KPOP NOW – Seo Ye-ji’s brand CFs deleted from shopping malls, websites and SNS

Article: [Exclusive] The advertising industry has begun deleting Seo Ye-ji’s brand CFs?

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

The advertising industry has begun dropping Seo Ye-ji from brand CFs.

According to an exclusive report by Sports Kyunghyang on the 14th, Yuhan Health‘s lifestyle brand ‘New Origin‘ deleted all its Seo Yeji ‘Inner Flora‘ CFs. The actress became the brand’s exclusive model last year but all promotional contents previously posted on its homepage, shopping malls, and SNS have been replaced or deleted.

Mask brand Aer also deleted its promotional photos of the actress from their website. An official from the brand stated, “there are a lot of complaints from our customers that visit the store so its unavoidable that we had to make this decision.”

However, not all brands have dropped her. An official from another brand stated to Kyunghyang, “there is no plan or internal discussions currently to remove Seo Ye-ji as a promotional model.” 

It’s estimated that if the company claims damages and penalties for Seo Ye-ji’s ‘hakpok (bullying)’, staff ‘gapjil (power trip)’, academic forgery and Kim Jung-hyun’s “controlling” scandals, she would have to compensate the brands penalties of up to 3 billion won or more per year.

A CF industry official stated, “Seo Ye-ji’s CF fee went up after she appeared on ‘Its Okay Not To Be Okay’ last year.”

In the meantime, Seo Ye-ji had denied all rumors including “controlling” claims from Dispatch report.

  1. [+3,347, -25] Iljins [school bullies] like her should retire quietly and never come out
  2. [+2,621, -170] “I was going to enroll”…So she shamelessly lied about attending uni there and media played about going to a Spanish school. So she’s a psycho, a swindler, a bully, and now a mythomaniac [liar]. She’s even worse than Jisoo. At least Jisoo was only a criminal in middle school, she’s 30 years old and manipulating men using her face. It’s not like she’s some type of beauty either…is there some secret that makes her so attractive to men…I just don’t get it. 
  3. [+1,487, -87] Kim Junghyun, U-Know Yunho, even PD Son Ho-jun?, Kim Soo-hyun, Bok-hyung…is all of it true? All for a woman like that that looks transgender…yuck…so low of them
  4. [+661, -22] Goodbye. You reap what you sow
  5. [+470, -24] To take it this far with the pretense…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋWhat’s her real face…? Honestly even onions have more depth than her..
  6. [+403, -5] She’s probably at home right now lining up cigarettesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  7. [+199, -2] Park Ji-seon Professor of Crime Psychology: “People that are not considerate of others, lie often and manipulate people are called sociopaths…beware”
  8. [+87, -1] 90% of the time when a female celebrity suddenly takes up a leading role in a drama its because they’ve got a sponsor…
  9. [+87, -5] What about the lies that the film director made you breathe in briquette gas…are there are any truths that come out of your mouth??
  10. [+56, -3] She’s a top line psychopath….goosebumps..

Additional sources: 10Asia, Hankyung

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