KPOP NOW – Netizen comes forward with testimony that Seo Ye-ji was a school bully

Article: [Exclusive] Seo Ye-ji re-ignites suspicions of school violence → Silence? Rumors began in 2014

Source: Herald Pop

Suspicions that actress Seo Ye-ji was a school bully in the past have been re-ignited. 

On the 13th, Herald Pop conducted an exclusive interview with anonymous netizen that shared revelations of school violence about Seo Ye-ji in 2014. At the time, the netizen stated, “the kid that harassed, dragged, borrowed and refused to play with other kids including myself in middle school debuted as an actor. Now her image is very good. She has a positive and cheerful image.”

Other netizens also gave strength to the argument stating, “If you ask other kids from the same middle school you’ll know everything.”

Regarding why they never came forward about the suspicions, the netizen stated, “because Seo Ye-ji was a rookie at the time so the revelation of school abuse didn’t become a topic.”

Last February, a revelation article that Seo Ye-ji was the perpetrator of school violence in the past was published. At that time, netizens refuted the suspicions so the situation ended with the deletion of the article. However, on the 12th, school violence rumors reignited again after Dispatch article revealed Seo Ye-ji abused and manipulated her former lover actor Kim Jung-hyun not to do skin ship with his female protagonist Seohyun on MBC drama ‘Time.’

In the meantime, Seo Ye-ji will not be attending the premiere of her new film ‘Memory of Tomorrow‘ on the 13th and has gone silent regarding rumors of school violence.

  1. [+601, -54] Seeing as she even asked him [Kim Jung-hyun] not to say hello to staff she must’ve bullied and used her gapjil [power trip] with staff and supporting actors
  2. [+532, -5] At this point, her school violence rumors should be re-examined. they kept getting buried
  3. [+345, -6] There is a reason Seohyun is able to last this long in the industry. There are many kids idols and actors that can’t stand even the little things and can’t shut their mouths on Instagram..
  4. [+324, -6] Seo Ye-ji deserves all the hate but let’s not forget Kim Jung-hyun is no differentㅋㅋㅋㅋ Is it normal to wipe your hands with wet wipes just because she touched them? f*cking ba$tard
  5. [+324, -1] This too f*ck…ever since she debut her character has always been like that
  6. [+306, -1] Now I can understand why she was cast as a psycho in a drama
  7. [+212, -1] She’s infamous for this and has been embroiled in school violence controversies for a while now. Every time it would come out, the article would come up on real-time rankings and then disappear. Looks she has some strong connections.
  8. [+208, -2] I thought she was a psychopath at this time too and my body froze in shock during rock paper scissors when she said, “is your sister dead…?” I got goosebumps..
  9. [+185, -1] No…but ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I already knew she was a real psycho…unniㅋㅋ
  10. [+174, -5] Why did the two break-up, looks like they were meant for each otherㅜㅜ

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KPOP NOW – Seo Ye-ji deletes all SNS posts following Kim Jung-hyun abuse scandal

Article: [Exclusive] Seo Ye-ji, why delete all SNS posts?

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

Seo Ye-ji has deleted all SNS posts following Dispatch texts confirming her abuse controversy. 

On the afternoon of 12th, So Ye-ji deleted all content from her Instagram including photos, posts and videos hours after the report was released after fans and netizens flocked to her IG to leave comments. 

Dispatch revealed that Seo Ye-ji controlled her then boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun‘s actions asking for “no skinship” on the set of MBC drama ‘Time.‘ In turn, Kim Jung-hyun showed cold attitude to female protagonist and co-star Girls Generation Seohyun on drama set and production presentation. Later, Kim Jong-hyun got off the drama at episode 12 and writer had to rewrite the script. 

Kim Jung-hyun’s agency told Kyunghyang, “As we’re currently in a dispute with Kim Jung-hyun regarding his exclusive contract, there is no position to give.”

When asked about the leaked abuse texts, Seo Ye-ji’s agency told media that they’re “confirming.”

Seo Ye-ji is expected to attend online production briefing for her movie ‘Memory of Tomorrow‘ scheduled for the 13th so the public is paying close attention.

UPDATE: 4.12.2021 9:58 PM KST

An official revealed to OSEN on the 12th in an exclusive report that Seo Yeji decided not to attend the press release premiere and press conference on the 13th for movie ‘Memory of Tomorrow.’

Seo Ye-ji was initially scheduled to attend the media distribution premiere to be held at CGV Yongsan I’ Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul alongside director Seo Yoo-min and actor Kim Kang-woo

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KPOP NOW – Dispatch obtains texts that reveal Seo Ye-ji controlled Kim Jung-hyun’s actions on set of ‘Time’

Article: [Exclusive] “Seo Ye-ji controlled him” ···Kim Jung-hyun’s false ‘Time’

Source: Dispatch

Dispatch has obtained texts that reveal Seo Ye-ji controlled Kim Jung-hyun‘s actions. 

Recently, Kim Jung-hyun’s attitude controversy toward Girls Generation Seohyun re-surfaced after reports that the actor was in a relationship with ‘Crash Landing on You‘ actress Seo Ji-hye.

MBC drama ‘Time‘ written by Choi Ho-cheol and directed by Jang Joon-ho is a melodrama that tells the story of a man that spends his last hours of his life giving everything to a woman that was ruined because of him. His love towards her grows bigger and reaches to a point where he can’t control her and struggles to love her and reveal the truth. The drama predicted a revenge ‘melodrama’ but then ended with just ‘revenge.’ Kim Jung-hyun even exited the drama at the end of episode 12.

Dispatch was able to secure text messages between Kim Jung-hyun and Seo Ye-ji from 3 years ago who’s authenticity was re-verified through several routes and confirmed to be true. 

Dispatch also obtained testimony from various site personnel and entire ‘Time‘ script was compared and analyzed to the actual drama scenes. From episode 5-12 about 13 skinship scenes disappeared.

So why did Kim Jung-hyun reject the skinship? He was receiving acting directions at the order of Seo Ye-ji who said that skinship was “no-no.” In fact, Seo Ye-ji even asked for videos that Kim Jung-hyun had to film and report to her.

Site personnel revealed, “He kept asking for script revisions saying that mental love is important and asked to remove all skinship. If it didn’t go the way he wanted, he suddenly ran out like he was “sick” and had eating disorders. The production crew had no choice but to listen to him.”

Did Kim Jung-hyun’s “sick” acting work? At first, the production crew worried about him but later began to have doubts. Kim Jung-hyun became obsessed with his cell phone and was always seen on his phone sending messages, he rarely put down his phone and always filmed videos on site. 

Below are text conversations between Seo Ye-ji and Kim Jung-hyun from 2018:

Seo Ye-ji: Mr. Kim Tak Tak. Remove all skinships.

Kim Jung-hyun: Of course.

Seo Ye-ji: Why didn’t you tell me how you did it today?

Kim Jung-hyun: I didn’t even say hello to the female staff today. It was so hard to other people.

Kim Jung-hyun: I talked to director Jang (Jun-ho) once again and told him romance was not possible.

Seo Ye-ji: ㅋㅋ All right. Behave very well.

Kim Jung-hyun: The script for the 9th part was released, but I think it needs to be completely revised.

Seo Ye-ji: Correct it well.

Seo Ye-ji ordered the deletion of the skinship, and Kim Jung-hyun did it. But it’s just common sense. When someone you know and love is on the ground hurt, you don’t just say “wake up” from a distance. It’s normal to run to them, shake them, raise them up and support them. 

According to drama script, ① Seohyun supports Kim Jung-hyun, ② takes him into the house, and ③ lays him on the sofa. However, Kim Jung-hyun blocked all common-sense behavior from ‘the script’.

How can this behavior be explained? It can be inferred from his texts with Seo Ye-ji when he was filming the drama teaser (2018.06).

Kim Jung-hyun: Only you can touch my hand.

Seo Ye-ji: Even if its hard, whatever. Change it well. Skinship No-no

Kim Jung-hyun: Of course. Kim Tak Tak!

Seo Ye-ji: Are you doing it well?

Kim Jung-hyun: Of course. The teaser assistant director is a woman, so it’s hard.

Kim Jung-hyun: But I didn’t even make eye contact with any of the women.

Seo Ye-ji: Change it well so that there is no romance and no touch.

Kim Jung-hyun: It’s time for Seohyun to film so I’m just talking with the guys. 

Kim Jung-hyun: I just asked director Jang (Jun-ho) to erase the romance. Please understand.

As a result, all the skinship in the drama had to be removed. The 9th episode officetel drunk scene was edited so that it just ended in the hallway and Seohyun pathetically repeats “wake up.”

In roof-top falling scene, the two fall under the railing and the scene cuts to Suho and Ji-hyun laying “separately” on the floor. 

As for the drunk scene, without notice, Jung-hyun coldly avoids Seohyun’s hand and rushes to the railing to vomit which was different from the actual script. 

Actors act in the drama. However, Kim Jung-hyun acted outside the drama.

Seo Ye-ji: (To the staff) How did you say hello?

Kim Jung-Hyun: (Taking a video on site and sending it) I didn’t say hello.

Seo Ye-ji: Ok, yes, you’re right, you didn’t greet them (the staff)

Seo Ye-ji: If they (staff) do it first, just do it roughly.

Seo Ye-ji often asked for video and audio. Kim Jung-hyun secretly pressed the video button. The camera lens was turned to the floor to take pictures of the scene. And sent.

Seo Ye-ji: I’m seriously pissed right now. Take a picture of the situation and send it

Kim Jeong-Hyun: (Sends on-site video)

Seo Ye-ji: Are you sure that’s the set on the video that you sent to me?

Kim Jung-hyun: It’s inside the set. It wasn’t from the studio.

Kim Jung-hyun was busy with roles for two people. When he received the script, he requested corrections and sent the result to Seo Ye-ji. To drama staff, he was an actor with an “eating disorder” but in real life he was a controlled “lover” in a relationship. 

Kim Jung-hyun: I’m always reviewing the script. I won’t do anything else

Seo Ye-ji: Correct it well and remove any romance.

Seo Ye-ji: You are happy because of me. So make me happier.

The same goes for another day.

Kim Jung-hyun: I’m going to review the script.

Seo Ye-ji: Yes. Fix it well. Skinship and Romance No-no.

Kim Jung-hyun: ok.

In addition, for the first time in K-drama and world drama history, the team had to film a wedding without a wreath, guests, or the wedded couple walking with folded arms.  

Finally, after Kim Jung-hyun decided to get off the drama, writer Choi Ho-cheol had to revise the script to add a scene at the end of the 12th episode where Suho (Kim Jung-hyun) drowns at the beach while trying to save Ji-hyun (Seo-hyun). 

A production official that attended his last filming revealed, “We had to take bust shots. Whenever he touched Seo-hyun’s face we had to make sure Kim Jung-hyun is not caught on the shot. Seohyun puts her hand on Kim Jung-hyun’s face to show off her feelings but Jung-hyun turned his head. It was even more embarrassing for the people watching on the side.”

Another production official shared his resentment with Dispatch stating, “Writer Ho-cheol’s appendix burst in the middle of the broadcast because he was suffering from gastroenteritis. He had to work in the studio with a blood bag on. Everyone risked their lives.”

He added, “And then the impossibility of the production presentation. When Seohyun tried to immerse herself in the character, he interfered (?). She had a really hard time. She cried a lot.”

Another site personnel stated, “the martial arts team was also angry. There was a scene where Seohyun was trying to get hit by a car and Kim Jung-hyun said he would stop the car with his hand. Is he Iron Man?”

An actor should only act in dramas but Kim Jung-hyun filmed a melodrama in real life. He showed no consideration toward his colleagues, staff or the viewers. 

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KPOP NOW – ‘Law of Concubines’ under controversy for unusual ‘Hanbok’ costumes

Article“Qing Dynasty imperial women wore Hanbok?”, controversy over Chinese game’s “unusual setting”

Source: Herald Economy

The appearance of a ‘Hanbok‘ in a Chinese game is causing controversy. 

On the 8th, Twitter users pointed out that the clothing of Qing Dynasty characters in the Chinese mobile game ‘Law of Concubines‘ were very similar to Hanbok. 

The game tells a story of a female protagonist entering the Qing Dynasty imperial family. The various costumes worn by female characters appear as game elements and ‘Hanbok’ appeared out of nowhere. 

Some users pointed out that clothes worn by the male characters were also Korean traditional costumes. 

Chinese publisher XD Global released the game last year targeting Korea so there was no controversy at the time but the controversy reignited after further scandals broke out with China claiming Korean ‘Hanbok’ and ‘Kimchi’ are Chinese caused public outrage. 

Users raised suspicions they were trying to reveal its part of Chinese culture by slipping in the ‘Hanbok.’

  1. [+1,278, -4]ㅋㅋㅋㅋ China was Korean
  2. [+256, -2]ㅋㅋㅋI’m confused, they conquered immigrants but as the ruling dynasty wore immigrant clothing…?
  3. [+231, -2]ㅋㅋ They have no idea what they are doing right now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even if they keep distorting like this, the lie doesn’t become true. But one day they’ll suffer with regret ㅋㅋ
  4. [+194, -14] So Qing Dynasty descendants were Goguryeo migrants
  5. [+19, -0] China was a Korean tributary..
  6. [+19, -1] But then again if they knew what embarrassment is we wouldn’t have come to this ugly levelㅋㅋ. They even claimed the Kimono as a traditional costumeㅋㅋ. There are even records there that Qing officials said that they wore hanbok in Gandoㅋㅋㅋ
  7. [+6, -0] So China is a descendant of Korea
  8. [+5, -0] Looks like the Chinese now have to wear Hanbok for holidays and weddings?ㅋㅋㅋ

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KPOP NOW – Mingyu’s final position over bullying rumors causes further controversy

Article: “Mingyu’s official statement is crazy”

Source: Pann

It’s a bad idea to say that you don’t want to take more responsibility for things you admitted to doing wrong in the past. Somehow, he made himself look like a thug… 

So bullying your friends is just a joke? Don’t write the position ambiguously, if you’ve done something wrong, apologize because you did wrong and if not, say no. At first, you said you had no memory but on the official statement the words change to laughing from the side? 

What unintentional behavior? Wasn’t it true that you laughed along with your group next to you when they bullied the victim? Tell it correctly. Isn’t it true that you grabbed the victim’s chest with ill intent? 

….Summary of the position statement….

Victim 1 (a friend who received psychiatric counseling because of the suffering): I played a joke with my friends, but I never intended to harass. I’m sorry if I unintentionally hurt you. 

Victim 2: I don’t remember. The victim also has no friends to testify, so the case is closed.

Victim 3: I was just playing along. I’m sorry if the victim was victimized by unintentional behavior

He basically doesn’t want to be bothered about his past bullying actions…

  1. [+303, -29] It’s basically confirmed he went around with an iljin group but he’s denying bullying after he clearly said he was laughing on the side? There are rumors from first discloser’s statements that he was beat up by a group of iljins and Mingyu helped from the side..
  2. [+286, -28] How can you apologize directly to the victim through the company ㄹㄱㄴ
  3. [+173, -114] This is even worse than Soojin’s case because he’s a male idol
  4. [+118, -5] This is a non-apology released only so that the fans can shield him from his scandals..
  5. [+107, -9] So he “allegedly” had a conversation with the victim but its the agency releasing his position, agency releasing his apology, the agency revealing what he wants to say to his fans…
  6. [+85, -115] Pann b*tches are seriously scaryㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they’ll kill over a manㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ그 stop please
  7. [+84, -65] I’m Mingyu’s fan too but I’m really disappointed in him because of the paintings. The statement may be a bit vague but is it really confirmation that he was a school bully? The victim was understanding of it too… so why is everyone…
  8. [+77, -10] It’s only natural that he’s getting mentioned alongside Soojin and Hyunjin. Among the idols that also got accused of bullying, Mingyu is the only one coming off this unscathed. Soojin and Hyunjin’s images took huge hits over their scandals
  9. [+50, -7] We’re not saying he did or didn’t do those disgusting things. But he’s saying it was a joke and also claiming he can’t rememberㅋㅋ? He’s the perpetrator but he’s basically using the victim as a scapegoat 
  10. [+48, -12] Soojin claimed to have no memory either ㅋㅋㅋ

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KPOP NOW – Dispatch reveals actors Seo Ji-hye and Kim Jung-hyun have been secretly dating for a year

Article: [Exclusive] “The final station of love, Seo Ji-hye”…Kim Jung-hyun, secret dates for one year

Source: Dispatch

‘Crash Landing on You‘ actors Seo Ji-hye (37) and Kim Jung-hyun (31) are reportedly dating.

On the 8th, Dispatch revealed exclusive photos of the couple and revealed that they witnessed the two on secret dates many times mostly at their homes. 

The couple went to and from each others apartments that are 10 minutes away from each other as Kim Jung-hyun moved to Seongdong-gu where Seo Ji-hye has been living since last year.

Kim Jung-hyun usually takes the lead and Seo Ji-hye follows. They walked at regular intervals while also maintaining distance between each other. 

The two had secret dates in the suburbs of Seoul. At that time, Seo Ji-hye took over driving.

Close friends told Dispatch“They often spend time alone and birthdays together. Kim Jung-hyun went through a difficult time in his personal life but then he met Seo Ji-hye and they’ve been inseparable.”

When dating rumors first broke, Seo Ji-hye‘s agency said their relationship was that of “colleagues” and called the rumors “embarrassing and absurd” stating “they’re absolutely not dating” later revealing that they’re discussing an exclusive contract with Kim Jung-hyun.  

The couple first met in 2016 on the set of drama ‘Jealousy Incarnate‘ and later in 2019 on ‘Crash Landing on You,‘ and became lovers in 2020.

  1. [+426, -1] Seeing as this isn’t even trending in the real-time rankings you can tell Dispatch’s impact is not the same as it used to be in the old daysㄹㅇ
  2. [+420, -6] Oooh오 should be called “Crash Landing on Love’ because not just them but Son Ye-jin and Hyun-bin couple got hit too 
  3. [+332, -9] In the ‘Making of’ you could tell Kim Jung-hyun liked So Ji-hye a lot ㅋㅋ.. he was so nervous around her from the first time they met 
  4. [+323, -184] This wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for Kim Jung-hyun’s rude attitude.. This is why trash actors should get buried so that they don’t take on good roles. 
  5. [+192, -7] I think the person that outed them was someone from his agency ㅇㅇ employee or manager that was angry he wanted to break his contract even before it officially ended..
  6. +166, -11] This was the day they met up at Seo Ji-hye’s house during the corona probably to discuss his contract because he was thinking about moving to Seo Ji-hye’s agency
  7. [+146, -25] It’s renewal season so this is a trick agencies use to force actors to resign with them. He was sick and his condition wasn’t that good but suddenly there was another article about his attitude controversy at the time. The agency is Yang Ah Chi [thug].
  8. [+138, -20] Are we sure he’s not a playboy?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  9. [+117, -7] Wow, I saw him reject Seohyun’s arms, that was so rude of him. Seohyun looked like she was really embarrassed. What kind of acting did he think he was doing to immerse himself so deep into the role that he refused his gf’s arm at an official event ㅋㅋㅋㅋ?
  10. [+85, -10] Kim Jung-hyun seems to be aiming really highㅋㅋㅋㅋ but Seo Ji-hye…

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KPOP NOW – Newly released certified transcript of Chorong’s victim surfaces online

Article: (Updated) Shorthand authentication of the victim + transcript with Park Cho-rong

Source: Pann 

The victim guessed that Chorong was trying to check whether or not she was recording the call through FaceTime on her iPhone. Even after admitting to it she still went ahead and sued her first saying she falsely accused her ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

Summary: When A asked her, ‘why did you assault me?’ Chorong said, “There was someone I liked so I got a little angry.” 

+ Here’s the shorthand authentication of the victim and newly released certified transcript

  1. [+1,458, -21] Seeing as she went as far as confirming that the victim’s phone couldn’t record through FaceTime, she probably though she won’t be able to expose this. How did Chorong think she could get out of this after admitting to assaulting her? F***ing goosebumps. Chorong-ssi should thank the victim for not exposing during her prime after she went around drinking and beating up people
  2. [+1,363, -11] Summary: She got pissed the victim (her friend) went out with someone she liked so she got drunk and gang assaulted her with her friends. She made sure to confirm that the phone she used for the call couldn’t record through FaceTime but the victim found a different way to record it. 
  3. [+519, -5]ㅋㅋㅋㅋ A high school student drank and beat up a close friend with her own mouth because of a man? And then filed a lawsuit first ㅋㅋㅋ
  4. [+422, -5] If this is real there’s no need to stay neutral anymore. Apologize, take responsibility and retire. Stop with the lies and don’t drag down your members anymore. I’m seriously in shock how someone like her became a celebrity and a leader. I was a huge fan of her for over 10 years but there’s nothing to trust anymore
  5. [+374, -4] But the victim did nothing wrong. It’s more painful knowing your close friend did that to you because of a guy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  6. [+300, -3] How did she get away with this for 10 years? She should be grateful this is just coming out now..
  7. [+214, -2] This is why its so important to record everything…look at everyone shutting their mouths after the authenticated transcript pops up…isn’t this confirmation she abused her?
  8. [+144, -5] It’s so ridiculous to think Park Chorong and Seo Soojin had shy, innocent and righteous imagesㅋㅋ
  9. [+126, -0] ㄹㅇ Shorthand certification is much more credible than just releasing a transcript.. There’s no way the excerpts are maliciously edited or re-arranged. This was written by a stenographer with a national certification. Why would a whole stenographer office risk their meals and jobs for a f***ing idol? It really doesn’t make sense…
  10. [+100, -2] Wow….. She even certified it at the shorthand office….;; So it’s almost certain…no?

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KPOP NOW – Ham So-won admits that she faked her private life for TV

Article: Ham So-won admits suspicions of “fake” private life, TV Chosun terminates ‘Taste of Wife’


Actress Ham So-won has admitted to suspicions of faking her private life. 

Ham So-won and her husband Chun-hwa known for “18 yr age gap Korean-Chinese couple” joined ‘Taste of Wife‘ in 2018 and were biggest contributors to the show’s success. The two showed off their newlywed life and parenting of their daughter and received a lot of support. 

However, for the past 2 years and 9 months, the couple has been embroiled in controversies for various manipulations including suspicions that in-laws villa the couple visited in China was fake. There were also suspicions that Ham So-won’s aunt cosplayed as her mother-in-law for TV. 

Several YouTubers and others raised suspicions that Ham So-won had rented an AirBnB for 2 million won per month and filmed as if they were in Guangzhou, China with their in-laws. 

Many viewers asked for explanations from Ham So-won and TV Chosun but because neither side offered a position, the controversy grew. 

On the 8th, Ham So Won confessed on Instagram, “That’s right. It’s all true. I couldn’t tell you all the details of my personal life either. It was a mistake. It was filmed under exaggerated production. I won’t make any excuses. I made a mistake. My family members didn’t want to appear on ‘Taste of Wife’ so I expressed my intentions to leave the program voluntarily. I’m truly sorry.”

In the meantime, TV Chosun has decided to terminate the program.

  1.  [+4,524, -31] Wow, so shameless of her to lie about something like that! They completely scammed their viewers.
  2. [+3,297, -35] She made money selling off her family but once it was no longer advantageous for her she asked for her family to be removed…
  3. [+1,318, -51] She never cared and earned her riches selling off her family but all of a sudden she’s asking not to touch themㅋㅋ
  4. [+1,115, -40] How was that an exaggeration? It was fake. She didn’t care about it when she was gaining fame and became a chaebol. There’s a word for people like her, a scammer!
  5. [+1,244, -499] This is TV Chosun. They’re infamous for being a third-rate broadcasting station so this is not surprising..
  6. [+4224, -10] Ham So-won is totally wrong and deserves the hate but the TV Chosun PD that casted them and okayed this is more problematic
  7. [+322, -7] It takes two to clap. Yes, Ham So-won manipulated everything but the PDs must’ve known to some extent how much of it she was faking for fame to get the show popular
  8. [+299, -7] “My family asked me not to do this anymore” ㅋㅋㅋthen what’s the point of selling them off in the first place for fame and money? No matter how you look at it, it’s not just her viewers she scammed but her husband and family too. Why do program like this in the first place..
  9. [+147, -3] Broadcasters need to stop airing celebrities and their families on TVㅡ We’re bored! Stop with the mukbangs too and use your head to come up enjoyable programs for your viewers..
  10. [+133, -5] This show was problematic from the beginning. A handsome chaebol’s son in his twenties marrying a woman in her 40s who’s face has been reconstructed to the point it’s breaking down. It was too makjang to turn down ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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KPOP NOW – Leaked recordings reveal Apink Chorong admitted to assaulting ‘A’

Article: [Exclusive] Apink Chorong, “I was angry at that time”

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

Leaked phone recordings reveal that Apink Chorong admitted to assaulting ‘A.’

On the 6th, Chorong released a lengthy post on her Instagram and admitted to drinking as a minor following drinking photos released but strongly denied any school violence of ‘A.’ 

Later that day, A released recordings of the phone call that reveal Chorong admitted to assaulting her as previously revealed in her complaint.  

Below is the full transcript of the conversation between Park Chorong and ‘A’ in chronological order:

Park Chorong: I didn’t just do that to you for no reason 

A: Whether there was a reason or not, does that make it right? Did I do anything wrong to you? After you hit me that day I reported it to the police but my friend told me to bear with it and be understanding because it seemed like you were drunk.

Park Chorong: This is an issue I should’ve addressed with you at that time. Like you said in DM, it was a misunderstanding. Anyway, I should’ve talked to you on the spot and resolved it but I was a bit angry at the time.

A: But for what, why did you do that? Tell me. For what? Why were you mad at me? 

Park Chorong: Just as you said in the DM, there was someone I liked back then

A: Yea, I know but he went out with me. I didn’t know it was because of that. At the time I remember your friend telling me “Chorong wants to beat you up” and then later you slapped me on my cheek and your friends kicked me on my shin and side, I even got bruises from it. We were wearing skirts back then too so my classmate remembers it but still. And, what is it again? There were a lot of kids back then. 

A: Honestly, if you were me, don’t you think the shock would last a long time? Just think about it? Would you forget something like that? 

Park Chorong: No, I don’t think I can forget it. 

A: Honestly, I’m shaking right now talking to you. What if you were married and that happened to your daughter? Would that be ok? 

Park Chorong: No.  

A: I honestly was a choding back then and didn’t have much strength. I looked a bit weak too so this really traumatized me. Even after I went to university, when a bunch of girls looked at me it made me wonder if they had something against me or if they were talking about me or cursing me. Because of that I went around with my head down for a while. 

A: But you…you don’t know much I suffered do you? I honestly didn’t think I’d see you again but then you came out with Apink. Whenever you’d come on TV, I just turned it off and lived like that. As I got older I thought, “Ah, I’m the victim, why do I have to live like this?”

Park Chorong: I’m sorry, honestly. For me too…I really shouldn’t have done that in that situation. Anyway, I should’ve resolved any misunderstandings if there were any, I should’ve talked it out with you. It’s just that I was just a bit angry at the time.

A: Since you did that, you should’ve apologized to me if you were going to debut as a celebrity and continue to appear on TV. Don’t you think? Why do I have to keep living in that pain?

Park Chorong: To be honest, I auditioned in a hurry and ended up coming out. It was crazy. Everything happened in a really short time. But its true that I didn’t take care of things as I should’ve. 

  1. [+612, -25] Where are all the people that kept saying we need to stay neutral. Chorong herself admitted to assaulting her. There’s no coming back from this..ㅉ
  2. [+355, -31] She’s acting just like Seo Soojin. She admitted to the smoking and drinking but acted out in all her confidence pretending that she never bullied anyoneㅉㅉ
  3. [+201, -15] The level Park Chorong’s fans are willing to go is seriously disgustingㅋㅋ. Ok, yes she didn’t continuously bully her but does that make it ok? Just imagine if this was your family. So just because it wasn’t a huge fight that makes it ok…right? 
  4. [+180, -12] Ah, she came out in all her confidence saying she didn’t assault anyone but how is she innocent from that recording? This is so disappointing. I can’t believe anything she says anymore.. Out!
  5. [+115, -7] Why would she even think to sue her after thatㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  6. [+42, -1] So just because she was angry that justifies beating up someone..?
  7. [+36, 1] There’s nothing ambiguous about those transcripts. Even a choding if they can read will clearly tell you she was in the wrong..
  8. [+25, -2] They even spoke on the phone and she admitted to it so why file a complaint as the victim? Even if she apologizes, how can she take away the scar of accusing someone of blackmail?
  9. [+22, -1] Guys, let’s not bury someone over one-sided texts. Please disclose the originals first.
  10. [+18, -3] What more do you needㅋㅋㅋㅋ? It’s all in the excerpts no…?

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KPOP NOW – Actress Ha Ji-won’s debut paintings become a hot topic

Article: “I draw when I’m lonely,” actress Ha Ji Won makes painter debut… already sold one painting

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver

Actress Ha Ji-won who has been painting as a hobby since 5 years ago made her debut. 

On the 30th of last month, she shared her 3 pieces from the ‘Super Cow‘ series that depict cows as ‘amulets’ at the Signature Kitchen Cheongdam Showroom Atelier in Seoul. The paintings capture the characteristics of cows with bright and strong colors and lines have already sold one piece.  

From left: ‘Super Cow 1’ and ‘Super Cow 2’
‘Super Cow 3’ [sold]
  1. [+5,492, -172] My daughter can draw better than this. I’m a fan of Ha Ji-won, but this is a bit… maybe she should’ve gone to an art academy and studied drawing first before pursuing this? I’m not much of an art connoisseur myself so I’ll just pretend I didn’t see it…
  2. [+3,656, -45] I can hear the sighs of professionals all the way here
  3. [+1,849, -21] Why do celebrities start with abstract paintings when they get into art? Even artists that paint abstracts start with the basics and venture into abstract paintings later in their careers
  4. [+1,486, -39] That’s art? Looks like scribbles
  5. [+1,250, -36] The work does not show any sincerity. I don’t feel the emotions, the joys, or the fun of looking at art. I’m a fan of her but this is just going to earn her antis
  6. [+603, -2] I’m more amazed at the person that bought ‘Cow 3’ㅋㅋㅋ
  7. [+426, -7] I burst out laughing when I saw Ha Ji-won’s painting. Is this a joke???????
  8. [+203, -2] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I seriously burst out laughing at ‘Super Cow 3’. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Selling that as art ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ? I might not know much about art but I know that’s not it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ah ~ f*** this is hilarious ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ that’s what you expect to see on the bulletin boards of an elementary school classroom ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  9. [+138, -1] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아니 나 Why not sell off her used home goods. That would be more expensive. I’m only saying this because it looks like she’s using her fame to earn money 다
  10. [+114, -3] I guess being a famous celebrity is all that matters…my eyes will never understand how this picture is considered art….
  11. [+78, -2] I think it’s more urgent that she quits painting and sees a psychiatrist..

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