KPOP NOW – Leaked cue sheets reveal which idol groups lip sync at year-end gayos

Article: “Who wants to see the year-end cue sheets released??!?!” (More photos in the link)

Source: Pann

AR = The sound source that you hear through the CD itself (Lip Sync)

Live AR = Re-recorded by recreating the live sound on mr (Lip Sync) 

Live MR = Leave only the parts that can be sang on Live ar (Partial Live, Partial Lip Sync)

MR = 100% live

Live = Band for accompaniment with added mr, usually played during ‘ment’ portion

Let’s just praise the groups that sing like they ate CDs and do it live on stage..

  1. [+569, -25] Stray Kids, Bangtan, and GOT7 are really all live.
  2. [+448, -26] Wow, TXT was a rookie back then too but it’s MR…Big Hit must not allow lip sync 
  3. [+368, -19] Huh? What?? The kids I thought were brimming with talent are the ones doing all the lip sync?? Why lip sync the year-end gayos…just why
  4. [+191, -6] BTS had five stages at once at the 2019 gayos and all five were MR. I honestly thought those were their best stages too…BtoB was also live on all stages.
  5. [+171, -18] Daebak! how are all SM’s stages Live AR? f*ckㅅㅂㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  6. [+136, -32] SHINee Red Velvet EXO NCT all lip syncㅋㅋEXO SEVENTEEN do open mic to live AR 메 screaming “make some noise!” once doesn’t make the stage liveㅋㅋ
  7. [+104, -2] I just don’t understand how these multi-in-one idol groups like Seventeen, NCT and The Boyz lip sync…the members only sing one-liners on stage…
  8. [+84, -2] SM stans always acting like their faves are so talented when all of them except SHINee do lip syncㅋㅋㅋ

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