KPOP NOW – Informant reveals testimony that Seo Ye-ji controlled Yunho’s actions on set of MBC’s ‘Night Watchman’

Article: [Exclusive] Staff, “Yunho cut off all communication and asked not to touch his face as much as possible,” Seo Yeji under suspicion of controlling Yunho on set

Source: Sports Chosun

An informant has come forward with testimony that Seo Ye-ji also controlled Yunho on set.

On the 14th, Lee Jin-ho posted on a video on his YouTube titled, “What happened on set of ‘Night Watchman Journal…Seo Yeji’s manipulation.” Lee Jin-ho stated that he received a whistleblower report from a staff from 2014 MBC drama ‘Night Watchman Diary‘ where Yunho and Seo Ye-ji appeared together and were even embroiled in dating rumors at the time.

Lee Jin-ho revealed, “I received a tip from the staff that was present on the drama set and was in shock. I checked with another official and was able to confirm that the report is consistent with what he knew. In the past, Yunho and Seo Ye-ji had dating rumors but the two dismissed the romance saying they were “close friends.” Both agencies denied the rumors too. But when he began filming ‘Night Watchman’ the atmosphere on set was not very good. It wasn’t just one or two strange scenes that the staff witnessed.”

“At first, the atmosphere was good but gradually Yunho’s behavior changed. He used to be close to staff without any hesitation whether it was male or female but all of a sudden he cut off all communication with the people around him. It was like he lost his voice. When on-site staff were doing corrective make-up, Yunho suddenly closed his eyes and said, “finish it as soon as possible. Try not to touch my face as much as you can.”

“Yunho was such a friendly and positive person at the time but he changed 180 degrees. He also lost a lot of weight and suffered from an eating disorder and would never let go of his cell phone.”

“When the staff arrived on site, Yunho and Seo Ye-ji were always seated together in his vehicle. From the outside, we often witnessed SeoYe-ji screaming at him. Yunho always did his best to finish the drama an hour or two early by skipping sleep.”

“And it wasn’t just Yunho that Seo Ye-ji abused. The staff suffered a lot because of her ‘gapjil.’ She was a loner herself so she hated seeing other staff talking to each other.”

Meanwhile, Dispatch obtained texts that revealed Seo Ye-ji also controlled Kim Jung-hyun‘s actions on set of MBC drama ‘Time‘ where he was the male lead alongside Girls Generation‘s Seohyun.

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