KPOP NOW – [T/W] Man that stabbed an innocent woman at mall parking lot revealed to have committed suicide

Article: Woman stabbed in a shopping mall parking lot… the suspect found dead

Source: YTN

A man has been found dead after trying to stab an innocent woman at a mall parking lot. 

According to police, at around 8:30pm on the 23rd, a woman B in her 20s was stabbed by a man A in his 40s at a large shopping mall parking lot in Incheon, Gyeonggi-do. 

During investigation, it was revealed that the victim B worked at the shopping mall. She had opened the rear seat door of her car while preparing to head home and was stabbed by A who ran away afterwards. The security officer that saw the stabbing reported it to police. 

The next day, police discovered A hiding at a hill in Incheon where it was revealed he had made an extreme choice (committed suicide). 

Police official stated, “the suspect killed himself but we plan to investigate further details of the crime.”

  1. [+853, -9] It’s getting harder and harder to live in this sell out of a country because of our zombie judiciary 
  2. [+305, -7] I’m scared of the world these days so I lock the door as soon as I get in the car. 
  3. [+242, -77] I feel like our country is gradually falling apart…
  4. [+102, -7] Why are there so many cases like this lately??
  5. [+79, -3] Huh?~ I’m scared to live in this country..
  6. [+54, -7] The gender ratio of victims vs perpetrators is always the same…it’s getting increasingly scary to live as a woman in this world.
  7. [+41, -1] But the victim didn’t die…?
  8. [+14, -1] You did well committing suicide on your own…I hope you live well in hell~
  9. [+12, -2] Why are victims always powerless women…? I’m a guy too but I’m so upset and angry after seeing this article.
  10. [+6, -0] Are we sure he wasn’t a hitman?

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