KPOP NOW – Netizens reveal testimony that Seo Ye-ji slapped classmates in front of other kids and forged university certificate

Article: Seo Ye-ji reignites suspicions of abuse, “Slapped classmates in front of other kids”

Source: Daily Economy Star

Netizens are coming forward with testimony that Seo Ye-ji was a school bully in the past.

On the 13th, a post titled “Seo Ye-ji and a middle school alumni” was shared in an online community and is gaining interest. The author revealed, “We have a lot of friends in their 30s who are also mothers. In fact, the friend that was beaten up and slapped by Seo Ye-ji in front of other kids is also a mother of a child. I stepped out in front of them.”

According to the post, “Seo Ye-ji frequently hit a friend she didn’t like and appeared after a double eyelid surgery on the day of graduation after winter vacation in the 3rd year of junior high. The author revealed that after entering high school, she ended her friendships with kids she hung out with in middle school and went silent.”

Past rumors that Seo Ye-ji forged her educational background are also re-surfacing. A netizen claiming to have been in Spain with Seo Ye-ji revealed in an online community recently that “Seo Ye-ji never entered university in Spain but stated in an interview that she was studying journalism and broadcasting at a prestigious university. She then took a leave of absence and became an actor.”

YouTuber Lee Jin-ho also caused further suspicions revealing that Seo Ye-ji dated many famous actors and key officials that she worked with including TVXQ’s Yunho, drama producer Son Ho-jun, actor Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun’s cousins etc. 

In the meantime, Seo Ye-ji has gone silent as abuse controversies are growing and was also absent from premiere of her film ‘Memory of Tomorrow‘ held on the 13th. 

  1. [+8,364, -328] More than this b*tch, I just don’t understand Kim Jung-hyun at all. He knows how much work goes into producing a drama and how many people suffered and struggled all because a woman told him to…he shouldn’t be allowed to appear on TV ever again!
  2. [+4,220, -76] Kick her out of the entertainment industry forever!!!
  3. [+2,119, -53] Just another nugu crazy b*tch that thought she could control her boyfriend into driving broadcasters and writers into a whirlwind of confusion and controversy…
  4. [+1,651, -37] I could care less about her. But now that public is aware of her rotten character and all damage she caused, let’s hope the industry won’t cast her in any dramas going forward. 
  5. [+1,528, -477] I’d understand if she was at least a pretty face. Why would an ugly b*tch like her go this far to do something like this. 
  6. [+802, -2] She might’ve fixed the outside with surgery but her inside is a rotten mess. This why a celebrity’s image is nothing to believe in anymore…
  7. [+743, -11] The fact that Kim Jung-hyun couldn’t even link arms with his bride during a wedding scene is puzzling in itself. Seohyun is seriously a saint for enduring through all that. Kick those two from the industry forever!!!!
  8. [+631, -17] I’m so disappointed. I was a fan of her because of her unique skills and beauty. I can understand everything else because it could be a one-time thing during her childhood but all these things coming out about her are showing her true character as an evil b*tch. Her image will never recover from this. Shin Jung-hwan who gambled everything and deceived his fans has never been able to recover and come back on TV despite being so talented. Personally, I think Seo Ye-ji’s accusations are more severe. From her abusive dating history and the damage to the drama and all the staff involved, hul~ this is worse than even gambling or drug scandal.. 
  9. [+568, -6] Aigoo~ Seohyun must’ve sufferedㅜㅜ
  10. [+560, -3] Plastic face, fake university certificate…her character is seriously rock bottom
  11. [+322, -3] She’s the villain of the era. Suspicions of abuse keep coming out but even if people keep writing posts they’re all covered up by the agency and dropping from rankings. Articles are getting blocked on Naver search too. Does she think she can cover the sky with her hands???
  12. [+278, -7] Song-Song couple divorce, then testimony from staff about Irene’s gapjil [power trip] controversy, now this…honestly nothing about celebrities shocks me anymore..

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