KPOP NOW – ‘Law of Concubines’ under controversy for unusual ‘Hanbok’ costumes

Article“Qing Dynasty imperial women wore Hanbok?”, controversy over Chinese game’s “unusual setting”

Source: Herald Economy

The appearance of a ‘Hanbok‘ in a Chinese game is causing controversy. 

On the 8th, Twitter users pointed out that the clothing of Qing Dynasty characters in the Chinese mobile game ‘Law of Concubines‘ were very similar to Hanbok. 

The game tells a story of a female protagonist entering the Qing Dynasty imperial family. The various costumes worn by female characters appear as game elements and ‘Hanbok’ appeared out of nowhere. 

Some users pointed out that clothes worn by the male characters were also Korean traditional costumes. 

Chinese publisher XD Global released the game last year targeting Korea so there was no controversy at the time but the controversy reignited after further scandals broke out with China claiming Korean ‘Hanbok’ and ‘Kimchi’ are Chinese caused public outrage. 

Users raised suspicions they were trying to reveal its part of Chinese culture by slipping in the ‘Hanbok.’

  1. [+1,278, -4]ㅋㅋㅋㅋ China was Korean
  2. [+256, -2]ㅋㅋㅋI’m confused, they conquered immigrants but as the ruling dynasty wore immigrant clothing…?
  3. [+231, -2]ㅋㅋ They have no idea what they are doing right now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even if they keep distorting like this, the lie doesn’t become true. But one day they’ll suffer with regret ㅋㅋ
  4. [+194, -14] So Qing Dynasty descendants were Goguryeo migrants
  5. [+19, -0] China was a Korean tributary..
  6. [+19, -1] But then again if they knew what embarrassment is we wouldn’t have come to this ugly levelㅋㅋ. They even claimed the Kimono as a traditional costumeㅋㅋ. There are even records there that Qing officials said that they wore hanbok in Gandoㅋㅋㅋ
  7. [+6, -0] So China is a descendant of Korea
  8. [+5, -0] Looks like the Chinese now have to wear Hanbok for holidays and weddings?ㅋㅋㅋ

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KPOP NOW – Chinese netizens plan further boycotts following GOT7 Jackson’s “Xinjiang Cotton” scandal

Article“What to do about Shinsegae”…Chinese netizens share coordinates after “Jackson’s scandal”

Source: Kookmin Ilbo

GOT7‘s Jackson is under fire for his support of China’s “Xinjiang Cotton.”

According to China’s Global Times on the 1st, Shinsegae Duty Free recently deleted Jackson’s photo as brand model from its official Instagram account. Jackson announced that he would sever all partnerships with Adidas shortly after the brand announced that they would not use cotton from Xinjiang and became the target of the boycotts. 

In China, Jackson is being seen as a “hero” for his support but in Korea he’s receiving heavy criticism for his support of communist China. Korean reactions to his scandal is causing uproar among Chinese netizens who are arguing that Shinsegae‘s treatment of Jackson is problematic and “unfair”. 

So far, the Chinese are boycotting global brands like H&M, Nike, Adidas following their boycott of Xianjiang Cotton with China’s Communist Youth Group stating, “It’s a delusion for them to make money in China but yet spread false rumors and boycott our Xinjiang Cotton.” So far 6 H&M stores in China have been closed in the aftermath of the boycott. 

In the meantime, the boycott has spread further into the US causing the U.S State Department to criticize the Chinese government for using their huge markets to suppress freedom of expression. 

  1. [+3,547, -7] Can the Chinese stop trying to become celebrities in our country then. Go back to your country and become celebrities there then with your burning hot patriotism 
  2. [+1,057, -13] If you go to a foreign country to make money then please stay quiet during your stay there. Talk about your Xinjiang Cotton back in your country. The whole world is boycotting so why are you acting like this in our country?
  3. [+922, -6] Please no more Chinese celebrities in our country
  4. [+908, -12] Did they forget how they treated Lee Hyori for using the stage name “Mao” in China? And now they’re accusing us of “unfair treatment” against Jackson for taking down his photo after he posted in support of slavery and suppression of Uyghursㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  5. [+134, -2] Wow…even during Hong Kong protests, he posted in support for China. Once his contract with JYP is over he should just go back to China and never come back. I seriously hate seeing people like him that support countries violating the human rights of other countries like Myanmar
  6. [+129, -1] No more bringing over Chinese kids when making idol groups! This is about having common sense. They’re public figures but don’t realize the gravity of the political statements they’re making. 
  7. [+118, -0] Please just kick out all Chinese celebrities from our country. Since THAAD they’ve been kicking out Korean celebrities with their anti-hallyu movements. Why do we even need Chinese celebrities? There are tons of Korean trainees with prettier visuals and more talent. Plus they’re working hard nowadays to invade and steal our culture too 
  8. [+65, -0] Seriously I thank God that Bangtan and Blackpink don’t have any Chinese members..

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KPOP NOW – Does eating Kimchi provide immunity from corona symptoms?

Article: “Kimchi relieves symptoms of Corona 19”

Source: Hankook Ilbo

On the 31st, the World Kimchi Institute announced that “they have discovered that various nutritional ingredients found in kimchi like cabbage, red pepper and garlic control antioxidants in human body.”

According to a joint study conducted on the correlation analysis between covid-19, incidence, mortality and dietary differences by country, the research team found that those that ate fermented vegetables like kimchi had less coronal deaths. The team found that the lactic acid bacteria from the fermentation process when it interacted with proteins (Nrf2) that control antioxidants in the human body, remove harmful oxygen caused by corona. 

The research team also confirmed nutritional ingredients like fermented vegetables and spices found in Kimchi ease inflammation caused by corona. 

Honorary Professor Jang Buske stated, “Kimchi is rich in antioxidants and can reduce TRP activity, making it very effective in relieving symptoms caused by the corona. It’s because of kimchi that Koreans have fewer deathly ill corona patients and low mortality rates.”

  1. [+3,141, -24] This makes me curse the Chinese even more..
  2. [+2,475, -25] Is it O Kimchi (Korean) or X Kimchi (China)😡🤬🤬
  3. [+2,225, -21] Chinese Kimchi has no effect..
  4. [+87, -2] It’s the spicy taste of the red pepper powder and garlic itself, not the Kimchi, that enhances the immunity for 50 million Koreans and suppresses the virus. Moreover, Kimchi is loved all over the world and is the staple of our country. 
  5. [+72, -2] This is why Chinese Kimchi can never measure up because its grown in bottles
  6. [+60, -6] I don’t know why our govt keeps shutting its mouth when it comes to China ㅋㅋ
  7. [+42, -2] The Chinese are going to get enraged againㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  8. [+40, -2] (K)imchi = (K)orea ; (C)orona = (C)hina
  9. [+35, -39] Guys~ please lets stop with this. I know kimchi is the symbol of our country but its just a dish with fermented cabbage, red pepper powder and salt. Isn’t it too embarrassing to promote it like it’s some type of remedyㅋ?
  10. [+27, -1] This is how amazing our Kimchi is. Once upon a time the Japanese tried to claim it as theirs too and now we have the ch*nks to worry about ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  11. [+19, -1] Park Soo-hong is trending #1 in current affairs news right now and yet there are zero comments ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

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KPOP NOW – Seungri reveals he was with actress C at time of special assault at bar and admits to meeting “Madame Mo” in 2015

Article: Jung Joon Young and Seungri reunite after 3 years…recognize prostitution, kept repeating “I don’t remember”

Source: STAR News

Former Big Bang member Seungri has denied charges of special assault in court. 

On the 26th, the military prosecution shared CCTV footage and claimed that Seungri called in gang members to a bar in Gangnam in December 30, 2015 where he was drinking with acquaintances. The prosecution claimed that Seungri committed actions like acting out and swearing. The prosecution unveiled the CCTV and watched it with judges, Seungri and the lawyers. 

The prosecution looked closely at the CCTV and pointed out the scene where Seungri and the victim appeared and met in the video. Afterwards, Seungri was seen delivering a message to someone and prosecutor stated, “Only Seungri will know who he was contacting.” Prosecutors explained that 3 gangsters appeared after two other people that participated in controversial katalk group chat with one of them convicted of sexual assault Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong-hun appeared. 

Regarding this, Seungri stated, “Even though the victim had been drinking and made me uncomfortable  I still greeted him a handshake. I was with an actress at the time and eventually felt uncomfortable so I tried to leave.” 

The lawyer explained, “Seungri was initially alone with actress C in the bar room. The Pocha is a regular bar celebrities go for parties but they also have exclusive rooms. A was drinking and kept glancing over at the actress in front of Seungri. It wasn’t a good situation for Seungri but he laughed it off and tried to get along with A. In the CCTV you can see Seungri and A shaking hands prior to him entering the room. Seungri then sent off the actress first and then moved to another place to have a drinking party.” A was reportedly an employee of a large entertainment agency. 

The lawyer added, “The person that he contacted was a person in charge of guarding celebrities not a gangster. And although he’s currently indicted, he’s accused of driving without a license not special assault. The person that appeared on the video has never talked to Seungri and someone other than Seungri called him to come to the bar. We’re also aware that during investigation it was revealed he has no connection to Seungri.”

Seungri’s side also repeated emphasized that statements given during investigation by Jung Joon Young and others may not necessarily be accurate and kept claiming “he did not remember.” They stated, “As celebrities they don’t always have time to read the full contents of all katalk chats properly.”

Seungri’s side also particularly questioned Jung Joon Young’s prostitution charges and asked, “When the members of the katalk group chat like Seungri and Yoo In-seok invited Mo madame in 2015, they mainly talked about business, were there any chats related to prostitution? No.”

In the meantime, the court announced that the trial would take longer due to more witnesses of Seungri’s special assault being called to attend interrogations following Jung Joon Young’s appearance.

According to the court, about 10 witnesses are expected to attend the trial in April alone. 

Stay tuned for updates.

Additional source: My Daily

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KPOP NOW – (G)-Idle’s Soojin under controversy for school bullying and assault

Article: G-Idle’s Soojin under suspicion of abuse, “drank alcohol, smoked, forced to slap and took money”

Source: Sports Chosun

On the 20th, netizen A claimed through social media that her dongsaeng [younger sister] was a victim of (G)-idle Soojin‘s school bullying. 

A stated, “I don’t think I can delay it anymore so I’m going to post it today. Soojin called my dongsaeng and her friend to the bathroom of a shopping mall and said “I’ll hit her first” and suddenly slapped her in the face. Then she told her friend who was with her “now its your turn hit her” and made her friend slap her. My dongsaeng and her friend had to slap each other in the face.”

She added, “She would make her drink her opened drinks and left them unfinished and then would take her money saying that she had finished her drink and had to pay for it. She took other people’s uniforms and wore them and never returned them. She stole other people’s belongings, cursed at other students when they refused to give their belongings, noisily roamed around town riding behind one the older boys who had a motorcycle, drank alcohol and smoked.”

“I went to the same academy as her. One day my dongsaeng wasn’t able to go but she texted her to come no matter what. She apologized and said that wouldn’t be possible but from then on her and her group of delinquents sent out a text to her and everyone else saying, “XX is an outcast from now.” She was so scared that she called her and kept apologizing.”

“Recently, a lot of articles have been posted that Soojin is a school bully. I hate to look like one of those girls hating on her because she’s famous but when we were in Junior High, she was the worst bully in her group. Whenever I think about it I get angry. The girl that slapped my sister, took her money and bullied her became an idol and shamelessly shows her face on TV.”

In the meantime, CUBE Entertainment has denied the rumors stating “they’re false.”

  1. [+1,724, -123] She’s scary and looks like she’d have a mean slap to her.
  2. [+1,113, -22] Looks like they’re just going to deny it until the end because they know so many careers have ended from admitting to being a bully. It’s not like there’s hard evidence anyway.
  3. [+644, -11] Even if true, do agencies even have provisions on punishment for bullying?
  4. [+650, -101] Physiognomy is a science
  5. [+483, -13] Hyorin denied it at first too. Since there’s no evidence it’s hard for victims to win in these situations unless they get hospital records and all. People that bully others shouldn’t be allowed to have jobs where they get to receive love from the public. 
  6. [+254, -7] She said she’d write more if they keep denying it ㅋ
  7. [+249, -3] I wish kids that bully others would get buried from the industry
  8. [+208, -11] Weren’t there rumors that Blackpink Jennie mocked and harassed Korean students studying in New Zealand because they couldn’t speak English like her? Even though they posted Jennie’s graduation photos and testimony of friends but they disappeared and only the rumors remained? They have yet to express an official position on it either so I hope they can investigate all of these incidents.
  9. [+179, -5] If this is true they should be exiled forever. Sistar Hyorin, Jimin, Jin Dal-rae…we shouldn’t be forced to look at these trash. Just think of the kids that commit suicide because of their bullying and how this goes on to affect them in university and their careers.
  10. [+154, -1] They all say the same thing at first…no it didn’t happen. They deny until evidence comes out then they admit they were immature and they’re reflecting, go silent for while then come back like nothing happened.

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KPOP NOW – Chinese painting insulting Korean ‘hanbok’ gets 50,000 likes on Weibo

Article: [Issue] Another ‘Hanbok’ insult…Chinese painting gets over 50,000 likes on Weibo”

Source: CBS

Chinese painting insulting Korean ‘hanbok’ has surfaced on Weibo.

On the 16th, a Chinese painting depicting three women wearing traditional clothing was shared on Weibo. To the left a Chinese woman wore ‘Hanfu‘, in the middle a Korean woman wore ‘Hanbok‘ and to the right a Japanese woman wore a ‘Kimono.’ The author wrote, “Don’t blame the hanbok painting for being ridiculous. I hope you can see it as freedom in creativity.” 

But unlike the Chinese and Japanese women that wore colorful and luxurious clothing, the Korean woman was painted drooling in her Hanbok, wearing straw shoes that can be seen through her shabby, colorless and too short skirt. In particular, her ‘Jeogori’ [top] was too short to the point that her chest was naked and spilling out. 

The Japanese woman next to her sarcastically says, “Get dressed first” and the Korean woman looks at the Chinese woman in ‘Hanfu’ and asks, “did you take the pretty clothes you’re wearing from us?” The Chinese woman side eyes the Korean woman embarrassed.

Chinese netizens that saw the painting responded, “He 100% drew it accurately” “a picture that captures everything in one glance”, “Koreans keep insisting on taking from Chinese culture recently.”

The post has been shared many times and has over 50,000 likes and 2,000 comments so far.

In the meantime, Chinese historical drama ‘Suzhou Tea Manhaeng (少主且慢行)’ that aired in February 2020 showed actresses that played “maids” wearing similar pale and shabby looking ‘hanbok’ and jeogori while the main characters were dressed in beautiful Chinese ‘Hanfu’ clothing.

In the meantime, Koreans are trending hashtags “#Hanbok_challenge” and “#Korea_hanbok_challenge” on Instagram following absurd claims by the Chinese regarding Korean ‘hanbok.’

  1. [+681, -10] I don’t care to see any more China news good or bad
  2. [+675, -19] Ask the Korean-Chinese remaining in our country. There’s a reason why you can’t tell if the Hanbok is Chinese or Korean. Why? Because of the Chinese..
  3. [+317, -11] Wasn’t their holy land originally Korea’s?
  4. [+114, -0] Hanfu is similar to Hanbok because of Goryeo Yang that was popular at end of the Yuan Dynasty. Hanbok was not influenced by China but was worn by the Chinese after the fact. Why are our traditions from thousands of years ago being sold??? 
  5. [+76, -0] It’s because of their inferiority complex against Koreaㅋ
  6. [+49, -0] Ok…but the corona is definitely yoursㅋ ㅋ
  7. [+24, -0] The only thing superior about them is the fact that they have a lot of land, other than that they’re inferior to every other country. They’re just a country full of chodings. So pathetic to the point that they don’t realize how embarrassing this is for them..
  8. [+23, -0] Why were they so quiet when Dae Jang-geum first came out then?
  9. [+21, -0] Wow…this is the level of their envy against Koreans ㅉㅉㅉ
  10. [+20, -0] Cockroaches like them need to be eradicated from the rest of the world

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KPOP NOW – ‘True Beauty’ webtoon writer confesses she’s a single mom to an 8 yr old

Article‘True Beauty’ webtoon writer confesses she’s a single mom, “I have an elementary school boy”

Source: Chosun Ilbo

On the 16th, ‘True Beauty‘ webtoon writer Yaongyi confessed on her Instagram that she was a single mom to an 8-year-old son in elementary school. 

She wrote, “There is a child that more precious to me than life itself. I’ve experienced a different love raising my precious elementary school son who’s the sole reason for my existence. He’s never been separated from me for one moment. He’s the driving force in my life.”

She confessed, “Because of how precious he is to me, there’s a part of me that was careful in revealing this part of my personal life to people. I’ve experienced hard times where I had a script on one hand while feeding him with the other. Because he’s a bit slower in language than other kids his age he’s spent a lot of time in treatment rooms. I’m always grateful to my baby that believes and loves me most in the world and doesn’t see me as lacking in any way. There are times when it’s difficult to raise a child as a single mom but when I see him laugh all those difficulties disappear. I’ll work even harder to protect my little one.”

  1. [+2,744, -85] It must’ve been hard for her to raise a child as a single woman in a society like ours.  She’s better than the crazy mother that abused and abandoned her own child to survive. Writer-nim, I’m rooting for you! Don’t worry about the hate comments. Live well and be happy with your precious son. 
  2. [+1,043, -31] Anyone that’s well intentioned thinks this is really sweet. Anyway it’s her private life. Don’t worry about the malicious comments and raise your child well. 
  3. [+677, -89] Women that raise a child as a divorcee or single mom aren’t at fault. The person that deserves criticism isn’t the mom that chose to raise the child but the irresponsible father that threw them away. Anyway, I’ve become a fan of her. Raise him well. 
  4. [+128, -25] This isn’t an issue of her having or not having a child. I remember reading an article that revealed a webtoon writer had gotten a divorce and a child was involved. Then her fans went around warning against spreading false rumors and even sent her screenshots of the article but she knowingly denied it. She probably suffered some wounds from the divorce so maybe that’s why she wasn’t confident in revealing it but it was shameless of her to lie about it. 
  5. [+51, -9] That’s not a baby but an 8 year old boy. What is she thinking saying that…?
  6. [+43, -5] She’s the one that told her fans on Instagram that she didn’t have any kids. Looks like she was lying. She must’ve received a lot of hate to the point she decided to just reveal it? I mean she likes to post photos of herself almost naked, showing off her body line and luxury foreign vehicle. Who would’ve guessed she was anything else other than what she showed on her IG..?
  7. [+24, -2] A 31 year old with an 8 year old…

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KPOP NOW – Twin volleyball stars Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young admit to iljin past

Article: Volleyball stars Lee Jaeyoung and Lee Dayoung admit to school violence, “I was immature” apology

Source: JTBC 

Netizen A shared a post in an online community titled “volleyball players that are perpetrators of school violence” and confessed she was bullied 10 years ago in elementary and middle school.

A wrote, “I was bullied more than 20 times by this person. I was told, “don’t come next to me because you smell dirty.” I was punched in my head and my face held down. It’s not just me but 4 other victims have come forward and there are more. I want to receive a sincere apology from the perpetrator.”

The post spread through social media and became a hot topic in online communities. 

The name of the perpetrator was not disclosed but names of Lee Jae-young and Lee Dayoung of HeungKuk Life were mentioned and their graduation albums and photos from school days where the victims attended together were posted online.

Later, the two admitted to bullying allegations and shared apologies. Lee Da Young wrote, “I hurt many people with my immature behavior in the past. I will visit and apologize in person if the victim permits.”

The team also released a statement writing, “The players are in deep reflection over their mistakes.”

  1. [+13,564, -199] Ok, leave the volleyball board. You have zero rights to stand in front the public after this. Don’t attend public events or play at National University. Don’t use taxes from our national pension to pay off criminals!
  2. [+5,751, -70] Makes me wonder whether Lee Dayoung hesitated at all and felt any remorse when she wrote that on her SNS~ What a shameless, outspoken life she led. 
  3. [+5,140, -98] HeungKuk Life is only going to take them off a few games…? So they’re still keeping them in the team? Are they crazy!!? Kick them off the team!
  4. [+3,815, -78] If you want to live as a celebrity then live your life cleanly. Don’t become a celebrity if your past is dirty. 
  5. [+2,525, -72] You aren’t born with that personality…she learned that growing up. I wonder who she learned that from? 
  6. [+2,288, -35] I feel sorry for Kim Yeon-kyung. Her image is ruined because of a stupid hoobae. She was trying to repay her fans by playing in Korea for the rest of her career just so that her juniors wouldn’t get less salary. But now that there’s a lot of noise I worry she’ll leave again just after she returned. 
  7. [+2,092, -14 ] I don’t think this is a matter of just being immature. You can’t blame immaturity after threatening someone with a knife. She was trying to cosplay as a victim at first being the senior but she got hit with twice with iljin comments. Since you like painting your face so much worry about doing that now, don’t even dream of returning to volleyball!
  8. [+1,761, -12] “Things are going to explode…I’m about to explode ****”. She acted all cute insisting “nothing like that happened” and even laughed off her own iljin accusationsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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KPOP NOW – Man arrested trying to enter Cho Do Soon’s home with a bag of weapons

Article: “I must punish Cho Do Soon so that I can live…”, man arrested for trespassing inside Cho Do Soon’s home with a bag of weapons

Source: Asia Economy

Police revealed on the 11th that they’ve arrested a man A (in his 20s) for trespassing. 

A tried to enter rape criminal Cho Do Soon‘s home in Ansan at 5pm on the 9th with a bag of weapons. At the time, police that were patrolling the area were suspicious of A’s behavior and approached him in front of the stairs of Cho Do Soon’s villa. He told police, “I must punish Cho Doo-soon so that I can live.” 

A police official said, “The suspect visited Cho Do Soon’s home in Gyeonggi. It was his first time here and we have confirmed that he’s not a YouTuber.”

  1. [+2,464, -35] Ah~ looks like this ba$tard is living well even getting presidential level security. I wish they’d put this much effort into protecting victims too..
  2. [+778, -10] I’m seriously so angry. How is this ex-convict murderer, robber and rape criminal getting presidential level security? He has over 10 people monitoring him every day? The system and the police are really protecting this criminal ba$tard…wow.
  3. [+378, -13] Police must be so proud working so hard to protect that rape ba$tard. Our country is seriously a paradise for criminals
  4. [+319, -9] Police once again protecting vicious criminals… Good job~!
  5. [+250, -14] Yes! Get revenge on Cho Do Soon ba$tard and the thug judge that freed him too!
  6. [+108, -4] He’s a hero. He doesn’t deserve punishment for going to his home.
  7. [+76, -2] Just pretend you didn’t see anything…you turned a blind eye about the child abuse and murderers anyway…pathetic yangachi police!
  8. [+20, -0] An eye for an eye…if he died quietly a national hero might’ve been born

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KPOP NOW – Paris Hilton tears up recalling the abuse she suffered in boarding school

Article: Paris Hilton in tears, “I was abused in boarding school as a teenager”

Source: Joongang Ilbo 

Paris Hilton attended Senate hearing on the 9th to support juvenile bill and teared up recalling the abuse she suffered at the age of 17 when she attended Provo Canyon Boarding School for 11 months.

Paris testified in tears and revealed that “she suffered mental and physical abuse and was forced to take unknown drugs and put into solitary confinement naked as punishment.”

She stated, “It’s scary to reveal such personal things but I know there are kids that are experiencing the same abuse I suffered to the point I couldn’t sleep at night.” 

The boarding school she attended was sold in 2000 and the owner changed.

In the meantime, after Paris revealed in a documentary last fall that she was abused, Michael Jackson‘s daughter Paris and other celebrities also came forward and revealed the abused they suffered in school. 

  1. [+1,494, -52] Paris Hilton-nim, in Korea, people in their 30s or older especially those in their 40-50s were openly exposed to relentless assault, violent remarks, and mental abuse by chaebol teachers. Most of those teachers are retired now and are living proudly acting like they’re above everyone but when I think about it now, it was a very ridiculous time..
  2. [+647, -76] I’m sorry, but the whole country is a disaster so we can’t afford to care about you right now. Come back next time…
  3. [+234, -4] Why didn’t she just buy up the school?
  4. [+171, -2] In Korea elementary kids that didn’t pay their membership fees got called out and beaten up my clubs. They got beaten for not finishing their homework or failing attendance. You were still able to live well since you were born with a golden spoon..
  5. [+104, -1] When I was in high school, our teacher slapped this girl on the cheek so hard to the point that we wondered if she’d make it. And this was a girls school in middle of Gangnam ㅠ
  6. [+53, -2] Everyday I dream about finding that teacher that used to hit me back then and beat him down so that he can feel what I felt ㅋ
  7. [+47, -1] Ah~I remember those psychopath teachers that used to beat up elementary, middle and high schoolers with a poker, hit our toes with a 30cm ruler and slap us with mops to the point we had blood flowing down our faces…
  8. [+33, -1] I’m sorry but a rich daughter like you suffered that? ㅋㅋ. You were born to parents with over 5 billion won and got to live the life of a chaebol even with your lacking skills ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. 

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