KPOP NOW – Reports of an IOI reunion despite rigging scandal cause controversy

Article: “(++) Reunion confirmed, rigged group IOI to reunite”

Source: Pann

[Exclusive] On the 13th, a music industry official revealed to Sports Kyunghyang“IOI will reunite as a whole on their 5th anniversary since debut. On May 4th, in time for their debut date, they will meet with their fans through a live broadcast on KT Season (Seezn). For this, the members gathered from different places and finished discussions.”

Due to schedules in China and drama filming, Kyulkyung and Kang Mina won’t be able to attend however, there are plans for them to participate other ways i.e video call, etc. 

The other 9 members SomiChunghaKim SejeongWeki Meki‘s Choi Yoojung and Kim Doyeon, Kim SohyeDIA‘s ChaeyeonLim Nayeong and WJSN‘s Yeonjung will attend. 


Next month in May IOI will reunite as a group on broadcast…

The Supreme Court already confirmed that the entire ‘Produce’ groups were rigged and Wanna One, IZ*ONE and X1 all disbanded early or disbanded after concluding activities…???

Honestly, the members are the problematic here. They keep saying on V app and broadcasts that they want to promote again as a group, are they not thinking of their victims at all? Why would you want to reunite a rigged group???

CJ and Mnet should just set up an idol agency, stop with the survival shows;;;;;;;;;

Look at all the instances they media played with their rigged ‘Produce’ groups.

2017 MAMA IOI appearance -> AKB48 Dance performance

2019 MAMA IOI reunion -> cancelled

2020 KCON Wanna One Unit Stage

2020 MAMA Wanna One Stage -> cancelled

2021 May IOI reunion confirmed

2021 MAMA …..?

Looking at this, I have a feeling X1 IZ*ONE, Wanna, and IOI will have a stage ㅋㅋ.;;;;;

Please stop with this…

  1. [+305, -44] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ IZ*ONEㅇㅇㅈㅇ이 is still promoting so why can’t IOI? 
  2. [+200, -104] Regardless, how is it their fault that the group was rigged? What’s wrong of them to want to get together for their fans…aren’t they victims too?
  3. [+198, -19] But from their point of view, it was promised 5 years ago. If they don’t keep it then they’re breaking their promise with fans…
  4. [+94, -75] / IOI fans don’t even want this. They don’t want them to reunite for their 5th anniversary only to get hate/
  5. [+70, -17] I’m an IOI fan too but I’d rather they don’t do this coz it’s only going to get them hate..
  6. [+86, -2] But he didn’t even want to voluntarily leave on his own…
  7. [+62, -9] Ah~ if Kim So-hye has any shame left, she should sit out of this
  8. [+57, -1] Victims…hmmm
  9. [+51, -3] It’s just one-time live? I think that’s ok since its a project group and they promised fans..
  10. [+26, -9] Guys, the members are good kids it’s the PDs that are problematic. It’s not like they could control who ended up in the group, isn’t it a bit funny to place blame on them..?

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