KPOP NOW – Apink’s Park Chorong admits to drinking as a minor

Article: Apink’s Park Chorong, “School violence NO…I was stupid to drink when I was a minor” 

Source: My Daily

Apink member Park Chorong has admitted to drinking as a minor. 

On the 6th, Chorong shared a lengthy post on Instagram and stated, “Hello, this is Park Chorong. Sorry to greet you with such bad news. First of all, prior to explaining recent events, I want to apologize for causing concern with drinking pictures when I was a minor. I hurt everyone that supported me with my stupid and wrong behavior in my childhood. I sincerely apologize without any excuse.”

“What’s come out recently began at the end of February and has been going on for a month. I put in a lot of effort to communicate smoothly but I feel sorry that I wasn’t able to do more. I read the reports and interviews given about me that were reported yesterday. Even though such things have become a big deal they came out of misunderstandings. When I remember the memories spending time playing together as friends from elementary school, it distresses me and the feelings are indescribably terrible.”

“However, I would like to reiterate once again that I’m innocent regarding those misunderstandings. I have never once slapped, stripped or assaulted Kim as she’s claiming. I will do my best to clarify my innocence following Kim’s testimonies and her transcripts of our call. 

“I hurt the fans who have supported me for over 10 years since my debut. I was so afraid that fans that trust me and support me would be disappointed in me because of this incident. I’m sorry to all the members, fans, company and all those that helped me. I ask for forgiveness for delivering such news to fans and members on our 10th anniversary and sincerely apologize with my head down.”

In the meantime, alleged victim ‘Kim‘ claims to have transcripts and further evidence of assault by Park Chorong and her friends in an alley in Sachang-dong, Cheongju during their high school days. 

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