KPOP NOW – Park Han Byul re-summoned after Seungri’s friend reveals in court that her husband “had sex with a prostitute with door wide open”

Article: Park Han-byul and Yoo In-seok re-summoned after witness statement that “he had sex with prostitute with doors open”

Source: STAR News

Actress Park Han-byul and her husband Yoo In-Seok have been re-summoned by prosecutors. 

On the 19th, Burning Sun MD Kim attended Seungri’s third trial in military court and revealed that “he helped introduce women and drove them according Yoo In Seok’s instructions, not Seungri.” 

MD Kim then revealed that Seungri and Yoo In Seok met with two women in 2015 and stated, “What I know for sure is I saw Yoo In Seok having sex with a woman with the door open. Yoo In-Seok was in a relationship at the time. Did I have to watch something like that? It was not good to see.”

After Kim’s statements came out, the public sympathized with Park Han-byul as she had supported him and apologized for the suspicions related to her husband when Burning Sun allegations first came out. In particular, because she had vouched for her husband in court, each time new testimony related to her husband comes out, she’s also re-summoned and is suffering damage. 

Park Han Byul and Yoo married in 2017 and she gave birth to their son in April 2018. Park Hanbyul is currently living in Jeju Island with her family. 

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