KPOP NOW – Netizen comes forward with recordings and evidence that Apink Chorong was a school bully

Article: [Exclusive] “I’m going to sue Park Cho-rong today…”I have transcripts and evidence”

Source: Financial News

Netizen has come forward with claims that she was a victim of Apink Chorong‘s school violence.

On the 5th, Kim Mo revealed plans to sue Chorong stating that she has “transcripts and evidence.”

Kim’s lawyer revealed in a phone call to Financial News, “I think the company’s reaction was the second offense for claiming they’d sue the victim stating that Chorong is “innocent.”

“Kim went to elementary school with Park Chorong and while they were both attending different high schools she accidentally met Park Chorong in a street alley and she assaulted her. Because its been over 10 years, we cannot sue for criminal charges that’s why we requested an apology from Chorong. Because Chorong is a celebrity she’s claiming she was “defamed” when the victim has suffered mental damage for 10 years over her assault.”

He added, “We have evidence to win the trial. We have transcripts of the first phone call with Park Chorong but instead of revealing it through the media we’re immediately submitting it to the court.”

Kim also revealed photos of Chorong drinking with friends at a bar. The photos are problematic as they were taken in 2008 when Chorong was in high school and underage at 17 years old.

  1. [+1,956, -53] As expected, the entertainment industry is filled with kids with such dirty personalities~~~~~. There are so many kids in the industry who’s real face we will never know ~~~~
  2. [+1,344, -27] Looking at those photos you can tell they really played and had funㅋㅋ
  3. [+1,226, -10] This is why we need to pay more attention to the education kids not just celebrity kids get at home so that they don’t derail others in school
  4. [+607, -8] Pansanim [Judge]: In high school, kids that gather together to drink and torment kids are iljins!! Shes an iljin!!!
  5. [+604, -76] Looks like its not that ridiculous to believe that 90% of female celebrities in the industry were iljins in their school days 
  6. [+323, -12] That second photo clearly says 2008. So she was a minor and went around to bars but pretended to be so polite and angelic to the public…
  7. [+161, -7] Looks like all the celebrity kids in the industry are iljins. Their pasts were washed away with money
  8. [+118, -6] Aigoo, Apink fans have been running around bragging about the group’s clean image for 10 years and now..
  9. [+54, -3] Daebak! Did she really drink alcohol at lunch…?
  10. [+43, -12] Permanently exit the entertainment industry!!

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