KPOP NOW – Jung Joon Young and Yoo in Seok fail to show up in court for Seungri

Article: Jung Joon-young and Yoo In-seok admit to arranging prostitution…Seungri denies all charges

Source: Hankyung

Seungri‘s friends Jung Joon Young and Yoo In-Seok have pulled a no-show in court. 

The two were chosen as witnesses for Seungri’s trial on the 20th but they failed to show up submitting their “reasons for absence.”

Burning Sun MD Kim, Seungri’s close friend, is the only witness that attended his trial as a witness. MD Kim told the court, “Seungri and I became close friends in college. While he ran his ramen chain I was working at the club as an MD and ran a cart bar with Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong-hun.”

MD Kim also reversed course and admitted that he was instructed to arrange for prostitutes by former Yuri Holdings CEO, Yoo In-Seok, revealing that “Yoo had sex with the prostitutes and he just was asked to drive the women to their destination.”

Regarding allegations of Seungri participating on their Katalk chat where nude photos of women were shared, MD Kim stated, “Seungri was not quick to reply to the conversations in our katalk group chat due to his frequent overseas performances. As a celebrity, he was aware of people’s words and actions. He liked to throw big parties like ‘The Great Gatsby’ but I’ve never seen him talk about sexual desires.”

When Seungri was asked in court about allegations of habitual gambling and arranging prostitution, he stated, “I do not remember. I did not participate in arranging prostitution for Yoo In Seok.”

  1. [+3,444 -17] If he can’t remember then he deserves even worse punishment!
  2. [+1,658, -790] What an ugly, dirty, trash ba$tard. And his hometown is Jeolla-do…no wonder. 
  3. [+657, -9] There’s a witness and he doesn’t remember??! How bad was the crime??ㅋㅋ
  4. [+678, -209] Seeing Seungri reminds me how bad our country really is. Those two are basically two peas in a pod.
  5. [+248, -1] It’s a sad reality when the police, prosecutors and judges have all tried but no one can punish him. How many people have been beaten down trying to arrest one person only to fail. 
  6. [+101, -1] He seriously deserves the worst punishment you can give.
  7. [+41, -0] If there really is a God, please sentence him with sudden death. 
  8. [+38, -1] If he really can’t remember then he needs to stay in the army and never get discharged until he can. 
  9. [+24, -0] I know there are worse criminals in the world but Seungri is seriously the worst!
  10. [+18, -1] Now I realize why GD couldn’t stand him either. 
  11. [+14, -0] Who the hell is behind YG that they’ve covered up all of their drugs and sex crimes??!
  12. [+13, -0] If Seungri cuts the tail this time, it 100% means he’s got connections.

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