KPOP NOW – An acquaintance reveals new testimony and clarifies that Soojin was not involved in cigarette rumors

Article: New claims regarding Seo Shin-ae’s “School Violence Controversy” 

Source: Newsen

New claims have emerged over (G)-Idle Soojin and actress Seo Shin-ae school violence controversy.

On the 25th, an acquaintance B that claimed to know both Soojin and Seo Shin-ae wrote a lengthy article on an online community Pann and stated “I will only deliver the facts.”

Regarding the claims that Soojin put cigarettes in actress Seo Shin-ae’s school desk, B stated, “If those claims are true and that really happened then I’m certain its the group that did it, not Soojin. She only got along with them until first semester of the 2nd year of middle school. After that, Soojin became distant from the group. It was right around that time when Seo Shin-ae transferred to the school.”

“That’s when I became acquainted with Soojin who was in the same class me (2nd grade, 5th class). A friend called Kim X-Bin found out I was friends with Soojin and asked me “why are you hanging out with her? Soojin and a group of seniors used to hang out so don’t do that.” But I told told her Soojin and I had become friends.”

Regarding claims that Soojin swore at Seo Shin-ae and made her quarrel with friends, B stated, “That’s not Soojin but the group that did that. I was there for two years and we were never apart. We even went to bathroom together and were stuck around each other all day.” 

B then quoted a letter from a Seo Shin-ae’s alumni that stated, “It’s Kim X-Joo that made those rumors that caused her to argue with friends. Soojin wasn’t with the group at the time.” 

Regarding whereabouts of her parents’ letters at the graduation ceremony, B stated, “Soojin and Seo Shin-ae were in different classes so their graduation ceremonies were on different floors. Soojin was with me the whole time during the graduation ceremony because we were in the same class.”

B clarified, “I have never been close to the group. Again, the reason why I wrote this article was not to refute the victim’s allegations but to clarify that Soojin never did that to Seo Shin-ae. I wrote this article to the best of my knowledge. I just wanted to refute falsehoods and exaggerations I don’t know about the victims’ testimonies.”

  1. [+352, -50] Swallow it when it’s sweet, spit it out when its bitter….There are a lot of people that only believe what they want to believe. There are already so many people wishing her death.
  2. [+339, -48] Can reporters please publish this?
  3. [+324, -62] I haven’t read the article but I already know what the conclusion is going to be…it’s clear in my mind ㅋㅋ
  4. [+241, -12] But…between Seo Shin-ae and Soojin no one really knows who’s being truthful and who’s lying. It’s not like reporters can confirm facts either. This is going to get poisoned later too. Anyway, it’s clear some of the things she did were wrong…it’s obvious.
  5. [+230, -21] If this is true then Soojin must’ve done a lot of bad things back then ㅋ that’s why she’s getting hit with all the mistakes she made. Let’s just wait and see 
  6. [+216, -138] The only shocking thing about all these revelations is the fact that the abuse was constant and she smoked. Even if she didn’t bully her it’s a fact that she slapped A in the face.
  7. [+162 -14] I wish she would just come out and admit she did it. But all she’s doing is posting stuff and turning off the comments. It’s frustrating.
  8. [+126, -15] What’s wrong is wrong, stop shielding herㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Are you her lawyer? Why are you defending her this hard ㅋㅋㅋㅋ . What’s wrong with you?

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