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KPOP NOW – Funny lyrics – K-POP, K-FANS

Funny lyrics – K-POP, K-FANS

Funny lyrics

Violeta – IZONE
“I can sense the scent even when I close my eyes” – You can obviously smell when you close your eyes

Limitless – NCT127
“Look at us who are free, we’re free” – This is the same as “Look at us who are eating, we are eating”

Pann: Funny lyrics

1. [+487, -21] “Urachachacha I’m done dressing up, baby”

2. [+478, -8] I think it was Blackpink’s Boombayah? “Everybody looks at me when I kick the door”, of course people will look at you if you kick the door ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+390, -9] Red Velvet’s Power Up… “The temperature of the asphalt is 50, wow” What the hell…

4. [+266, -5] Wolf. “Awoo~ Ah sasanghaeyo!”

5. [+256, -3] “Where are you, you f*cker, hurry up and answer my call~~~ You’re dead if you call my girl~~~”
(Baby by Rain)

6. [+202, -1] F(x)’s Hot Summer. It’s famous but this “Let’s wear long black clothes if it’s too hot~”, what? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+189, -23] “I’m sorry Lee Soo Man president-nim~ Let me do hip hop today~ Motherf*cking, let me do some swearing, too~ My fans will be going to Hong Kong after listening to my rap~”

8. [+157, -0] Pentagon’s Naughty Boy ㅠㅠ “Um chicken um chicken, just eat chicken” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+134, -1] “You’re hotter than the sun, megaton bomb”

10. [+131, -10] In BTS’ Dope, they rap, “I’m Yukpo generation since I like beef jerky”. I was surprised when I first heard it ㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+130, -5] “BB Cream papapa, lipstick mamma”

12. [+123, -3] All SM songs have such weird lyrics ㅋㅋㅋㅋ NCT and Red Velvet are the worst and F(x)’s Nu ABO lyrics.

13. [+110, -0] F(x)’s Hot Summer. “Let’s tell the directions to that sweating foreigner. Let’s wear long black clothes if it’s too hot” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

14. [+100, -0] “Like kimbap, like dumpling, you’re sweet”

15. [+96, -18] Growl was shocking. “I growl, growl, growl”… I was like what did I just hear?

16. [+85, -2] I’m not a Carat but there’s Seventeen’s song that sings, “I don’t go back, I go straight. I don’t hesitate over fried chicken or seasoned chicken” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

17. [+79, -0] 2NE1 released Ugly a month after I’m The Best ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They went from the biggest self-esteem to the lowest self-esteem in the speed of a rollercoaster ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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KPOP NOW – EXO gets invited to the cocktail reception to greet the Trumps

EXO gets invited to the cocktail reception to greet the Trumps – K-POP, K-FANS

EXO gets invited to the cocktail reception to greet the Trumps

Article: “My kids are a fan” Ivanka meets EXO and gets a signed album

Source: Newsis via Naver

1. [+441, -39] As expected of the national pick, EXO.

2. [+305, -8] Lucky. My mom’s daughter is also a fan of EXO…

3. [+143, -11] It’s daebak that Trump’s daughter is an EXO fan.

4. [+96, -7] Of course the national pick EXO!

5. [+62, -2] EXO fan? Interesting.

6. [+40, -5] Can’t you guys read? EXO was invited because Trump’s daughter Ivanka is a fan of them.

7. [+27, -4] The Blue House says EXO was invited to the reception because Trump’s family is a fan of EXO. It’s nice that they did well with the details of the reception. I think inviting Park Seri player and EXO was a good choice, too. I hope the reception was meaningful for every one of them.

8. [+20, -2] EXO is so amazing.

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KPOP NOW – Song Joongki’s interview on his married life a month ago & more comments

His interview a month ago at the press conference of Arthdal Chronicles

“[From my marriage], my mind became very comfortable. I think that’s the biggest difference. I think all married people feel the same way. My wife is also a fan of the two writers and the director. She cheered me up for this drama.”

Pann: Song Joongki’s interview

1. [+243, -3] He looks soulless as he’s saying that. He must’ve decided to file a divorce already.

2. [+196, -6] They’ve been living separately for 8 months, though? Even without the news of their separation, we see that they haven’t been wearing their wedding rings and Song Hye Kyo had requested her agency for more Chinese promotions and overseas promotions… I’m sure he said that at the press conference for the sake of formality.

3. [+145, -2] Arthdal Chronicles isn’t just some typical drama. It’s a huge work that costed 5.5B won. Do you expect him to say “my marriage life is sh*t and I will divorce soon” at the press conference? It’s shocking enough that he filed a divorce while the drama is airing. Usually, a lead actor will never file a divorce when his drama is airing.

4. [+135, -230] Song Hye Kyo did something wrong for sure.

5. [+85, -1] In the last picture, it looks like his soul is escaping his body ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+80, -7] There must’ve been a date where both agreed to file a divorce. But something must’ve set him off because all of a sudden, he hired a lawyer and released the news first. And Song Joongki said he’s position is confident, why are people blaming him for the divorce?

Article: Song Joongki and Song Hye Kyo’s divorce, 3 questions… #SettledDivorce #ToTheMediaFirst #Timing

Source: SpoTV via Naver

1. [+4954, -150] I’m more curious about Yang Hyun Suk’s case. Can the journalists report on that, instead?

2. [+4455, -310] I can hear Song Joongki’s silent rage.

3. [+4187, -319] Song Joongki is the one who filed for the divorce. If you’re the partner that cheated, you can’t file for a divorce. Therefore, Song Joongki isn’t the cheater. He released the news while his drama is ongoing, he’s that pissed off. I can feel his rage. There’s only one thing that can upset a partner like this – betrayal.

4. [+1690, -109] Not interested. What about Yang CEO?

5. [+1142, -137] I think Song Joongki must’ve asked the drama staff before announcing his divorce. Now that they’re breaking up, I hope both work hard on their own ways and promote hard.

6. [+945, -92] I think Song Joongki threw the first punch because she’s a snake for him to handle. But seeing how her side is now attacking Song Joongki’s family, she’s definitely not an easy target. Do well, Song Joongki!!

7. [+801, -38] Song Joongki doesn’t have any feelings left for Song Hye Kyo anymore. He seems truly pissed. Seeing how he released the news to the media without letting Song Hye Kyo know, he must be extremely upset. Fighting over having kids isn’t an enough answer. Song Joongki alone seems very upset, so it must be Song Hye Kyo’s fault. If her agency denies it, Song Joongki will reveal the evidence he has. I wished both would live happily…

8. [+782, -28] Seeing how Song Hye Kyo’s agency is media-playing with the articles on Song Joongki’s father, it’s going to become a dirty fight.

Article: “Song Hye Kyo, possibility of being a cheating partner” vs. “can sue Song Joongki counterpart”

Source: My Daily via Nate

1. [+2382, -373] If Song Hye Kyo isn’t the cheating partner, she would’ve already denied the articles of accusing her. Her media-play has always been over the top, as if she would stay silent to that… How was she cheating, though? I don’t think Song Joongki will reveal it until the end. Song Joongki liked and followed Song Hye Kyo like a dog going on a walk ㅠㅠ He said a lot of cringey stuff, too. But now they’re turning into enemies. Ugh, I can never figure out marriage.

2. [+2224, -158] They married because they really liked each other but in reality, they weren’t Yoo Shijin and Kang Moyeon. It would’ve been nice if they lived well, what a pity.

3. [+1738, -289] I think the blind item of Park Bogum isn’t true. But a lot of times, celebrities take legal actions against rumors but the rumors turn out to be true.

4. [+324, -11] Song Joongki looks like a flexible guy but I’ve seen a lot of guys like him who are actually cold and unforgiving on the inside. Ma Dong Seok looks like a gang member but he’s submissive to women ㅋㅋ

5. [+259, -137] Marriage isn’t a joke done by kids. You should live together for at least 2 years, fight, break the furniture, make up, and learn to know each other like that. Both are immature for divorcing right away. Her Christian Dior dress at the wedding is a waste, tsk tsk. They think the vows and everything else are just for joking around?

6. [+220, -8] If she provokes Song Joongki once more, he might reveal something else. So her side is just talking about personality difference, feeling depressed, and losing weight ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+210, -3] What’s weird is why did Song Hye Kyo continue to live at her place with her mom after getting married? Song Joongki bought a house for their newlywed life and must’ve dreamed of starting a family as two. Why did Song Hye Kyo keep living at her place? If Song Joongki moved into hers because he had no choice, their marriage was a red flag from the start. Is she stubborn or selfish?

8. [+187, -0] They found nothing was exciting after getting married.

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KPOP NOW – BTS breaks Kim Gunmo’s record of the most sold album in Korea

BTS breaks Kim Gunmo’s record of the most sold album in Korea – K-POP, K-FANS

BTS breaks Kim Gunmo’s record of the most sold album in Korea

Article: BTS, a new Korean Guinness record… Surpasses 3.3M of Kim Gunmo’s 3rd album

Source: Hankyoreh via Naver

BTS’ ‘Map of the Soul: Persona’ sold 3,399,302 until May, which surpasses the record of 3.3M of Kim Gunmo’s ‘Wrongful Meeting’ in 1995. 

1. [+422, -87] Reading this article, I find Kim Gunmo even more amazing. At that time, 70~80% of the Korean population was buying cassette tapes. If he managed to sell 3.3M for official albums, the actual number must be over 10M. He was really amazing…

2. [+199, -9] Amazing that they sold over 3M. In the 90’s, you could sell over a million easily if you had a hit song. But these days, a lot of households don’t even have CD players. The fandom power must be big.

3. [+136, -25] The comments… The streaming sites and Youtube are much bigger in the present day. There’s a limit to a single fan buying multiple copies, they don’t buy over a million. Most fans just buy one. Please just congratulate them.

4. [+85, -4] Group of records, BTS. Cultural leaders, BTS!

5. [+53, -3] Proud of BTS. Congratulations.

6. [+26, -3] These days, people only buy digitals, not physicals. Surpassing 3M is an amazing result.

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KPOP NOW – Goo Hara has a wardrobe malfunction on Japanese live stage

(Her name search trended in Japan after the broadcast)


Instiz: Goo Hara’s broadcast accident in Japan

– I don’t want female idols to wear off-shoulder clothes when they’re dancing. Even I get nervous as I watch them…

– They should’ve put transparent shoulder straps since she was gonna be dancing ㅠㅠ

– I’m so glad the bra didn’t fall off ㅠㅠ

– I hope only good things would happen to her from now on, she’s struggling already ㅠㅠ

– Oh no ㅠㅠ It’s so professional of her to keep dancing when her dress is falling, though

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KPOP NOW – Yeri’s rude words to Joy?

On Inkigayo live, Yeri was asked if she’d go back to Law of the Jungle again. She said there are members that she want to send.

“Seulgi unnie went there already. I want to send Wendy unnie to a mountain.”

“I want to send Irene unnie to a sea.”

Yeri: “I want to send Joy-ssi to a devastating place where there’s no food or anything.”

Joy: “Do you have something against me?”

Yeri: “She needs to suffer a big time. (laughs)”

1. [+1045, -17] Yeri seems to be the one who suffered the least when you see her singing and dancing…

2. [+921, -17] Why does Yeri call Wendy, Irene, and Seulgi by “unnie” but calls Joy “Joy-ssi”?

3. [+801, -391] No wonder why people support OT4 Velvet… She’s a Baekhyun, she acts carelessly.

4. [+677, -6] I’ve seen people like her. She seems to be the type who classifies other people by equals and non-equals. Acts strong to the weak and acts weak to the strong. If it’s someone that she has to be nice to, she’d be all over them and be like “unnie~~” but if it’s someone who’s not an equal to her, she’d put them down and make fun of them.

5. [+569, -5] I understand Yeri’s feelings. She wants to be a top idol and live an arrogant life but her face loses to Irene, her body loses to Joy, her singing loses to Wendy, and her dancing loses to Seulgi. She doesn’t even want to be hard-working. Her friends are all “cool kids” who are doing well but these unnies are so naive and frustrating to her. She wants to be a gifted character like Taeyeon and IU but she doesn’t have the talent. She tries to copy their concept but it ends up bringing her more hate. But still doesn’t want to work hard. In 5 years, she’ll realize how arrogant her behavior was, tsk.

6. [+515, -6] If she’s doing this on public broadcast, imagine how she treats the unnies in private.

7. [+453, -7] Fans all know how careless Yeri speaks. 21 isn’t a young age, she still sounds like an immature middle school kid.

8. [+419, -5] Honestly, it’s true that Red Velvet was better when it was 4 members. It’s not like she can dance or sing. I don’t know what SM’s thinking~

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KPOP NOW – Bigbang’s ‘Shout Out To The World’ is the most sold celebrity book in last decade

Top 5 most sold books written by celebrities in last decade

1) Shout Out To The World – Bigbang (2009)
– The members’ personal accounts & their self-development
– In 2011, the book was revealed to be sold for more than 550K copies

2) Don’t Even Hit Them With Flowers – Kim Hye Ja (2004)
– Story about children in a poor world

3) Pieces of You – Tablo (2008)
– Short story, English version also available

4) Stylebook – stylist Seo Eun Young (2006)

5) Hyun Young’s money management diary – Hyun Young (2008)


Instiz: In 2009, a lot of people bought this book

– Thank god I don’t have one

– When I was in school, I used to take turns with friends to read this book ㅋㅋㅋㅋ At that time, it was fascinating that celebrities wrote a book

– I’ve never seen it… I didn’t know that Bigbang wrote a book

– That’ll be my pot stand

– I read this book for a book review in high school and I got scolded by my teacher ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– When you bought this book, they also gave you a diary

– I can’t even throw away the book because my father bought it for my birthday since I was a Bigbang fan and he wrote a letter in the book ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

– Tablo’s Pieces of You is a great book

– Our J-Hope…

– I bought this book and ‘If You Stop Now, There’s No Spotlight’ by Cube’s CEO

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KPOP NOW – Wedding pants(?) – K-POP, K-FANS

Pann: Wedding dress pants

1. [+168, -3] The idea of wedding pants isn’t the problem. White pants itself is a really hard item to pull off. They look pretty because they’re models. If someone who has short and thick legs wear them, they’ll look even more fat. If you want to wear wedding pants, I recommend wearing them for wedding photos where you can photoshop.

2. [+115, -3] I think you have to have thin legs and a pretty body to pull it off.

3. [+100, -5] Isn’t a long skirt a good item since it’s comfortable and covers your lower body? I think a lot of women are glad that a wedding dress is a skirt. The actual problem of a wedding dress is that the upper body is too revealing and tight compared to the lower body. The pants in those pictures have the same style for upper body. Wearing a dress or pants depends on your preference. If wedding pants were created to question why women have to wear a skirt, I don’t think most people can pull them off and doubt it’ll be popular.

4. [+32, -0] They look pretty, but it’s because they’re models. If normal people were them, they can never have that look unless they have a model’s body.

5. [+30, -2] You can wear pants if you want to. But please don’t question someone for wearing a dress and force your opinion that pants can also be pretty.

6. [+19, -4] This is funny-looking. Might as well wear a full suit. The outfits have a dress-looking cloth, revealing top, and suit pants. It looks like a skirt with leggings.

7. [+18, -3] It’s ironic. They’re choosing pants instead of a dress but they’re not getting rid of the white color and the veil which symbolize the bride’s innocence. Do you not know why the brides wear a veil?

8. [+11, -0] At least a skirt can cover your lower body… If you wear pants, you’ll have to wear heels and stand straight all the time ㅠㅠ

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KPOP NOW – OP on Twitter says their flight was delayed because of Seventeen

“I got on the same plane with a boy group in Okinawa yesterday. I don’t know the reason but because of that boy group, the flight was delayed for an hour. The announcement said we had to wait because “there are passengers who checked in but didn’t get on the plane”. They showed up later with their faces covered and went straight to business seats. Some staff members sat on economy seats. Some passengers complained and asked why we had to take the inconvenience for them. I won’t say anything if this was a situation where it had to be delayed no matter who it was. But if this was special treatment for celebrities, I’ll be very baffled. If you want to use the plane according to your own schedule, buy your own.”

Pann: Idols who were a nuisance to a flight

1. [+382, -16] The plane would’ve just taken off if it was non-celebrities, so funny. Celebrities must be happy with all these special treatments~

2. [+372, -8] An hour? Are they crazy? It’s even funnier that the flight agency waited for them.

3. [+333, -11] So many people had to wait for an hour just for 13 idols?

4. [+195, -3] They’re only getting this much of hate because they’re not popular. If it was a 1st tier group, it would’ve been a top post within 3 hours with more than 1k likes and with much more hate ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+167, -9] It’s a special treatment. I used to be a flight attendant. In the airport, you can see ground staffs running around and shouting names. That’s for finding passengers who checked in but didn’t get on the plane and are still shopping around in duty-free shops. The ground staffs have to run around a lot and even have to make calls to find them. But waiting for an hour instead of finding them early? That’s a special treatment. If they don’t get on the plane, the plane can’t take off.

6. [+163, -1] If they didn’t check in, they’re just no-show passengers so the flight would’ve taken off without them. But if the plane had to wait for an hour, it means the idols checked in, went through the customs, checked in their luggages, and were in the duty-free area. What was their reason for being late, then?

7. [+146, -4] If they had to wait, it means the idols went through the customs and were in the duty-free area. How can they just hang around and disturb others by being late? Nugus causing trouble.

8. [+115, -3] I read OP’s tweets. Apparently, the flight was already delayed for 30 minutes and it was delayed by another hour because of Seventeen. How can the passengers not be pissed off at this?

9. [+91, -5] Due to security reasons, if someone went through the customs and didn’t get on the plane, the plane can never take off no matter who it is. It’s because someone might put explosive stuff in their checked in luggage and avoid the plane. If this is true, the idols are at fault for being late for no reason.

10. [+85, -1] Wow, if I were one of the passengers, I would’ve been f*cking pissed off ㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+73, -0] Some people say it’s not Seventeen because Seventeen was departing and the OP was arriving, but the OP said they were arriving to Incheon from Okinawa and Seventeen also left Okinawa on the 17th and arrived in Incheon. In the same week, there’s another boy group who performed in Okinawa but their flight date is different. Seventeen is the only group who flew to Incheon from Okinawa on that date.

12. [+68, -0] Are they crazy? They checked in and everything but they kept hanging around while knowing that their plane was getting delayed for them.

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KPOP NOW – Red Velvet’s ‘Zimzalabim’ comeback met with criticisms on stage outfits & song

Pann: Shocking coordi of Red Velvet today

1. [+194, -14] Isn’t their coordi so untalented? If I were Red Velvet, I would’ve slapped the coordi and screamed at my agency to fire the coordi.

2. [+161, -11] They can compete with JYP ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+137, -1] Wendy is the worst one ㅋㅋㅋㅋ She has many killing points ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+90, -0] Wendy’s top is originally a bag ㅋㅋ

5. [+76, -0] Did the coordi really find that pretty? I don’t understand what they’re thinking. If they keep getting criticisms for their styling, they should’ve changed the coordi. Why aren’t they doing something about it?

6. [+73, -67] This is their proportions, they should’ve at least saved it by the coordi. What were they thinking?

8. [+66, -0] Want to compete with us?


Pann: Wow, I didn’t anticipate Red Velvet’s song

(OP criticizes the song)

1. [+254, -33] Early hype = flop. Remember this formula ㅋㅋ Red Velvet fans kept talking about how the song will be legendary and how the music video is like a movie but this turned out to be worse than RBB.

2. [+242, -11] I like minor songs like One of These Nights and Be Natural but this song is really bad.

3. [+200, -7] Red Velvet will have another come back in August. They’re leaving tomorrow to shoot the music video. I’ll put my hopes on the next song. F*ck.

4. [+156, -5] Everything aside, you can’t shield Zimzalabim ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Imagine the reactions if this was sang by other girl group. SM brainwashed their fans with weird-sounding songs like a cult ㅋㅋㅋ The reviews say it’s “classy foreign beats” and “it can only be done by Red Velvet”, are they joking? It’s nonsense to be proud to have a concept like this. If you have any shame, don’t say that this is quality music.

5. [+130, -0] The song is bad but what’s with the coordi? I’m not even mad because I’m too baffled ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+122, -1] The title sounded like an Indian charm but I can’t believe even the chorus is like a charm… The pretty members are dressed in weird clothes and they sing “zimzalabim zimzalabim” like an Indian movie. I feel like I’m listening to Roo’ra and Chakra in the 90’s. What’s going on with SM these days?

7. [+107, -2] Zimzalabim and Wolf are chosen by Lee Soo Man ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why are they doing this to Red Velvet?
(Joy said, “This song was always a candidate for us. It was pushed aside but Lee Soo Man chose it and said we can now pull off the song. We trust him.”)

8. [+95, -3] They made good songs like Ice Cream Cake and Russian Roulette so why are they getting worse and worse?

9. [+78, -4] I think SM is all-in for the new girl group that will debut in the second half of the year. SM treats their original girl groups really badly. It’s the second season of f(x).

10. [+73, -2] Seeing their clothes, I knew the song was gonna be very questionable. SM always gives a questionable song when the group is getting popular. When Girls’ Generation was on their peak, they promoted The Boys-I Got a Boy-Mr. Mr. and then flopped. Are they killing the groups because they’re afraid that the groups will leave the agency after getting popular?

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