KPOP NOW – Yang Hyun Suk denies conspiring with Seungri to illegally exchange money or prostitution + update on B.I’s case

ArticleYang Hyun-suk sentenced to 15 million won fine

Source: Sports Seoul

At 10 a.m. on the 27th, the Seoul Western District Court held a sentencing hearing on the gambling charges of four people Kim, Lee, Geum and former YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk

Judge Park Soo-hyun fined Yang Hyun Suk, Kim (co-representative of YGX) and Lee a fine of 15 million won and Geum received 10 million won fine.

Yang Hyun Suk denied conspiring with Seungri, former Big Bang member to exchange money and prostitution. In his final statement, he said, “I’m sorry to trouble you with my carelessness. We’re seriously reflecting on ourselves and we will never repeat the same mistake again,” he stated, appealing for leniency. 

In addition to the gambling charges, Yang Hyun Suk was investigated for arranging sexual services for foreign investors but was cleared of charges for “insufficient evidence.” 

Regarding allegations that he illegally raised gambling funds through an unregistered foreign “exchange” method (“hwanchigi”), the prosecution did not indict him. 

In addition, Yang Hyun Suk is accused of aiding and abetting a crime by threatening a whistleblower (Han Seo Hee) who brought forward allegations that iKON member B.I allegedly purchased drugs. Regarding this case, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office has recently taken over the case from the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office and is currently conducting investigations.

In the meantime, Yang Hyun Suk ignored all reporter questions as he left his vehicle.

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