwang Bo Kyung, she’s rarely seen, casting doubts whether Yang Hyun Suk and his brother Yang Min Suk really stepped down from their positions.

After a steep decline in YG Entertainment stocks due to Seungri‘s ‘Burning Sun‘ scandal and Yang Hyun Suk’s endless investigations over prostitution, tax evasion, and ‘hwanchigi’, YG stocks rose up to 41,000 on the 29th, hitting a 52-week high. Many speculate that his is because of BLACKPINK‘s ‘How You Like That‘ comeback.

  1. [+819, -27] I heard this directly from staff at YG that Yang Hyun Suk didn’t quit. YG is still in the hands of Yang Hyun Suk and his brother Yang Min Suk
  2. [+661, -16] Isn’t it obvious? Nothing has changed as long as Yang Hyun Suk doesn’t sell his shares.
  3. [+584, -124] I remember when they couldn’t sell out tickets Blackpink’s concerts even after they started giving out free invitations. It was still empty. ㅋㅋㅋ 90% of their YouTube views are from kids in South East Asia. Yang Hyun-suk is going to exaggerate like that, eat and run up the stocks while he distributes drugs in the back and gives luxury bags to prostitutes for sexual favors. 
  4. [+48, -8] Why they keep writing falsehoods like Blackpink saved YG? They barely had enough fans to fill out the concert and had to give out free invites. They don’t even have a full album to tour with. What money is Blackpink bringing in exactly? They’re popular in SEA but where’s the money in that?
  5. [+46, -11] What has Blackpink done to save YG?  ㅋㅋ They’re popular overseas but have yet to win a daesang in Korea let alone a Billboard award  ㅋㅋ. From the way they’re talking you’d think they’re selling out stadiums, winning Billboards and eating up the industry. 
  6. [ +45, -5] Stop taking us for fools. We know what’s going on alreadyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  7. [+25, -5] Regardless of who the CEO is YG is always going to be controlled by Yang Hyun Suk ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Are they taking us for fools? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  8. [+20 -6] They must think we have poop for brains ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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