KPOP NOW – Netizen that exposed (G)Idle Soojin’s abuse shares DMs and reveals Soojin refused to meet up with victim

Article(G)I-DLE Soo-jin’s school violence discloser refuses to meet with her agency, “NOT without the perpetrator.”

Source: 10Asia

Netizen that exposed (G)-Idle Soojin‘s alleged abuse and assault has denied to meet with her agency.

On the 23rd, netizen A shared another post on an online community titled “This is the Instagram commenter hakpok exposer. Contact with agency” and stated, “It’s only after a publishing an official article announcing the offender’s unpretentious position that they decided to contact the victims to meet in person. I don’t understand why my dongsaeng should meet up with her lawyer without the perpetrator? Why isn’t the perpetrator coming out to meet with the victim? If they really want to check, shouldn’t the two parties meet and talk? Does it make sense for me to take the victim to meet up with her lawyer somewhere without the perpetrator?”

“And if we met without the perpetrator, how are the misunderstandings and claims going to be resolved? If she won’t meet with the victim, I will meet with the lawyer that posted the article alone.”

A then shared hate DM’s that she received from Soojin’s fans for exposing her abuse and stated, “please refrain from writing speculations and accusations about the victim and perpetrator.” 

[PS: More DMs in the Pann article].

In the meantime, four netizens have come forward with allegations of bullying and abuse by G-Idle’s Soojin who has refuted all allegations and only admitted to cursing and smoking a few times.

Attention is paid to how Soojin’s suspicion of abuse will be finalized as the first discloser and her management agency Cube Entertainment are discussing plans to meet. 

Stay tuned for updates.

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